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Why The Hell People Are Not Reading Your Blog? — Top 6 Reasons Revealed
People are not reading my blog.
No one cares what I write.
No one cares what I do, they never read.
Well, there's a reason behind it! Believe me. And all you need is someone to make you realise the same! Wait, I am here to do that for you.

Why people are not reading your blog

When a blogger starts blogging (creates a new blog), he starts writing. Then, he deletes his that blog and creates another blog and then he starts doing blogging "seriously". Isn't it?

Most of the bloggers learn basics of blogging in the period between the creation of their first blog - and the creation of another one. But, sometimes, bloggers forget to learn one thing, and that's why people do not read their blog. Don't you think that that thing must be a "great" one? Yes, it is. In fact, everything in blogging is a "great" one!

Now, what's that? Without pulling you into the giant wheel of talks, I would like to reveal it finally. That's: [quote via="BloggerGuider"]To be a good blogger, be an excellent reader! #blogging[/quote] Now, let me elaborate. When a normal person reads, he does not usually take notice of each and everything about the thing he's reading. Buthave you ever heard those people sayingthis book's language is too frustrating or not good or attractive? Or have your ever heard those people saying that when I read [Name]'s books, I eventually sleep?

Yes, you must have heard. This reveals that you can control people using your writings. You can attract them, get their attention or even accidently make them sleep.

So, don't you think that your writing style is the biggest reason that people are not reading your blog?

Well, I'm not leaving now. I'd like to tell more about your writing style mistakes and about the improvements you can do to "attract" readers instead of making them "sleep"!
[quote via="Blogger Guider"]Best guide to "attract" readers instead of making them "sleep"![/quote]
So, let's start!

#1: You're Not Writing About The Thing You're Expert In!

Who tells you that you're confident?
Who tells you that you're expert in this field?

Oh, forget about people. People say anything. The real thing that gives you confidence about what you're doing is — knowledge.

So, take an example of one of your recent post that has not got too many interactions or has not got that many views.

Think about it. Did you have enough knowledge about that post's subject? Had you properly researched about that post? — Most probably, the answer is, "NO".

That's it! You've got the reason why your post didn't get viral.

See, When you just sit on a table and start writing because you have to write, because you had added this in your to-do-list, then you end up writing content you were not expert in.

Consider two situations. No, think of two people. One is you, and one is your friend. Your friend is an expert in the field of "How to deliver a motivational speech" and you're expert in "Blogging". Now, when you are called by anyone randomly and be asked about "Give this group some tips on 'How to deliver a speech'". That's it! You'll end up saying words that would not get any attention...reason? — You're not expert in giving the tips of "delivering a motivational speech" and you were not even prepared for it!

That's what you did with your recent post that didn't get many interactions or views.

So, next time, be sure that you have got "enough" knowledge to be called an expert of what you're writing. I promise, then the interactions in your post will be higher than normal — if you'll promote it nicely.

#2: You Were Not In Mood Of Writing

No mood of bloggingYou put your butt on the chair and your laptop's back on the table.

You turn your laptop on and connect, and start writing.

You're frequently going out of the tab from where you were writing the post.

Why? — Because you're not in the mood of writing. You don't want to write, right now.

In this situation, you will not be able to write attractive and especially, enthusiastic content that would force or attract readers to read the next para.

What you can do, in this situation, is:
  • Do another work, for now. Or just watch any video related to "How to be motivated in blogging".
See, I'm not being sarcastic. Most of the times, you see a motivational speech of someone on YouTube or any other streaming site, that "motivation" lasts a few hours. That's truth. You know, right?

That's bad. But, let's see good in this. You're getting power to do something in blogging for one hour! So, what you can do is- watch a motivational video and after getting enough motivation, start writing.

I'm willing to bet, that, after trying this, the content you'll write will be — fabulous.

Tip: Just a tip for you. Switch off your mobile's WiFi and log out from your Facebook account. Now you're ready to blast! (I mean, you're ready to make a blast!)

#3: You Didn't Check Its Grammar.

Too bad.

Too bad.

His/her writing skills are too bad!

In fact, a big portion of the "whether the writing skills are good or bad" is whether the post is grammatically correct or not.

Consider two sentences:
Today I'm going to let you know that what's the magic behind what I do!
Now, the second one:
today im gonna tell that what i do to enhance what i do.
See. The second one is catchy! But, the first one is grammatically correct. Read the sentences I've listed above, at least, two times. By reading which of them, you feel right? Or ready to read next?

Of course, first one. Despite being not-so-catchy, it's grammatically correct!

The point I want to make here is, the reader will catch your mistakes first, and then he/she will come to the meaning of what the text says (when we talk about posts; in titles or hypertexts, engaging one wins!).

So next time, when you're publishing a post, be sure that you have double read that post and corrected all the grammatical mistakes! ;)

#4: There Are Some Disturbing Things In Your Blog

A shiny widget!

A contrasting colour pop up!

An ad pop up with a timer!

Use of Ad networks like Infolinks!

Gosh! There are countless examples of disturbing things. Eh?

Yes. There are. When there are so many examples, then maybe, you're having some of them in your blog too. No, believe me.

Actually, there's no website/blog exists that doesn't have a single disturbing thing. But the point here is — the things should not be too much distracting.

Suppose, you've opened a page and got a pop-up, saying you to subscribe. You cut it (it's tolerable) and start reading the post. You get a word linked. You thought that there could be valuable information for you, there. You click on that link. 

Congrats! You have reached a page where there are a lot of ads and pop ups, saying you to buy something or offering you a service in cheap — I mean, fraud.

So, you closed that tab and returned to read. You were reading—reading—reading — a pop up with ads and with a timer appeared.

"You" are too innocent. Really. If I were in your place, I would have closed the whole browser when I'd clicked the link, and that sent me to a disgusting page.

The "You", I mentioned above, can be your reader. Do take care that you've not inserted any-any thing can disturb your reader while he is reading your post.

Of course, you can check your blog as an anonymous using Incognito tab. :)

#5: You're Writing Paragraphs

Man, blogging is not about publishing posts. It's about explaining things (in this era). You're writing paragraphs; it means that you're not explaining. Imagine yourself speaking about a topic.

Do you talk like the paragraph you've written? No? I knew it!

Try to explain things. People who "explain", are a lot better than people who just, write (reason— they have a blog that's why they have to write).

Imagine, you've social science's exam tomorrow of high school. You're not that much prepared. You want someone to give you a helpful lecture about a particular subject of social science. What you'll do? — Go to YouTube.

Great, our thinking is similar.

Now, what? You'll search like "Lecture about 'blah-blah-blah'". You'll get some excellent lectures.

Now you'll get many lectures. You'll like some and some, you'll dislike. Why?

Probably, the ones you've disliked doesn't have the "power" to make you understand, and you're also getting bored by listening to those lectures. The most fundamental reason is — the lecturer was explaining all the things in a breath.
[quote]Do "explain" not "write".[/quote]
When you write a paragraph, it is seen as "things said in one breath". So, consider not to write paragraphs more than three lines. If it's being lengthy, re-read the para you were writing, and make some corrections to make it small.

#6: Your Frequency Of Publishing Posts — Damn Hign Or Damn Low!

 Let's consider case #1:
11/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
12/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
13/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
Now, consider case #2:
11/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
31/03/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
16/04/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
So, when we see both the cases, we see that the frequency of publishing posts either is too high or is damn low.

You probably be knowing that that could also be one of the reasons why your people are not your anymore! (I mean, your subscribers or loyal readers)

Imagine, you've subscribed to a YouTube channel. The owner uploads one video per day. Believe me, in initial days, you'll love this thing, but slowly, you'll lose "that" enthusiasm to see his/her video.

Now, in another case, you've subscribed to a YouTube channel. The owner uploads one video every two months. You'll unsubscribe him. What's the benefit of increasing your subscribed channels' list?

That's what I'm saying. Be sure to maintain the frequency in updating your posts. If it's too low, consider creating an email list and be sure to email them once a month to let them remember that you also exist in the world.

Enough Learnings For Today!

I hope you've got some ideas to increase your readers' "ship" as they're the main thing when you talk about a blog to be "successful". And yes, if you've got some more ideas or reasons why "people are not reading a blog's posts", then be 100% sure to drop it into the comments (you can also comment to say just a "hi").

By the way, today have you seen changes in my writing pattern? Liked or disliked?
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How To Get HTTPS In Custom Domain In Blogger? - SE Optimized
How To Get HTTPS In Custom Domain In Blogger? - SE Optimized

Yes, it's been a long time since I published my last post, but here, I've got something unique for you!
The thing I am today going to share worth your valuable minutes. Also, let me tell you that I have got some pieces of fresh content to write in the upcoming days. So, if you haven't yet subscribed to Blogger Guider, and it's [NEW] YouTube channel, then subscribe to it today and be ready for fresh posts and videos.
So yes, let's come to the thing that I am going to tell you today, the most awaited thing for which bloggers have waited a lot.
So, users of BlogSpot have got their gift. I mean, users of BlogSpot domain who haven’t bought any custom domain. The gift is: SSL Certificate for their domain. But what about blogger blogs with the custom domain? Will they have to wait more? No comment.
Well, see the address bar and you’ll find that Blogger Guider has SSL Certificate, and it is powered by CloudFlare and because of this, our blog’s loading speed has also reduced!
Blogger Blog WIth HTTPS (Custom Domain)
screenshot_72So, 1.46s for a 4.6 MB is not bad. Compare this with other blogs or websites with similar page size and you’ll find that they load slower. That’s the effect of, yes, right-CloudFlare. CloudFlare is a CDN service which is FREE to use, and we’re going to use this service only, with some JavaScripts to move your blogger blog from HTTP to HTTPS and in bonus, you’ll get a boost in your blog’s loading time.
Now, I’d like to make this clear in starting, that, I do not recommend using the thing I am going to share. No, don’t take it that negatively. I mean to say, I’ve used CloudFlare’s free plan in this post but, I highly recommend you using their Pro Plan which costs only $20 per month. Well, when you have a good blog + good income, then investment in right things is also important.
So, without wasting your time, let’s start!

Why Moving To HTTPS Is Necessary Or Recommended?

Everyone know Google gives a slight boost to the rank of sites which are HTTPS enabled. But slight increase. That is negligible if you ask me. But, the twist probably is, in future, according to what I have read so far, Google will increase the effect of this “boost” and that time, you’ll be jealous of WordPress sites.
So, you’ve got the reason to follow this guide but, let’s first read some important points:
  1. Your traffic will be down for few days until Google correctly indexes all your URLs with HTTPS.
  2. During this all process, if you made any mistake, then your blog can go down for few hours (so, consider doing this all after 12 AM if you get most of your traffic from India)
  3. You’ll have to remove all the widgets that are hosted/attached to non-SSL hosts.
Please Note: If you’re not that techy or are new to blogging or terms like “Hosting,” “CDN,” then I’ll not recommend you going further. Instead, look at this section.

Also, I'm not going to elaborate all the things. I'll explain only main-main things to keep this short guide, short.

Moving From HTTP To HTTPS

So, let’s start the process. Firstly, we’ll change the default nameservers. In my case, my domain registrar was GoDaddy and so, in this post, I’ve shown the settings of GoDaddy only. If your domain registrar is not same, then see this section of the post.
  • Firstly, sign into your domain registrar (in our case, it’s GoDaddy)
  • Open DNS Manager, now open a new tab
  • Open CloudFlare sign up page and sign up there and then, you’ll get this page:
  • screenshot_77
  • Now, type your domain in the box given and click “Scan DNS Records.”
  • After about 60 seconds, CloudFlare will complete scanning your domain’s DNS records, and now you’re ready to do some manual action.
  • Go to your Domain Registrar’s DNS manager and then, you have to copy all the DNS records from Registrar’s DNS manager to CloudFlare DNS manager.
  • It’s easy. You just have to copy all of them, except the ones that are already on CloudFlare. Just do it one-by-one and this will get done within some jiffies.
  • Now, for this tutorial, we’re going to use their “FREE” Plan which is limited to limited SSL (elaboration- your site will not open up in older Androids and mobiles).
  • In the next page, you’ll be asked to choose plans. Choose FREE just for now (we highly recommend Pro Plan)
  • Now, you’ll be given two nameservers, and it’s the time to place those nameservers on your domain registrars to enable CloudFlare to get control over the blog.
  • Now, go back to your registrar and find settings to change nameservers. In GoDaddy, it is- Settings > Nameservers > Manage

  • screenshot_81
  • Change Nameservers to ones that CloudFlair has given you and save. Within some time, your CloudFlare account will be ready and faster.
Till now, what you’ve done, or we've done is the setup of CloudFlare on our TDL domain, and now, the real purpose of this guide begins.
  • Firstly, go to “Crypto” tab and select “Flexible” from “SSL” card’s dropdown as shown in the picture below:
  • screenshot_83
  • Congratz! You’ve successfully enabled SSL on your Blogger blog. Try visiting your blog with “https” followed by your domain.
  • Now, we have to redirect HTTP version of our domain and all subdomains from HTTP to https and to do this, “Page Rules” will help us.
  • Head over the “Page Rules” tab and add three Page Rules as shown in the images below:
  • screenshot_84screenshot_85screenshot_86
  • Be sure that these Page Rules are in the same order.
  • Now next step: head over “Firewall” app and from the “Security Level” card, set it to “Low” and log out from CloudFlair because now there’s nothing to do with it.
Now visit your blog. You’ll see that your blog is being redirected to HTTP all the time whether is it a subdomain or the main domain and keeping the directory (characters after the domain). Now, what’s next? You should not forget that the links in your blog do not have “HTTPS” in their starting and to let Google know that you’ve moved to HTTPS and get your new URL indexed faster, you should change all your blog links from HTTP to HTTPS. But, how? It’s a hectic task! But we’ve made it simple.
  • Open your blog’s template HTML
  • Search for `</head>` and paste following code above it:
  • <script>
            $(document).ready(function() {
              $("a").each(function() {
                var i = $(this).attr("href");
                var n = i.replace(http://www.yourdomain, "https://www.yourdomain");
                                  $(this).attr("href", function() {
                  return n
  • Now here comes the coding part. Search for the following code in your template:
    <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
  • Remove it and below “<head>” paste the following codes:
  •       <link href='' rel='icon' type='image/x-icon'/>
          <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
          <link href='' rel='alternate' title='Blogger Guider - Atom' type='application/atom+xml'/>
          <link href='' rel='alternate' title='Blogger Guider - RSS' type='application/rss+xml'/>
          <link href='' rel='' title='Blogger Guider - Atom' type='application/atom+xml'/>
          <!--[if IE]><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
          <meta expr:content='data:blog.url' name='og:url:domain'/>
          <!--[if IE]> <script> (function() { var html5 = ("abbr,article,aside,audio,canvas,datalist,details," + "figure,footer,header,hgroup,mark,menu,meter,nav,output," + "progress,section,time,video").split(','); for (var i = 0; i < html5.length; i++) { document.createElement(html5[i]); } try { document.execCommand('BackgroundImageCache', false, true); } catch(e) {} })(); </script> <![endif]—>
  • Now, see for any unsecured (without HTTPS) link in your template and replace them with secured ones if you have found or alternatively, upload them to your own host.
  • Last thing and the most tedious task- if your images are not SSL certified or are not hosted on SSL compatible or secured host, then please upload them to any free hosting services like that are SSL enabled and replace those images with SSL certified images. Once you are done- congrats, you’re 80% done!
Remaining 20% is settings you’re going to do in Google Search Console and Robot.txt.
  • Go to Blogger > Settings > Search preferences > Crawlers and indexing > Custom robot.txt
  • Edit it and use the following code instead of the one you’re using currently to make it SSL Compatible:
  • User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /search
    Allow: /
  • Now save it and head over Google Search Console.
  • Add your domain in all the following four ways:
  • Now after adding the first three and while adding the fourth one, submit your sitemap. Please note that you are not required to submit sitemap from every domain I’ve listed above. Just while adding the last one ( submit the sitemap.XML file.
  • Now you’re ready, and your blog is fully SSL compatible. :)

Don’t want to do this all and make your hands dirty?

Hm…so this was a long and techy process. Why you’re willing to do all this when a professional can do this for you? I’ve collected people who will do this work for you at a very reasonable cost. Plus, if you want any kind of information about SSL or about any other things, you’re welcome to our try our service. You can contact me here and get your work done within some minutes.

Cons Of This Early Adaption

There are some disadvantages (plus, the solution of them) of using this method to move your blog from HTTP to https. These are giving below followed by their solutions:
  • After moving, you’ll not be able to forward any of your subdomains to any URL –
    SOLUTION – Suppose you want to redirect to, then, navigate to CloudFlare DNS manager and their, add a CNAME with “Name” subdomain (for, it will be “FB”) and with “Value” Then, link it to a blogger blog and redirect that blogger blog to any blog/website. For example, see We’ve used this simple trick to redirect to
    SOLUTION 2 – Use “Page Rules” to forward but they’re too limited in numbers.
  • You’ll not be able to move back, and when you try to, you’ll lose traffic. No solution, this will happen with any domain.

Final Words

I hope you’ve liked this guide and proudly, I can say that we’re the first on the web to reveal this trick which works like hell. If you’ve got any problem, be sure to contact us. Share this blog post to let more people know about this fantastic guide, thanks!
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Recommendations Site: Launching Our First Mini-Project For BlogSpot Bloggers!

Today, everything in blog-o-sphere is overcrowded. Everything means everything. For example, Google. Google is also crowded. Suppose, I am a new Blogger, and I want to learn about some great tools for blogging. Naturally, I'll search for "Top Great Tools For Newbie Bloggers". Then? There are 10 URLs and on the next page, there are ten more. I'll surely open the second & third URL (it's my habit). Then, I'll find top 10 tools for blogging on the first page I opened and other 10s on the second one.

Confusion started. This confusion leads to time waste. When you are confused, you try numerous things and end up with the few bests.

But, think about a situation when you just open a page and you get the best blogging tools without any confusion and time waste?

Think, do that time waste worth (that you did for coming out of the confusion)? You could have written a lot, promoted a lot and increased your traffic on that time. - Shit.

Have you seen any popular WordPress blog? Oh, how idiot I am. I am asking this to a person who has learned a lot with WordPress blogs.

So, they all have a "Recommended" sections where you could find all the tools that worth your try. But, here the saddest part comes - those are for only WordPress users. Again, Shit!

It's like "Time to leave earth" - For BlogSpot users.

No, it won't go like that further!

Launching Our First Mini-Project

Yes! With the extreme excitement, I am launching our first Mini-Project that's not a part of this blog but yes, a sister site of Blogger Guider. 

Wait, you might have already seen it because there's a link to it on the navbar. But, it's great if you haven't seen it yet!

Best Recommendations For Blogspot Blogs - Recommendatons Site

Who says Recommendations are present for WordPress users only? Here're the best tools recommended by Blogger Guider for new as well as experienced bloggers to use!

It's a recommendations site for BlogSpot bloggers. All the tools listed here (or there) are compatible for BlogSpot blogs. All the tools listed there, are used by Professionals and are superb when you're starting. For the ones who have begun, can just upgrade to the premium versions of those plugins as most of the tools that we've listed there have their two version. Free, for starters and Premium, for professionals.

These days, there's so much workload, and I barely get any time to write posts, but fortunately, I managed to create this mini-project and made it responsive. Means, no matter if you're on your desktop or mobile, you can see it as good as you're seeing it now!

So, End?

No man, I'll be continuously updating the site with new tools in every few weeks. If you would like receive updates for it, just open the project site and then, you'll find a subscription pop-up asking if you'd like to receive updates in your email. Just fill it up and you're done!

Last Words

I hope you've liked this mini-project. Would love to get your feedback using comment on using an email. And yes, your recommendations are most welcome. I alone can't try all the tools available in the world, and so, I need your help. You have ever tried any blogging tool that is compatible with Blogspot blogs, kindly do share it in the comments below or you can directly send it via an email to [email protected] (yes, we bought a new email address, be sure to save it on your contact list for the sake of ease of identifying who has emailed you). Thanks!

Teaser: I am will share about how to move a blogspot blog with custom domain from HTTP to HTTPS for free in minutes in the next post. So, stay tuned and be subscribed!
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Sunday, June 05, 2016

5 Things You Should Stop Doing If You’re Willing To Do Friendship With A Pro-Blogger [Personal Experience]
Ouch! An evergreen topic. Isn’t it?
Edited; Image Credits:
So, let’s come to the topic. Tell me, which Blogger doesn’t want to be a friend of a Professional Blogger? Or…just of a blogger nicer than him? Ask yourself! You too like to be a friend of a Professional Blogger, for example, Darren Rowse. But, these days, this appears to be quite difficult. You know…why? Because Pro-Bloggers are now habitual of spam on their account. Bloggers send them friend request and ask them to visit their blog. That’s why these days Blogger do not accept friend requests or be friends with the ones who are unknown to them.

So, you know, you’re not that type of “Spammer.” You want to make friends, and, Pro-Bloggers as a friend; you’re unsure about what things you can do to make them friends and what things you should avoid in order to make a good impression of yours in front of them. You are at right place, congratulations! Here, today, I am going to tell you some secrets about how I made my first few professional bloggers, friends and what things I avoided and so, would advise you to avoid!

Well, I guess…you must be thinking, what are the benefits of making professional bloggers, friends? Oh, there are many. Really. Look, if you do not have some blogger friends, then you have just steps into blogging. Eh?

But, making friends, and especially pro bloggers, can help you a lot. Listen, if you’re a new blogger, you must be looking a way to make an online image. Am, “Image” literally means, yeah, picture, but here, it’s about making your name famous. When you have got some bloggers who are professional, this may help. For example, when you both are conversing about a particular topic publicly, on Twitter or on Facebook or even on Google+, then you’re going to have a notable exposure. Because, when you’re doing it publicly, your conversation is going to be live on your pro blogger friend’s timeline. And, when you have an excellent blog, fabulous, but no readers, your friend could share it on his timeline if he liked any post published by you. These days, professional blogger curate best content from the globe on their timeline and so, they can share yours too! But, there’s a non-irritating way to let him know you have a blog with fabulous content, and that’s I am going to share in this post, + some more excellent tips!

Well, listen. Before reading the points I have written below that you should avoid, you should know how to make professional bloggers talk to you and have a look on your blog. It’s quite simple, but many Bloggers fail to do this. The process is, very simple. Just send him/her friend request, in case he/she accepts it, send him a “Hi!” followed with your introduction with your blog. For example:
Hi! I am a Blogger at and would love to talk to you. :)
Yes. Enough. If he replies, continue the conversation and keep in mind the things I have written below.

But, look. Firstly make your goal and then set a milestone. I mean to say, in order to make friendship with Neil Patel, one should not directly grab his email and then email him. You would never get a reply (when you’re too lucky, you can). To make him a friend, you should first make friendship with some lesser famous professional bloggers who are not as big as he is. Make them friends, then try making friendship with his fellows (you can keep an eye on his Twitter account for getting info about his fellow or the ones he talks with a friendly & warm tone; or to know who is his special buddy, who have more importance than his general readers) and then you could have a conversation with Neil Patel as a friend!

Now let’s read the most important part!

1. Make Your Blog Outstanding

Who is that type of nerd? No one likes a blog with no specialty.

For example, my blog, where you are reading this currently, have material design template, features that you won’t find on any Blogspot blog and helpful and lots of content with good ranking and Alexa rank. If we see other money-making blogs, for instance,, they have ebooks and plenty of posts with a professional design. Got it?

If you want a professional blogger, as a friend, firstly impress him. Make your blog outstand in the crowd by using premium widgets, eye-catching theme and most important – content; as Bill Gates has also said, “Content Is King.”

Here’s to read something more awesome: Things Your Readers Could Hate About Your Blog! (Warning)

Don’t give a shit to traffic. Yo have 0 traffic, no problem. Just maintain your blog. By making your blog awesome, you are going to attract the new audience and that pro blogger would also get attracted. Be sure that you’ve written the best content, you can write. Try proofreading every post you write or have written and published by Grammarly. Once, impress him and then he would also love to make you, a friend of him because everyone likes to make a professional, excellent writer & blogger with an awesome blog, friend. Be that kind of person and your friends are ready to talk to you!

And one more thing, don’t think professional bloggers as a traffic-making machine. Treat them like real friends, in fact, be their true friends! Share their articles only when they worth it; no buttering! NO one likes it in this world, my dear friend.

2. Don’t Copy Content

Wait, don’t you think this one should be a part of tip#1? No, it’s important and needs your focus, really.

You know, when you are copying content, you can't make it yours. Formatting would differ, and even when you are clever enough, you can’t hide its actual truth from search engines bot. They are smarter than human and so than you.

Look, the person you are going to make a friend, is a professional blogger, and he knows everything about blogging. He would surely get to know that you’ve copied this content by looking at the content. They are also smarter than you. Yes, bitter truth.
[quote]Life is tough when you are always talking to the people smarter than you. – @Chetan_Bhagat[/quote] But yes, when you quote something in your post, anyone would be in love with you. Then what the hell is that blogger? This activity clearly shows that you publish articles about reading a lot and researching a lot about a particular topic. Try quoting the people or quoting some paragraphs or lines from some nice personalities and even from some great blogs like Mashable or SearchEngineLand when you blog about SEO. It would be awesome!
[update headline="Pro Tip"]Try doing all the optimizations I am telling you to do in this whole post in your latest post and publish it before you’re introducing yourself to your dream blogger.[/update]

3. Don’t Ask Questions

Listen, go to and start reading their posts about “How To Make Relationships” or “How To Talk To People Longer.”

You will surely get to know the line that – ask questions starting with “How” & “Why.” This absolutely helps in talking the people, you really aren’t too close but want to be in close as soon as possible.

So? Should you do it with bloggers also? No, never and not at all. Firstly, don’t ask them questions about their personal life…for example: Which mobile do you have? Which version of Android do you use, CyanogenMod or stock? Or Which type of food you like to eat? Or where you are going right now and when you come online daily? Or Do you have a friend? (you know…what I am trying to express by “friends”)

These questions would make anyone frustrated. I have seen new bloggers, asking such questions like if they strongly aim to be a reporter; news reporter. They act like them.

Look, you are a blogger, and he is also a blogger. Try to ask questions like, How do you manage your time? How do you reply to your followers? Do you have your own branded domain? How many blogs do you run?

Do not ask them about their past, about what they are going to do in future, about their clients and their personal life [most important]. When you avoid asking such question, you’ll be able to maintain your impression which you had made in your first message.

4. Don’t Tag Everyone In Your Posts

Tagging is the feature which was released by Facebook.

Sorry, I know, you know that. But, these days people are not using this feature like this should be utilized. Tagging is used only when particular status update/photo/video has something in relation to the person you’re going to tag. Let’s listen to Facebook, what they have to say about this feature:
When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s Timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show who's in the photo or post a status update and say who you're with. If you tag a friend in your status update, anyone who sees that update can click on your friend's name and go to their profile. Your status update may also show up on that friend's Timeline.
People these days tag all their friends (there’s a limit of 100 friends per photo & 50 friends per status update) to get more exposure. I don’t know if you’re doing it or not, but now it’s the right time to stop it because this is just an irritating activity and it can irritate anyone. When you are tagging your all friends, they are getting the notification about your every post. Listen, that’s not that awesome. Will you like to get a notification about your friend when you haven’t followed it?

Instead of tagging your every friend on your updates, offer them the option to follow you. Place the follow button (you can grab it from FB Dev site) on your site and ask your readers to follow you. Don’t use the feature tagging unnecessarily. Utilize it, don't misuse it. Doing such things can fade your impression in front of your new blogger friend!

5. Don’t Ask Them To Visit Your Blog

Imagine: there are 1000+ pending friend requests in your account. You already have 4000+ friends. You accept one friend request and that person immediately send you: “Hey, visit my blog:” You would unfriend him and if not, then won’t like to talk him further. Confirm.

Same for your blogger friend. If he is a professional blogger, then he is popular, and have lots of followers, it’s that simple. He wouldn’t like if you give them a URL of your new blog post daily and please him to read that blog posts. No, don’t do this.

However, you can do this if your publishing frequency is too low. Means, 4-5 posts per month but be sure to share URLs that are well formatted and are good. Don’t just share what you have posted. Share, when it worth. And one more thing, don’t let him feel that you have made him a friend only to share blog posts and get traffic. In simple words, don’t leave him alone when you do not have anything to share. Talk to him, share your experience and learn from him as a true friend.

Last tip: Don’t Ever Request Them To Share Your Content

Final Words

So…liked it? I hope. Making friendship with pros is the toughest task today and when they have lots of attitudes and that serious face like your childhood’s rude teacher. It’s not that simple. I hope this post has helped you in making friends and if you used other things to make a robust friendship with professionals, please share it with us using comments and don’t forget to share this! :)
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Monday, May 23, 2016

6+ Things Your Visitors Could Hate About Your Blog & You! (I'm Warning You!)
These days, the word "Visitor" is used more for blog visitors and less for travelers. Well, Blogging has become a business these days which requires a lot of understanding and often, bloggers fail only because of no understanding (it's not about the understanding of feelings of the audience, but the understanding of what they want, what they like/dislike.)

Do you know? Before two years, I was just a student (now I am a Blogger also, you know) and when I had started Blogging, I hated a few things about Bloggers and their Blog (and hate those things today too!). In this blog post, I am going to describe the same things and what actions I took to get out of that hate.

As I was just a "regular person" with a new blog and without any recognition in the web, the things I am going to share here should also apply to your blog's audience also. So, try to ponder over the content here with your greatest concentration and try not to do these things in your whole life to keep your audience feel happy and lovely.

#1. Make Childish Grammar Mistakes

I can write English very perfectly!
And that's the sentence, I dream to come true. Most of the Bloggers online do not have perfect grip in English, and they often fall into the well of unsuccessful Bloggers because of this reason. Go to a Blog, which is well known and admire the English of the Blogposts; they post there. You'll find that English is far better than the Blogposts, that blog publishes has not been yet recognized or got its place on the web.

There are two types of Grammar mistakes:
  1. Advanced Grammar Mistakes
  2. Childish Grammar Mistakes
Advanced Grammar Mistakes means, errors in tenses, verb forms and in other things and Childish Grammar Mistakes are the mistakes which you study in class LKG/UKG/1st/2nd/3rd/4rth/5th in your school.

For example, I've seen Bloggers writing in their blog like:
I Too Have That Problem Bruh ! I Can Not Do AnyThing !
Aren't these two sentences frustrating you? Well, they are, to me, at least.

After reading the sentences above, you would say that author's keyboard didn't own a full stop button. I would too. Then, every word is capital. Why? We have been taught since our childhood that the first letter of a word is always capital (only in case, it's not the first letter of the sentence or any noun) and the use of full stop after every sentence and that author is using exclamation mark instead of full stop. How funny & frustrating is it. No? Yes, it is.

Since 2012, I've found so many blog owners writing in this way. If you are making grammar mistakes in verb form or tenses, then we can believe that okay, you're a beginner, and soon, you would learn to write it supremely. But those stupid Grammar mistakes clearly indicate that you're a newbie without any knowledge of English.

Now tell me, would you like to read a blog like that? No, nobody will. This was the greatest hatred inside me when I entered in "Blogging" niche. Reading those sentence are...ugh, so frustrating.

So, try not to make any such Grammar mistakes (I don't think you do, but just reminding you). You can even make your audience's experience better by using premium tools like Grammarly or proofreading by humans (there are thousands of ProofReading services are available online; just give them your article they would return it with correct English).

#2. Show Laziness In Approving Comments

Ok. So think a situation when you post a comment on a blog post with valuable words, that comment goes for moderation, and you check the post after a week and get no comment at all.

That's the most irritating moment when you comment something nice, either to increase your exposure or just to add something valuable to the post and your comment didn't approve by the author. Nah, not because he doesn't like the comment but he is lazy about passing comments.

This is the story with almost all blogs with 1000+ views. This, well hurt. The hyperactiveness you show while writing blog posts, edit posts and promotion should also appear in the comments section. Comments are just the feeling of what your audience think about your blog and if you're showing laziness about this awesome way to converse, then believe or not, you're writing for robots and money; not for people and fame and the main motto should be to write for people and fame.

Some Bloggers only approve the comments of well-known people. Means, the ones who have 1K+ followers on Twitter and have been well recognized on the Internet. It is really the worst practice one could do in his blogging career. 

So, if you're doing or practicing similar thing, then please stop and keep the energy up for the comments also. Your audience would feel great if you will provide them the important they deserve (because your blog isn't more than a HTML document without them).

#3. Do Not Reply To Their Comments Even When They Deserve A Reply

So, now think again a situation in which you posted a 100 words comment in a blog post of a successful blogger. You bookmarked the blog post in order to see if you have got a reply. Next day--comment approved--no reply. You checked after a week, still, no response. #irritating |_(`_`)_|

It means for your audience a lot when you reply and approve their comment. It's a clear sign of important. It reveals that you respect their views also and so, a reason for them to come again. Who do not like to be given respect? Everyone.

What these days successful Bloggers do is: Reply to the comments of Millionaires and famous personalities and for new Bloggers, "go to hell."

Yes, I am not kidding with you. Being busy with other works, they just reply to the people who mean a lot to them and everyone. That's also a reason why new Blogger feels it tough to come up in the Blogging niche because there's no one to support them. It's clear and straightforward.

So, if you are a successful blogger or get multiple comments per day, be sure that you reply them if they deserve an answer from you. Yes, you can ignore some comments like "Thank you" or "This was a fantastic post" or similar to that because people who post short comments (usually of > 30-40 words) never come back to see if their comment has got any reply or even if their comment has been approved.
[quote]When they deserve, reply the commenters on your blog posts.[/quote]

#4. Decorate Your Blog With Sharing Plugins Instead Of Colors

As you know, there are many many plugins available on the web today. For both, WordPress & Blogger. It's been a fun work for programmers. They make the plugins for you. You install the plugin.

No, that should not go like this. You should be able to compare plugins and then choose the best ones according to their quality and power to attract the visitors. These days, I am seeing, most of the blogs have decorated their blog with sharing plugins instead of colors, images and posts. They keep asking their visitors to share their blog, and that's a good thing! But when it is done in a limit.

Generally, a blog should contain a floating share plugin, sharing options after post and a pin it button on images (though we use all the buttons in pictures, these doesn't appear at once). No more than that. But, they use 100s of sharing plugins. They keep frustrating the visitors to share the post, to join the subscribers' list. Okay, a one-time pop-up is sufficient but, they keep the frequency of the pop-up as you would see it every time you see the page.

I don't think that you are that kind of Blogger, but if you think you are, then it's never too late to improve. Just limit the sharing plugins you use. You may notice a slight increase in shares! Yes. When people would not get frustrated and irritated, then of course, with your best content, they would get impressed and would likely, share the content.

There's no need to put so many plugins for sharing. Whenever a visitor feels that the content deserves a share, then he himself finds the sharing options. You are not needed to remember him that there's an option of share also!
[quote]Decorate your blog with the best knowledge you have, not with plugins and ads.[/quote]

#5. Do Not Provide Much Information About Every Aspect Of A Topic

Also known as "thin" content; name given by the search engine giant, Google. You know why Google ranks posts with 500+ words? And why pro bloggers recommend writing long content? It's all because long content usually is the best content. When you write long content, you are likely to share your own experiences, the best knowledge you have and about everything about a particular topic and thus, end up with a great copy.

The new blogs of this century never give sufficient information about a single topic. They just provide the main-main lines that are likely not to satisfy the readers, and that's why those blogs remain "new" all the time until they get deleted by the owner because of not getting pageviews and traffic.

Why will they get traffic when they do not provide sufficient information to the readers? You know, there are more benefits of publishing a giant piece. When you put all your efforts and create long content, it gets shares. Shares mean, exposure, then more shares and so, healthy for your blog and SEO, both. So, a plenty of benefits.

Sometimes, Bloggers often gets confused about what they should write in order to make the content longer, even I; when it is a recipe for food or a blogger widget. For this situation, I have some ideas for you. When you are about to write about a recipe, then add up the benefits the readers or the cookers are going to get. Write about the pros of the components you are going to use to make that food. For a Blogger widget, write about from which language it is made, then why the reader should use it, what he is likely to get in return and what precautions should he take while using the widget.
[quote]When you write long content with the best experiences you have, you write an excellent piece.[/quote]

#5. Put Ads Everywhere, Even Between Paragraphs

Tell me, which Blogger doesn't like Ads? Now, which audience does? The answers would vary. Bloggers love Ads and audience hate them because bloggers earn from ads and audience get nothing from ads.

So, if I remember correctly, then I was irritated by this habit of every second blogger whose blog I had to visit to get some sort of information. These bloggers write for search engines and just for traffic. No matter if they satisfy their audience. They just want money, nothing else. They everywhere put advertisements of Adsense, BuysellAds, VigLink and, all in one blog. This irritates.

To those bloggers, I always wanted to ask- For whom you are writing, dear? For whom? Audience? And they are not even able to read you blog post quietly!

Typically, this type of problem is seen in Blogger blogs more than WordPress blog. It's just because there are many plugins available for WordPress bloggers to do the advertisement work in a quite environment in a blog and themes also with ads support. In those blogs, the audience does not know when they helped the owner to earn (affiliates), and the audience enjoys the posts instead of ads. In Blogger blogs, you have no supportive plugins especially for Ads (except some, weak ones). So, people just add the ad codes where they want, and some add where they find an space.

The placement of Ads should be done professionally, and this should be done by template creators or professional developers only. If you would place the ads at unusual places, it might irritate visitors. Some blogs use Ad types: Popups, Banner Ads, Text Ads and with other Ads providers like InfoLinks and VigLink. Isn't it too much? Yes, it is. So, in case you're using more than two ad providers and many ads, kindly put them down. It's healthy.

#6. Email Them About The Same Content Frequently

When I was new in blogging, I never knew this could happen. I just had to learn and for this, I subscribed some blogs; so that, they would feed me. But, slowly they started emailing me about the same content and their products and their personal life or a teasing story.

So? Is it the same thing I had subscribed for? And to make the matter even worst, they sometimes sent the same content and frequently.

The thing that irritated me was 20% same content, 30% often and 50%, they were all automated. Those emails ask about what you think of that email and when you send what you think about their email, nobody replies. It's because, no "real" body sent that email to me, but, automated bots were those who sent me the emails and were scheduled by the owner. So, I unsubscribed. Simple.

Having a big subscribers list is nice, but when you tease them by sending emails frequently and promoting your products through them, this is worst. Anything can't be worse than this. This irritate the subscribers and you see a drastic fall in the numbers of sufficient subscribers and some bad replies from your subscribers. Do you want to lose subscribers? Do you want to lose their trust? I know, no.

So, the next time you are sending any email to all of your subscribers at once (BCC), then firstly think 100s of time before clicking that "Send" button. Think about, should you send this to your subscribers? Won't it waste their time? Is it really worth sending? If I were a subscriber, then would I liked to get this email? If most of the answers turn out are no, then it's not too late to stop!

#7. Do Not ReTweet/Like The Share Tweets When They Mention You

Have you added any sharing option on your blog? Maybe... a floating bar? This one is about the same.

As I was a new blogger and anyone didn't know me, I was starving for the "popularity", and so, I thought to make an honest relationship with my fellow blogger, and I also made it. But, I hated a thing about most of the bloggers that:

They have added an option for sharing on Twitter, but, they are not on twitter or not very active. When I mentioned while sharing their posts and got no retweets or favorites/likes, then I had got stoned. Why one won't retweet or like a tweet in which his own property is promoted and contain love? Why?

This very often irritates. If you too have a twitter account but are not very frequent in logging-in in it, then this may harm you. Your audience loves when you give them the importance, and there are thousands of ways to show that you care and for you, they exist, and this one is the second most important way! (first is comments)

That was the first case, well. But what if you don't have a twitter account, then, make a twitter account or prevent the Twitter handle from being added when the visitors share you blog post on Twitter. This can help you a lot. Your audience will then understand that you've not been notified about they shared. So, that feeling won't come in your visitor's heart.

So, these were some of the things I hated when I was just stepping into blogging. Do you know why I posted this here? Just to warn you to keep yourself out of these things and concentrate on what you are interested. If you are blogging, then your concentration should be equal to all things. By all things, I mean:
  • Commenting: You should read as many comments and reply to as much comments as you can.
  • SEO: Make your blog search engine optimized for higher rankings.
  • Posts: Keep the post frequency nice. At least 1-2 posts per week.
  • Promotion: Promote your blog posts and blog widely.
  • Activeness on social media accounts: If you have accounts, then learn to be active there.
You can prevent yourself to do such thing in order to keep your audience satisfied from your blog. I am sure that this post will help you to improve the environment for your visitors, and you've learned a lot from here. :)

By the way, have I missed a thing? When you were stepping into blogging, did you hate one more thing? Please, remind me in comments.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Alexa Confirms: Why Alexa Ranks Have Been Decreased? [Of Facebook & Others]
Truth Revealed Why Alexa Is Decreasing
You may be hearing the news in social media and on some websites too, that many blogs' and sites' Alexa Rank have been decreased (literally, according to numbers, they are increased). Since April, bloggers and website managers are experiencing this reduction in their Alexa Rankings. Even, the giant Facebook, a social networking site [you know], has also got a decrease in its Alexa ranking. Before April, Facebook was at #2, and now, it has been slipped to #3 and on #2, it is YouTube. So, what do think is the reason behind it? Has Alexa updated its algorithm? Has Alexa updated its toolbar? Or added any other add-on in their Database? What suddenly happened in these three months?

Well, it was not only the Facebook who has got this shock. Many other webmasters, blog owners (of WordPress & Blogger both) have reported this, and all are sad about this happening and asking, why this happened.

Note: This change has not drastically affected sites that have their Alexa Rank 100,000+.
Alexa Rank Decreased Of Facebook
Alexa Rank Of Decreased From #2 to #1

Decreasing your Alexa Rank is a tedious job for Bloggers especially. They hunt for traffic, either from the search engines or social media and when disastrous updates like this one happen, they get almost disappointed. Most of them, not all of them.

Here are some images of some blogs who have got a shock from Alexa in these three months:

Alexa Rank DecreasedAlexa Rank Decreased Of MyBloggerTricks.comAlexa Rank Deccreased Of

Why This Happened?

By reading the above text, you must be wondering why this happened. Why the ranks of sites like Facebook and others (that of images) decreased. In the whole internet, many are thinking about this thing, and many are trying to find out why this happened.

So, after seeing so much people finding the solution or the reason behind this unfortunate occurrence and reduction is ranks, I contacted Alexa Team directly about why this happened, and their reply was seriously, satisfying. Yeah, satisfying because they were kind enough to give me a straightforward answer.

Three days ago, I was just surfing the net and was logged into my social account, and suddenly, my eyes caught one of the posts by MBT's owner which was shocking to me. It was giving the hint that something went wrong, and MBT's Alexa rank went down. After reading comments on that post, I got stunned because I got to know that almost everyone has got this shock and their Alexa Ranking has been reduced to at least 7000+.

So, this forced me to ponder over it and then I tried to research about what the matter was. At last, I got it successfully, in fact, from Alexa itself (as said in above para).

I contacted Alexa about this ruinous thing and asked if they have updated anything is their algorithm or having any algorithm's roll out. The answer from them was totally contrasting to me:
But that was enough for me. I searched for this panel change and got lots of information that I am going to tell this post, absolutely.

What Is 'Alexa Global Traffic Panel'? Why They Changed It?

As you can read in the tweet above by @AlexaTeam, there was a "panel" change. This seems confusing. Right? What do they mean by a "panel change"? It clearly is- They have increased their Global Traffic Panel. So what the hell is this?
Alexa’s traffic data is based on a global panel of people which is a sample of all internet users. The panel consists of millions of people using toolbars and browser add-ons created by over 25,000 different publishers, including Alexa and Amazon. - Alexa Team
Source: Alexa Support 

I think it is now clear to you that what this traffic panel means. It is simply the data from the Alexa Toolbar Internet users. So, the more they'll increase it, the more the estimated rank will Alexa be able to show.
The bigger the sample, the better the estimate.
That's why they increased it. As you know, Alexa has been trusted by many professionals and is one of the few things you need to make better about your blogs and websites. If your Alexa Rank is continuously increasing, then you may think of some interview requests, and then tons of advertisers would like to buy a space of your blog.

In the recent days, people had started to lose their trust from Alexa Ranking because these rankings were not enough nice estimates. The estimates that Alexa was showing were not even very rough estimates and by doing this increase in the traffic panel, they'll be able to provide better estimates and will try to regain the trust, they lost.

How Am I Confirm About This?

So, you must be thinking that how I am confident about this thing. There can be some other reason also? Then, buddy, go to your site's Alexa Rank page, and if you are one of the ones who have been affected, you will notice that the process of reduction in your Alexa Rank had started from the month of April, and this was the same month when Alexa had increased their Global Traffic Panel.

When we asked one more question about the decrease of Alexa Rank of Facebook:
Then they replied:
Facebook Alexa Rank Decreased In April
Facebook's Ranking Decrease In The Month Of April, the same month when Alexa had a change in their Global Traffic Panel Change.

How Increase In Global Traffic Panel Is Related With Reduction Of The Alexa Rank?

Let's take the example of YouTube and Facebook. As you can see, YouTube has now the #2 position in Alexa and Facebook has #3. When we are noticing that Facebook has lost its rank, then at the same time, we should not forget that YouTube has "gained" better rank. Alexa has clearly stated that, by increasing their Global Traffic Panel, they would be able to estimate ranking with more accuracy. So, maybe, according to their improved panel, YouTube is more popular than Facebook. Probably, before this change in their panel, Alexa didn't estimated nicely about the traffic of Facebook & YouTube but now, with improved data, they're able to show that which site is more popular and have more traffic.

And, apart this, we cannot ignore the fact that YouTube was blocked in Pakistan and before few months, the ban was picked. So, there would be, of course, an increase in the traffic of YouTube.

How To, Now, Increase Your Alexa Ranking?

Am... now it's aged question. I would suggest you old ways to increase your Alexa Rank, like using Alexa Toolbar, adding Alexa Widget in your blog and so on.

Adding Alexa Widget is a more practical option if you ask me about my experience. Many professional bloggers, too, says that after adding Alexa Widget, their Alexa rank increased. For example:
Or, for more ways, you can see the following post that was published in past on Blogger Guider:

Final Words

Well, I would like to appreciate Alexa about what they are doing, just to provide better estimates to the public and to the people who trust on Alexa Ranking. Now, if you enjoyed this article and if you think that it deserves a share, then kindly it on your social media profile. I don't want anything else. :)
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Friday, May 06, 2016

Add Facebook Messenger Message Buttons On Your Blog!
Facebook Messenger Buttons
Messenger is being more and more popular and that day is not so far when Messenger and WhatsApp will have almost same number of users. That's because, we know, of Facebook. Although, Messenger & WhatsApp both are the parts and are owned by Facebook but different-different groups of developers handle and update these applications. Messenger is being updated very frequently, and new features are coming in every update (almost). We aren't saying that WhatsApp is not being updated, but we won't mention WhatsApp here because WhatsApp is already a giant. :)

Now, before some days, Facebook has introduced all of us with Messenger for Desktop, and this update increased the number of people who use Messenger every month. So, now if the messenger is being popular, then it is also an opportunity for bloggers to take benefits of this popularity to increase the traffic and to improve the contacting way for the visitors. :)
Facebook has already introduced the "Send' button for websites and blogs using which, we can share any web page with our friends privately. But don't you think that there should be a button using which, the visitors of your blog should be able to send you (or to your page) a message directly by clicking a button? If yes, then I have got it for you!

What's Facebook Messenger Message Button?

Facebook Messenger message button is a kind of a simple button which you can create using JavaScript (if you want official) and without JavaScript (Unofficial).You can even create this button on your email account's signature but as a link instead. The simple trick we used to make it work was, we redirected visitors to It is simple and was firstly found by labnol (as far as I know).

Just to inform you, whenever any of your visitors would click on the button, he/she will be redirected to if he is on the desktop or the messenger app would open up if his/her device is mobile (Android Or with a device with iOS). Facebook has not publicly revealed these buttons yet, as far as I know. That's why I am publishing this post to help you add this helpful button.

So, here, there are two types of button available for you:
  • Official Button: Facebook itself has made this button and designed also. It is a simple button and works with Facebook SDK and JavaScript.
  • Unofficial Button: I noticed that there is no need of JavaScript and Facebook SDK for making this button work. So I made my own button for you with ripple effect and a small logo of Facebook Messenger.

How To Add Unofficial Facebook Messenger Message Button?

Won't you firstly like to see the demo?
Demo [Unofficial Button]
Unofficial Facebook Messenger
Now, let me tell you that this button is fully based on HTML and CSS. So, if your visitor would enable AdBlocker or disable JavaScript, then this button won't be affected. I have divided the process of adding this button into two part because there are two versions of this unofficial button. First is, without ripple effect and second is with ripple effect. The second one is little bit heavy, and the first one don't have any weight.

Unofficial Button Without Ripple Effect

This button is as simple as a link. But, using CSS, I have made it look like a button. It can work without JavaScript and have a simple hover effect. It is themed according to messenger's real theme color.
Now, to add this button anywhere on your blog, follow these steps:
  • Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
  • Search for ]]></b:skin> and above it, paste the following set of CSS:
  • /*
    Messenger Button By BG
    */ {
    background: #0F8BFF;
    } {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #FFF;
    .bg-fm {
    background: #0084FF;
    color: #FFF;
    transition: .3s;
    margin-top: 7px;
    padding: 7px;
    border-radius: 2px;
    display: inline-block;
    padding-top: 4px;
    padding-bottom: 4px;
    font-family: sans-serif;
    font-size: 11px;
    .m-bg {
    margin-top: 0px;
    .fb-m {
    background: url(;
    background-size: 18px;
    font-style: normal!important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    color: transparent;
    margin-right: -2px;
    padding: 8px;
    position: relative;
    top: 6px;
    left: -3px;
  • Now save the template.
  • Now anytime, if you wish to add this button, use the following HTML:
  • <div class="m-bg"><a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="" class="bg-fm"><span class="bg-m-a">
    <span class="fb-m">`</span>
    <span class="msg-bg">Message @BloggerGuider</span>
  • Change BloggerGuider in above code with your facebook's profile or page's username (vanity URL or profile ID) in which you would like to receive the messages.
  • You're done!

Unofficial Button With Ripple Effect

This button comes with a ripple effect which is a part of material design and polymer project. The ripple effect works with JavaScript & jQuery and so, it is mandatory that you check that your template has jQuery library in it or not. And if not, add this line of code before </head> in your template:
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
Now, firstly do all the steps which are mentioned to add unofficial button without ripple effect (above) and then after it, follow the following steps:
  • Go to your blog's template editor;
  • Now search for </body> and paste the following code before it:
  • <style>
    Legit Ripple
    .legitRipple,.legitRipple-custom{overflow:hidden}.legitRipple{position:relative;-webkit-user-select:none;-moz-user-select:none;-ms-user-select:none;user-select:none;z-index:0}.legitRipple-ripple{position:absolute;z-index:-1;-webkit-transform:translate(-50%,-50%);transform:translate(-50%,-50%);pointer-events:none;border-radius:50%;background:rgba(255,255,255,.4);will-change:transform,width,opacity;-webkit-transform:translate3d(0,0,0);transform:translate3d(0,0,0);width:0;opacity:1;-webkit-transition:width .15s linear,opacity .9s ease-out;transition:width .15s linear,opacity .9s ease-out}.legitRipple-ripple:before{content:"";padding-top:100%;display:block}img~.legitRipple-ripple{z-index:auto}.legitRipple-template{display:none}.legitRipple-custom>*{position:absolute;top:50%;left:50%;min-width:100%;min-height:100%;-webkit-transform:translate(-50%,-50%);transform:translate(-50%,-50%)}
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  • Now save your template and you're done.

How To Add Official Facebook Messenger Message Button?

Won't you like to see the demo first?
Demo [Official Button]
Official Messenger
Button [White Theme]
The messenger message button which is official isn't good at all in my view. Both in its appearance and working. It needs JavaScript and Facebook SDK to get loaded which could decrease your blog's loading speed. But, just for information, or if you already have Facebook SDK in your template, let's know how to add the official version of Facebook Messenger message button.
  • Firstly, load Facebook SDK in your template by adding this code before </body> in your template:
  • <script>
            (function(d, s, id) {
              var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
              if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
              js = d.createElement(s); = id;
              js.src = "//";
              fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
            }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));
  • Save your template.
  • Now, choose a place where you would like to show the message button and put this HTML at that location:
  • <div class="fb-messengermessageus" 
  • Currently, you can only change "blue" to "white" for changing the theme of the button. Don't forget to change "XYZ" to your Facebook page's or profile's ID (you can get your Facebook page's ID by going to Page > About > Page Info > last line)
  • You're done!

What's More?

Facebook Messenger Message Box

You can even add a message box which is offered by Facebook itself and is official. There are many customization options also available. So, let's quickly also know that how to add a "Facebook Messenger Message Box":
  • Load Facebook SDK (as usual; you can use the code given above).
  • Now, use this HTML where you would like to show the messenger message box:
  •    <div class="fb-page" 
          <div class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore">
  • Change the values according to your comfort.
  • You're done! =)

Final Words

I hope you have learned a lot. I would like to thank labnol because the hint for creating these Facebook elements was given my them. And, I hope you would like to share this page with all of your friends to keep this info in reach of everyone. Gratitude! :)
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Right Time To Use HTTPS Protocol On Your Blogger Blog!
Blogspot Moved From HTTP to HTTPS
Yeah, you read it right! Now, it's the right time when you would be glad to use and take benefit of Blogger's new HTTPS feature. Blogger has made it awesome now, by enabling permanent redirection and in the whole post, we would talk about and give you information about the recent updates by the Blogger team in their HTTPS feature.
[embed url='' title='Blogger Team'/]
Since 27 April (I don't remember the date correctly) Blogger team but was showing a notification about an upcoming update by them in Blogger. And now the update has been successful on Blogger. The update will now allow you to use the HTTPS Protocol on your blogger blog without any issues. It is now just like if you are using a paid HTTPS Certificate on your WordPress Blog/Website.

These days, Google is focusing on increasing the security of blogs and websites to provide users, a secure and pleasant environment for browsing if they are using Google to search what they want. Firstly, Google itself moved all its all support blogs from HTTP Protocol to HTTPS, and now, they are forcing the whole world to do the same. They forced them by providing a slight rank boost to secured sites and blogs. Google also has moved some of its services like Drive and Gmail and now, they have moved the Blogspot blogs to the next level of security. Undoubtedly, this is the part of "HTTPS Everywhere initiative" of Google, and if it is not, then whatever is it, it is a good move.
HTTPS is fundamental to internet security; it protects the integrity and confidentiality of data sent between websites and visitors' browsers. -Google Security Blog
The most famous and loved blogs (like MOZ and Life Hacker) have also been moved from HTTP to HTTPS connection but still, some popular blogs like Mashable & TechCrunch aren't on the list. However, there are tons of popular blogs' owners that have their blog hosted on blogger, willing to adapt HTTPS but aren't able to do so, so they are waiting.

What Is The Matter, Actually?

Actually, the matter is, Google has started an initiative to move the whole web's websites and blogs to the secure connection, and that's why it is trying some things to make them do so. Firstly, Google announced that they will be boosting the ranks for secured sites in their database, and now, Blogger, one of the Google's owned company has announced that they will be giving free HTTPS certificates to the blogs hosted on Blogger.

This process was on the course until 3 May (read their previous announcement post below), which has now been completed. Now, Blogger Team has moved all the blogs hosted on Blogger into the secure connection, but they still have provided the option if the users want to permanent (302) redirect their users from HTTP to HTTPS or not; maybe because of the number of blogs those have the "mixed-content" issue.
[embed url='' title="Blogger team's older announcement"/]
Blogger team has removed "HTTPS Availability" settings and now, any blog spot blog can be accessed over both the connections, through HTTP and HTTPS. The best thing they did in this update was, they provided the option to redirect the visitors from HTTP to HTTPS if the blog's owner want and if he/she/they has/have made their blog's template ready for HTTPS and solved all the mixed content issues which are really a hectic task if you are using another person's template (maybe a developer's which is available for free on the internet).

So What Is Rest For You?

Are you thinking that what is required for you to do now? Just one thing- enable the redirection of your blog's visitors from HTTP to HTTPS. Don't worry; there would be no SEO issues if you are doing so and in fact, you would see your blog's rank change within some days (slightly...).

Kindly Firstly keep in mind that you are shifting your blogger blog from HTTP to HTTPS and you should only do this if you are confident that your blog's template would not create any problem over the HTTPS connection (see it first, just open your blog with Https:// and see if your template is perfect and as-it-was in HTTP connection to place in front of your visitors).

Now, if you have ensured that nothing would go wrong, and you can take the shift, then kindly follow the following steps to enable the redirection of visitors from HTTP to HTTPS connection:
  • Go to Blogger > Settings > Basic
  • Now scroll down and find "HTTPS Redirect" option
  • Click on "No" and then select "Yes" and you're done!
  • HTTPS Blogger

Final Words

That's all for now buddy. As soon as we get any update about Blogger team's this update, we would post it here. It is worth noting that, HTTPS is not available for custom domains. So, if you have registered your blog on custom domain, don't try to find those settings :p... By the way, I hope you have liked the article and would share it with your friends. Thanks!
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