Thursday, November 17, 2016

How To Add WhatsApp Sharing Button In Blogger Posts
Facebook Like Button For WhatsApp

WhatsApp. I am damn sure that you use it very frequently and check your messages on WhatsApp 10-20 times a day. Now, how it will be like if you get a button to allow your visitors to share your blog's articles directly to their WhatsApp friends? It will become too much easy for people just to click the WhatsApp button if they found one under your post to share the post.

I know. You have already heard about "How To Add WhatsApp Button In Blogger" in many blogs because doing this is not common and everyone is looking for a more advanced WhatsApp button.

The publishers of articles publishing "How To Add WhatsApp Button In Blogger" never provide you with the code to add a WhatsApp button. The thing they offer is- WhatsApp, which is not so good and eye-catching. People scroll out the WhatsApp button because they were unable to see it or say catch it!

And, most of the WhatsApp sharing buttons do not work. The WhatsApp button I'm going to share with you is fully made by me. :)

WhatsApp Button Demo
(will appear if the screen is less than 800px)

I hope you're able to see the button. That's above comments.

How To Add This WhatsApp Button On Blogger?

Now, let's learn how to add it to Blogger.
  • Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
  • Now, find ]]></b:skin> in your template and above it, copy and paste the following code:
.whatsapp a:hover {
 background: linear-gradient(#01A507, #069A00);
.whatsapp i {
 color: #038F02;
 background: #FFF;
 text-shadow: none;
 font-weight: 900;
 border-radius: 2px;
 position: relative;
 left: -3px;
 margin-right: -4px;
 padding: 2px;
 -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;
.whatsapp a {
 font-family: sans-serif;
 font-weight: 700;
 text-decoration: none;
 font-size: 11px;
 color: #FFF;
 padding: 7px;
 background: linear-gradient(#009805, #058400);
 padding-top: 4px;
 border-radius: 2px;
 padding-bottom: 5px;
 text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px #797272;
  •  Now, find <data:post.body/> and below it, paste the following code:-
<div class='whatsapp'>
<i class='fa fa-whatsapp'></i>
<whatsapp expr:text='data:post.title' expr:href="data:post.url"></whatsapp>
<a href="kipu" data-action="share/whatsapp/share">Share</a>
@media only screen and (max-width:780px) {
div.whatsapp {display:block!important;}
div.whatsapp {display:none}
  • You can change the bold text to change the text that will appear on the button.
  • Now, search for </body> and copy-paste the following script above it:
    var x = document.getElementsByTagName("whatsapp")[0].getAttribute("href");
    var y = document.getElementsByTagName("whatsapp")[0].getAttribute("text");
    var z = "whatsapp://send?text=" + y + ' ' + x;
document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace('kipu', z);
  • Save Your Template & you are done with it!
Note: - If after placing the WhatsApp button code, if the button doesn't show up, just find another <data:post.body/> tag and try putting it after it. You would probably find two <data:post.body/>, so try with each one!

Need Help?

If you need any help, then don't hesitate. I am happy to help and will help you. And, now I have completed my work. It's your job now. Just add it and share it or please tweet it in your twitter account. Take care of your family and friends. Thanks!
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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Only 4 Points, I Keep in Mind While Designing to Get a Lightning Template!
The Only 4 Points, I Keep in Mind While Designing to Get a Lightning Template!

I hope you've liked the template I am using right now on blogger guider.

It's not a template that I have bought from somewhere. It's a custom template, created by me.

It opens quickly. No?

To let you show this template is "lightning fast", I should attach the following image:

Designing to Get a Lightning Template

So, in this post, I thought, we need a "really" working post about how to design/make your blogger template load faster.

Yes, of course, there are already thousands of posts available about this issue, but, here, you'll get better and more practical tips with elaborated info. :)

So for what you're waiting for? Scroll down!

P.S. To find all the methods for reducing blogger's template that I ever found, just head towards the second last section of the post. :)

1. I Use Fewer Fonts - Even Less Than Required!

Okay, go on the Developer tools, and you'll find that we have used total - 3 fonts.

First, Oswald; Second, Product Sans; Third, Century Gothic.

Listen, let's say I had used seven fonts because browser loads Product Sans:400, Product Sans:600, Oswald, Century Gothic:400, Century Gothic:400i, Century Gothic:600, Century Gothic:600i separately.

When I was creating this template, I had almost added a big bunch of fonts (more than twelve fonts).

Then, when I finished creating the template, I removed some fonts and considered using System fonts like Open Sans (you can see it in some elements of the template).

This reduced the overall page loading speed.

Then, what I did further with fonts is, the trick to reduce HTTP requests.

For example, I had used three fonts in the template and those were fetched using the following codes:
<link href=',600' rel='stylesheet'/>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet'/>
<link href=',400i,600,600i' rel='stylesheet'/>
So see, we just made three HTTP requests. What can we do now? Let's see:
<link href=',600|Oswald|Century+Gothic:400,400i,600,600i' rel='stylesheet'/>
Now see. The browser will still load all of the fonts but, without making three HTTP requests seperately for all the three fonts. This greatly reduces the page load time!

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2. I Use Fewer Image - And Do Not, Without Compressing!

Yeah, you're blogging.

But doing a thing that doesn't need many efforts, I mean, just a minute can bite you? No!

I am just advising you compress your images well before adding them to your blog. The images you make, I mean save to your hard drive, contain more pixels, than your visitor needs to get attracted towards that picture.

So, there's no harm in reducing those pixels that what we call "Compressing Images".

You can do so easily be just following these steps:
  • Go to
  • Upload the images that you want to compress (there's a dark green button)
  • Now Optimizilla will compress your image, and you're good to download them, upload at your default image uploading service, i.e., Blogspot Uploading Service!
P.S. Compressing images also helps in increase Pagespeed score.

One more thing you can follow to reduce your loading time further is- reduce the number of the posts that are to be showed on the homepage. This decreases the number of thumbnails (or you can even disable posts thumbnails, but that won't be good for your blog's design).

Would like to read more? 6 Killer Ways to Get Maximum Shares in Your Blog Posts!

3. I Keep the JavaScripts at the Bottom

I can bet you. Go to any Blogger templates online store, download any free template, you'll find JavaScripts.

It's so common in Blogger template nowadays.

But, should it ruin your visitors' experience? No, not at all!

That's why I would recommend moving all the JavaScripts that your blog's template contain before </body> tag.

The most important thing in your blog is, its posts, you know. So, your posts' text must load instantly and then after it; other JavaScripts should load in the background and keeping all the JavaScripts at the bottom will do the same task.

Now, the time for the pro tip. For externally hosted javascript, use async="" attribute as follows:
<script type='text/JavaScript' src='' async=""/>
Got it? It'll help you a lot in reducing the load time of your blog because it asynchronously loads the JavaScript files!

4. I Never Use Useless Plugins

I'm giving you some work. Please? Will you do it?

Scroll this page up and down and count the total number of share buttons across the page. You'll say 11. Five floating, and six below the posts.

Any other plugin? Oh! There are. One, auto read more; and second, related posts widget.


So there are three plugins that we're using.

What about you?

When I start using templates, I remind that "I have to use a related posts widget, an auto read more widget and a sharing widget either of AddThis or GetSiteControl."

And so, I never use widgets except these. Yes, I sometimes use some others but for 1-2 days or for sometimes, one week.

But I've seen people using 20-30 sharing buttons on a page. Some below the posts, some floating, some pops-up after you scroll a little and then when you scroll some more, a full-screen pop-up appears, asking if you would like to share this post.

I've seen people, and I am pretty sure you're not one of them. 

But, if I am wrong, then please, do not use plugin excessively. Use them just as an "option" for visitors; not as "tools to force readers".

Read other related posts:

We've got some other blog posts which would help you to further decrease your blog's loading time:

Final Words

I hope you've liked this post.I've written a post, really, after a very long time. And by the way, Happy Diwali to all of you! I hope your Diwali went well and you're all safe and enjoyed well. Now, I want a Diwali gift from you. You know, that's just your Share! Thanks!
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Monday, October 03, 2016

Why The Hell People Are Not Reading Your Blog? — Top 6 Reasons Revealed
People are not reading my blog.
No one cares what I write.
No one cares what I do, they never read.
Well, there's a reason behind it! Believe me. And all you need is someone to make you realise the same! Wait, I am here to do that for you.

Why people are not reading your blog

When a blogger starts blogging (creates a new blog), he starts writing. Then, he deletes his that blog and creates another blog and then he starts doing blogging "seriously". Isn't it?

Most of the bloggers learn basics of blogging in the period between the creation of their first blog - and the creation of another one. But, sometimes, bloggers forget to learn one thing, and that's why people do not read their blog. Don't you think that that thing must be a "great" one? Yes, it is. In fact, everything in blogging is a "great" one!

Now, what's that? Without pulling you into the giant wheel of talks, I would like to reveal it finally. That's: [quote via="BloggerGuider"]To be a good blogger, be an excellent reader! #blogging[/quote] Now, let me elaborate. When a normal person reads, he does not usually take notice of each and everything about the thing he's reading. Buthave you ever heard those people sayingthis book's language is too frustrating or not good or attractive? Or have your ever heard those people saying that when I read [Name]'s books, I eventually sleep?

Yes, you must have heard. This reveals that you can control people using your writings. You can attract them, get their attention or even accidently make them sleep.

So, don't you think that your writing style is the biggest reason that people are not reading your blog?

Well, I'm not leaving now. I'd like to tell more about your writing style mistakes and about the improvements you can do to "attract" readers instead of making them "sleep"!
[quote via="Blogger Guider"]Best guide to "attract" readers instead of making them "sleep"![/quote]
So, let's start!

#1: You're Not Writing About The Thing You're Expert In!

Who tells you that you're confident?
Who tells you that you're expert in this field?

Oh, forget about people. People say anything. The real thing that gives you confidence about what you're doing is — knowledge.

So, take an example of one of your recent post that has not got too many interactions or has not got that many views.

Think about it. Did you have enough knowledge about that post's subject? Had you properly researched about that post? — Most probably, the answer is, "NO".

That's it! You've got the reason why your post didn't get viral.

See, When you just sit on a table and start writing because you have to write, because you had added this in your to-do-list, then you end up writing content you were not expert in.

Consider two situations. No, think of two people. One is you, and one is your friend. Your friend is an expert in the field of "How to deliver a motivational speech" and you're expert in "Blogging". Now, when you are called by anyone randomly and be asked about "Give this group some tips on 'How to deliver a speech'". That's it! You'll end up saying words that would not get any attention...reason? — You're not expert in giving the tips of "delivering a motivational speech" and you were not even prepared for it!

That's what you did with your recent post that didn't get many interactions or views.

So, next time, be sure that you have got "enough" knowledge to be called an expert of what you're writing. I promise, then the interactions in your post will be higher than normal — if you'll promote it nicely.

#2: You Were Not In Mood Of Writing

No mood of bloggingYou put your butt on the chair and your laptop's back on the table.

You turn your laptop on and connect, and start writing.

You're frequently going out of the tab from where you were writing the post.

Why? — Because you're not in the mood of writing. You don't want to write, right now.

In this situation, you will not be able to write attractive and especially, enthusiastic content that would force or attract readers to read the next para.

What you can do, in this situation, is:
  • Do another work, for now. Or just watch any video related to "How to be motivated in blogging".
See, I'm not being sarcastic. Most of the times, you see a motivational speech of someone on YouTube or any other streaming site, that "motivation" lasts a few hours. That's truth. You know, right?

That's bad. But, let's see good in this. You're getting power to do something in blogging for one hour! So, what you can do is- watch a motivational video and after getting enough motivation, start writing.

I'm willing to bet, that, after trying this, the content you'll write will be — fabulous.

Tip: Just a tip for you. Switch off your mobile's WiFi and log out from your Facebook account. Now you're ready to blast! (I mean, you're ready to make a blast!)

#3: You Didn't Check Its Grammar.

Too bad.

Too bad.

His/her writing skills are too bad!

In fact, a big portion of the "whether the writing skills are good or bad" is whether the post is grammatically correct or not.

Consider two sentences:
Today I'm going to let you know that what's the magic behind what I do!
Now, the second one:
today im gonna tell that what i do to enhance what i do.
See. The second one is catchy! But, the first one is grammatically correct. Read the sentences I've listed above, at least, two times. By reading which of them, you feel right? Or ready to read next?

Of course, first one. Despite being not-so-catchy, it's grammatically correct!

The point I want to make here is, the reader will catch your mistakes first, and then he/she will come to the meaning of what the text says (when we talk about posts; in titles or hypertexts, engaging one wins!).

So next time, when you're publishing a post, be sure that you have double read that post and corrected all the grammatical mistakes! ;)

#4: There Are Some Disturbing Things In Your Blog

A shiny widget!

A contrasting colour pop up!

An ad pop up with a timer!

Use of Ad networks like Infolinks!

Gosh! There are countless examples of disturbing things. Eh?

Yes. There are. When there are so many examples, then maybe, you're having some of them in your blog too. No, believe me.

Actually, there's no website/blog exists that doesn't have a single disturbing thing. But the point here is — the things should not be too much distracting.

Suppose, you've opened a page and got a pop-up, saying you to subscribe. You cut it (it's tolerable) and start reading the post. You get a word linked. You thought that there could be valuable information for you, there. You click on that link. 

Congrats! You have reached a page where there are a lot of ads and pop ups, saying you to buy something or offering you a service in cheap — I mean, fraud.

So, you closed that tab and returned to read. You were reading—reading—reading — a pop up with ads and with a timer appeared.

"You" are too innocent. Really. If I were in your place, I would have closed the whole browser when I'd clicked the link, and that sent me to a disgusting page.

The "You", I mentioned above, can be your reader. Do take care that you've not inserted any-any thing can disturb your reader while he is reading your post.

Of course, you can check your blog as an anonymous using Incognito tab. :)

#5: You're Writing Paragraphs

Man, blogging is not about publishing posts. It's about explaining things (in this era). You're writing paragraphs; it means that you're not explaining. Imagine yourself speaking about a topic.

Do you talk like the paragraph you've written? No? I knew it!

Try to explain things. People who "explain", are a lot better than people who just, write (reason— they have a blog that's why they have to write).

Imagine, you've social science's exam tomorrow of high school. You're not that much prepared. You want someone to give you a helpful lecture about a particular subject of social science. What you'll do? — Go to YouTube.

Great, our thinking is similar.

Now, what? You'll search like "Lecture about 'blah-blah-blah'". You'll get some excellent lectures.

Now you'll get many lectures. You'll like some and some, you'll dislike. Why?

Probably, the ones you've disliked doesn't have the "power" to make you understand, and you're also getting bored by listening to those lectures. The most fundamental reason is — the lecturer was explaining all the things in a breath.
[quote]Do "explain" not "write".[/quote]
When you write a paragraph, it is seen as "things said in one breath". So, consider not to write paragraphs more than three lines. If it's being lengthy, re-read the para you were writing, and make some corrections to make it small.

#6: Your Frequency Of Publishing Posts — Damn Hign Or Damn Low!

 Let's consider case #1:
11/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
12/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
13/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
Now, consider case #2:
11/02/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
31/03/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
16/04/16: I've written a fabulous post, just publishing...
So, when we see both the cases, we see that the frequency of publishing posts either is too high or is damn low.

You probably be knowing that that could also be one of the reasons why your people are not your anymore! (I mean, your subscribers or loyal readers)

Imagine, you've subscribed to a YouTube channel. The owner uploads one video per day. Believe me, in initial days, you'll love this thing, but slowly, you'll lose "that" enthusiasm to see his/her video.

Now, in another case, you've subscribed to a YouTube channel. The owner uploads one video every two months. You'll unsubscribe him. What's the benefit of increasing your subscribed channels' list?

That's what I'm saying. Be sure to maintain the frequency in updating your posts. If it's too low, consider creating an email list and be sure to email them once a month to let them remember that you also exist in the world.

Enough Learnings For Today!

I hope you've got some ideas to increase your readers' "ship" as they're the main thing when you talk about a blog to be "successful". And yes, if you've got some more ideas or reasons why "people are not reading a blog's posts", then be 100% sure to drop it into the comments (you can also comment to say just a "hi").

By the way, today have you seen changes in my writing pattern? Liked or disliked?
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