Thursday, March 05, 2015

Get Blogger Yard V 2.0 Template For Free
Blogger Yard Clone V 2.0

Hello, Friends, This is My All  New Blog 'Blogger Guiders' where I am here to guide you. Today, I am Shivansh Verma Publishing a new post which is about a blogger template. Did you have ever visited BloggerYard? If you have not visited it yet, So take a visit. You will see a gorgeous template on BloggerYard. So I have created a clone of BloggerYard's Template.

Template is the first thing which is difficult to choose for newbie bloggers. Tomorrow, I am going to share 20+ free and best blogger template that I have used in my blogging period. So Please Subscribe Us, to get free, unique and best post from this blog directly to your email's inbox!

This template has many features. Some Features of this template are:

  • Featured Posts: Friends, Featured post widgets will appear below the header. As you can see in the picture, this Featured Post widget have a very smooth hover effect. When you hover your mouse pointer to any post, that that will come at some height and change to blue color.
  • Responsive Header: Yeah! This template is very smooth and responsive. Friends, If you don't know that what is responsive, So I am telling. A Template, which can be seen on any device and some widget, change their places to fit out on any screen are called responsive blogger template. You can test it our by going to BloggerYard and resize your browser, and you will see that the header of blogger yard will change to a menu. 
  • Font Awesome Icons: Hmm Now, You think what is font awesome icons? So font awesome icons are developed by Dave Gandy, and we can use these for free! These icons look stunning and are responsive. You can change it to big icons, and they will never get blurred!
  • Custom Threaded Comment Style: MBT has also introduced how to customize blogger threaded comment style. But this template comes with a new commenting system that let you comment, and the features are this commenting system are: Admin Comments or Author comments will look with admin tag.
  • Related Post Widget: Related Post, A short way to get more success. People will give their time to reading your blog if they find an interesting article on the end of your post; they will give more time to reading your post.
  • Grid Post View: Yeah! This template has grid post view in homepage. Grid Post view enables to show more posts that attract users, and they visit your site many times.
  • Social Bar: You can see the social bar below the post title. This enabled users to share your post with one click!
Why You not count other features?

Download the Template:

Sorry, After the Request of the Admin, We are not Giving the Template anymore..