Saturday, March 28, 2015

Introducing Our Sitemap & Post or Review Requester
Lets see whats new
Today, we are introducing you with our all new two pages that help you to get most out of blogger guiders. We have recently created two pages for your comfort on blogger guiders. The first is our new sitemap and the second is request and review page. In this page, you can request a post that you want us to write or you can request your blog review of your blog. Recently, we have updated blogger guiders with new features. If you felt that any widget or part of blogger guiders have issues, please mention them in comments.

1. Sitemap

SitemapToday, we have created a sitemap page for your comfort. By using or looking this sitemap page, you will got all our new/old post links in a categorized manner with auto numbering. In this page, we have created a table of our content with links by which you can choose, which you want to read. This sitemap page will automatically update when we post any new content on blogger guider. The normal sitemap page (by Google) which is here, looks frizzy and anyone can't locate the links. The sitemap we created look clean, numbers and categorized.

2. Review and content requester page

This is a great page for newbies. Here, they can post what they need and we will write a post about it. We will provide all content our visitor ask. They can ask any widget if they see in a blog/website, they can ask for review of there blog. We will provide all these for free! You only just have to leave a comment on this page. All other information is mentioned in that page. You can ask your blog's review and I will tell you, How's your blog looking and is it impress your visitor? and about your writing skills too and how to improve it.

Other Improvements

  1. We recently changed Blogger Guider's template. If you liked, kindly comment your words below.
  2. Added responsive notification bar above post area.
  3. Added responsive ask bar below post area and above sharing widget.
 We are Hardly Trying to improve Blogger Guiders and make it the best place for you. If you want to help us, Kindly share our blog with your friends and family and on social network too.

Final Words From Author

I hope you liked our recent changes and will also love future changes for Blogger Guiders. If you found any issue of some widget, please immediately inform us through commenting below. Now, its your turn to help us by liking and sharing us on social media. Thank You!