Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Top 5 Best Free Blogger Templates For Your Blogger Blog
Top 5 Best Free Blogger Templates For Your Blogger Blog
Today, When a newbie goes and think to start his/her blog, the main challenge is the template he will use. So today I am suggesting you top 5 best templates that I have used in my life and found it useful. Their are thousand of template available in Internet and to choose one of them is really difficult. Here, I am introducing you with 5 Best blogger templates and with are free. So you don't have to invest a coin to get higher rankings!

Template decides how will be the first and last impression for the visitor of your site. So this is important that you should choose best template for your blog. This is also important that the template should meet SEO Requirements like:
  • SEO Friendly
  • Good Design
  • Responsive View
  • Sharing Options
  • Related Post Widget
  • Custom Threaded Comment Design [Not Important]
You can implement Sharing Options, Related Post Widgets and Custom Threaded Commenting System self, but it is difficult to make the template Responsive, Good Design and SEO Friendly. I am providing template that meet all requirements.

1. Blogger Yard Template

Blogger Yard V 2.0
We have introduced you with Blogger Yard template in our first post. This template have Good Design, is SEO Friends and also responsive. So You can use it to rank better your blog.

2. Camly Blogger Template

Camly Blogger Template is a fast loading, SEO Friendly and Responsive Template. This Template is created by Blogtipsntricks' Admin Chandeep J

3. Blogger Guiders

Blogger Guiders

Yes! Now, We are giving you the Blogger Guiders' Template for free! Our Template is Fast Loading, Good Looking and Advanced!
Get Blogger Guiders Template [Coming Soon]

4. Kontify

Kontify is a unique and amazing design, this template will make your blog more professional. Perfect for news blog, games blog, tech blog, etc.

5. Flat Mag

Flat Mag
Flat Mag Responsive Blogger Template is a multi-purpose straight Blogger template precisely designed for multimedia, news bulletin, Entertainment and Technology blogs.

From the Editor's Desk

I hope that you will like my collection and now you are going to use one of these template for your blog. If you caught any problem or broken link, Kindly leave your comment below. In some days, we are going to publish our Blogger Guiders Template. So Don't Forget to subscribe us and continue sharing! Thank You!