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15 Oct 2015

Get The Premium Grammarly For Free For Lifetime [UPDATED]

Get Premium Grammarly for free for lifetime, an advance grammar checking tool that can change anyone's writing style awesomely!
get grammarly for free
As we all know, Grammarly is a chrome extension that is also available as a plugin for MS Word. It is an excellent tool and the best tool I have seen yet, that correct Grammar mistakes and improved your writing style. You can download Grammarly from for free, but it will only show you common grammatical mistakes that even Chrome can tell you. The interesting part of Grammarly is in its pro version in which it improves your post's writing style by suggesting you that what should be here instead of this to improve its readability!

We all know that Google is brilliant and fast. It checks a blog's complete content and then ensures that the site has good and quality content. If, it is not happy with your content, it will drop it down. So, having quality content + without any grammatical mistake content is crucial to rank higher.

Today, we have brought you a fabulous guide after which following, you will be able to get Grammarly Premium for free! And also, you will be able to improve your writing skills and know many things about grammar.

What Is Grammarly?

Firstly, let me tell you what Grammarly is. Grammarly is a tool that helps Bloggers to write good content. It not only help Bloggers, but it also help other persons. It is a fabulous tool that suggests great words suggestions that not only improve the text's readability but also writing style because using common words in the posts make Readers sleepy. 

It not only does these awesome things but also checks for plagiarism from its 8 Million pages collection.
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What Are The Features Of Grammarly?

There are two types of Grammarly available.
  1. Free Grammarly
  2. Premium Grammarly
The features of Free Grammarly Are:
  1. It tells about what are the spelling mistakes; 
  2. It tells about verb forms on words mistakes;
  3. It is always active! On Blogger Editor, On Twitter Tweeter & On Facebook Status Updater too!
The features of Paid Grammarly Are:
  1. It tells about which word is used very often; 
  2. It tells about which is little effective term and which word will be get fitted their;
  3. It tells about where you have forgotten to add s or es and where you have added useless s and es;
  4. It says about how to make the sentences more readable;
  5. It informs which passive voice sentence should be on active voice sentence;
  6. And much more!
So, you can say that Paid Grammarly is impressive and significant for Bloggers to improve their Grammar.

How To Get Premium Grammarly For FREE?

This one is, first-on-net that a blog is giving Grammarly for free to its visitors. Today, we will tell you how to get Premium Grammarly using an access code. This code works like any antivirus product key.

Steps are following:
  1. Go to Grammarly's Sign Up (old) Page.
  2. Now, you will see some columns. Fill them with your information.
  3. At last, you will get an 'Access Code' box that will be optional. Just copy and paste this key on that box:
  4. sEFgS39UvL9FECRr
  5. Now, open your account and Whoa! It is not asking for upgrading your account. Which means, it is upgraded already.
  6. Now, to use it on Blogger, install its Chrome extension or your browser's extension that is available here
  7. Install it and now try to write any post. Grammarly Premium will tell you your common and advanced mistakes!

Access Code Invalid? Here's How To Get New!

We have just found some more new access codes, and we have decided to give them to you for free but now, we won't publish it in the post because, then Grammarly will again ban them. So, this time we have decided to give Grammarly to only our subscribers.

Steps for getting new access code:
  • Scroll the page and then you will see an author box with subscribe box.
  • Put your email address into that subscribe box and press "Subscribe" button.
  • Now, post a comment below that you have subscribed and want access code with a hint of your email. Like, [email protected]
  • And wait for few minutes. We will send it as fast as we can. 
Here, you have to put your Email:
Author box

Last Words

Now, I hope your writing skills would be far better than previous because of Grammarly. Now, we would remember to you that we have provided this for free and found it after spending our time. So, kindly share it and give us a chance to help others too! 
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