Friday, October 09, 2015

How To Show Your Blog's Name Instead Of Blog's URL In Search Results?
Sorry guys. I had forgot about the series that was running. So, here our last post on series of Breadcrumbs goes!

This is a special post for bloggers. Have you ever seen " > Label > Post Name" in the search result? Don't you think that that should be "Your Blog"? Yes! It should be. But only a few people knows how. Today, we are going to tell you that how to replace "" in breadcrumbs in the search result to "Your Blog" [Blog Name] in the search result. It is a quite easy trick. You just have to add a small code that could be in JSON or MICRODATA.

The Series:

Basic Requirements

There are some essential things that you have to do to replace your blog's URL to your blog's Title in search result's breadcrumbs. The required which you need to follow are:
  1. Use your blog's name similar to your blog's domain name: -  Like, we have then we have Blogger Guider as a blog's title. So, you should also have this type of similarity in your domain name and blog's title.
  2. Don't use any other prefix or suffix: - Using words like .inc or domain's extension like .com, .in or any other words like Mr. or Mrs. in a personal blog is not recommended by Google. You should use a simple name like "Blogger Guider" not like "Blogger".
  3. Anyone should not use your blog's title except you: - Your blog's title should not be of any other blog also. Create or change your blog's title to title which is unique.

How To Make It Appear?

Now, we have told you the requirements. If you have full confidence that you are fulfilling all the requirement, then let us proceed to next step that is of adding the required code in your blogger template.

To add the necessary code, just follow the following steps:
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  2. Now, find <head> and now replace it with the whole code that is shown below:
  3. <head itemscope="" itemtype="">
    <title itemprop="name">
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>
    Page Not Found | 
    <link href="https://yourblog'surl/" itemprop="url"/>
  4. Now make necessary changes in the above code and save your template.
  5. Now, you're done!
[alert headline='This Will Take A Big Of Time']Now, you have implemented it in your blogger blog but now keep it in your mind that it would take several days to get the result on Google search. So, just wait for few days.[/alert] [alert headline='Donot Forget To Remove Previous Title Tags']As you can see above, we have added title tags (SEO Optimized) so, if you blog contains any other title tag, please remove it ASAP![/alert]

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this series of taking your knowledge of breadcrumbs from basic to advanced! I hope that you are going to share this post in your timeline on facebook or Twitter or Google Plus. At last, take care of you and your family. Thanks!