The Working Guide To Get Grammarly Premium Account For Free
Viewers Outside India"
Sorry, but you'll not be able to use Grammarly account for Free using FlikOver, because they recently told us that there resources are limited and they can't allow more people outside India. Account made earlier will still work, but new accounts won't work with Grammarly. You can try using VPN but I'm not sure it would work.
How To Get Grammarly Account For FREE (no access code)

Grammarly for $15?


This is not about that.

This method is purely free.

No wait.
No subscription.

How To Get It?

Simple as ABC. :)

Just follow these steps are you are ready to go:
  • Go to Flikover
  • Sign up using your email.
  • Now you have to install two Chrome Extensions. First & Second.
  • Now open this link.

Note: You will not be able to log in, if you're using "Data Saver" or any proxy to access Flikover.

Getting this page?

Issue in Grammarly
Many of our users reported that they've been receiving this page whenever they visit Flikover.
We talked with Flikover team and they said that the users who're not able to login (getting this page) can contact them via there facebook page and they would provide them a unique login ID using which, they'd be able to login and use Grammarly.

Well, tell me, What's Grammarly?

I wrote the steps to get the Grammarly account for free, firstly, in the post because there would be many people, "just seeing the steps". So for them, I made this post more comfortable. :)

Now, if you still do not know what ACTUALLY Grammarly is, then, my friend, you're missing an incredible tool that can improve your English a lot.

See, everyone is not a fluent English speaker, like me.

And such people make Grammar mistakes often.

And Grammarly is a tool which helps you improve your Grammar, and not JUST Grammar, but also the readability of the post, by suggesting some things, like removing overused words and words like "Actually" etc.

If you are a blogger, then it worths a try. Seriously.

What's Flikover? What Else You Can Do Using It?

Okay, so interested to know about Flikover?

Well, they are a group people (I think, as they do not have an "About" page).

Now what they do is, they buy an account, (may be Grammarly's, using an access code) and then share it among their users using the proxy.

And Flikover is not limited to Grammarly. You can buy SEMRush account, Ahref accounts too, at low prices. So, you can check them out too.

That's All

This was a trick that I'd found on a Facebook group, but I can't remember which one. By the way, I'm thinking to publish a blog post about most helpful Facebook Groups that you can find, from which you can ask for help, anytime. It should be coming out soon! :)

Do comment if you get any problem, or just wanna say hi. :)