Friday, March 27, 2015

Google Started Showing Mobile Friendly Label For Responsive Blogs
Google Start Showing Mobile Friendly Tag For Responsive Blogs
Another news from Google, Google has started showing mobile friendly label before the description of the blog only if the blog or site is compatible and friendly for mobiles [Android, iPhone]. After this new change, the mobile visitor will be able to identify that which site is compatible with their mobile and which site is not. So, it can effect your traffic if your blog is not responsive and does not meet the passing criteria. This feature is new and take time to set the Mobile Friendly label in all search results' link if they are responsive. Fortunately, Our and also yours Blogger Guiders has been passed and Google added the grey color 'Mobile Friendly' Label.

Blogger Guiders Succeeded and Passed in Google Label Adding Round

If you are not able to see the 'Mobile Friendly' label before your blog's description, your blog might not have passed the Google Mobile Friendly test and you are not using a responsive blogger template. In some days, I will write a full post about How to Make Your blogger template Responsive. Actually, You have to play with media queries codes and at last, you will make your blogger template responsive.If you think, You don't have to care for this feature, so your a fool because by doing this, you are simply distracting your visitors to visit your blog and taking your traffic down.

Google Said Something about this feature:
We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

What are Requirements to Pass the 'Mobile Friendly Test'?

Hmm, When It come to passing the test, Its not an easy work but actually it is not so hard. You can easily get Pass the test if you make your template responsive. Their are some requirements to pass the test. 

Requirements Are:
  1. Website should avoid software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
  2. Text must be readable without zooming in.
  3. Content should be resized to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom 
  4. Links should be far enough apart so that the correct ones can be easily tapped.

How to Check that You Can Pass the Criteria or Not?

Do you think that your blog/site can easily pass the Google's Mobile Friendly test? Check it out here. This is the Google's Mobile-friendly site testing tool to know if your site can pass the criteria.

Currently, This testing tool is only available in English but In some days, It will e available for some more languages. If your site doesn't pass in this testing tool, try to make your template responsive and double sure that you are eligible for testing and your site is have all requirements listed above. If you don't know, how to make your template responsive, then kindly wait for some days and I will publish an article about it.

From the Editor's Desk

I hope you will get the mobile-friendly label before your blog's description and start receiving good traffic from mobile users too. If you found any help/concern, then kindly post your queries on comments and I will try to solve them. Now Its your work to share this article. And also tell us what do you think about this Mobile Friendly Tool?