Friday, March 06, 2015

How To Get Your Comment Approved with Links To Your Blog Easily?

How to get your comment approved and get backlinks without leaving any blog link in message?
Hello Friends that is my second post on this blog. Today, I am going to tell you an interesting trick that let you build high quality backlinks for free. Friends, I think you may already see on some blog like MBT, Blogger Yard, Help logger that, write comment policy about their comment box that they will disapprove your comment if you will leave any link on the comment. So Now, The question is how to build backlinks? Everyone can’t buy backlinks because everyone is not rich and eligible to buy backlinks. So, After a long time period, I found a working method for getting backlinks for free from any high quality blog  by just comment ‘thank you’ without your blog link and you will get a backlink to your site. Thinking How? Here’s the explanation:

On Blogger Commenting System

Blogger Commenting Trick
Friends, This is a very simple trick by which you can get a backlink from any blogger blog in minutes or in hours if it have moderation enabled. All You do is to follow all these steps.
  • Go To any Popular Blog from you want to get backlinks
  • Scroll Down the page and you will see the comment box.
  • As Always, Type You comment in the comment box 
  • But before pressing the Publish button, you need to edit some words
Like, If your comment was:
Hello [ADMIN NAME] Thanks for this useful post!
So You have to add following code before the last word of your comment
<a href='[YOUR BLOG URL]'>[LAST WORD]</a>
So Now, the good will be
Hello [ADMIB NAME] Thanks for this useful <a hef='http://bloggerguiders.blogspot/com'>post</a>
  • After This, Your post will be approved 100%. Why? Because When your comment's moderation request will sent to admin for approval, he only see that their is a comment moderation request which have following text:
Hello [ADMIN NAME] Thanks for this useful post!
  • He can't see that their is a html code on comment or not. So He just approve it by mistake and give you one backlink!

On WordPress Commenting System

wordpress commenting trick
Now, Come to WordPress. I think, To get backlinks from a WordPress blog is much easier than Blogger. Here, We don't want to put any html code. We only required to put our blog URL on the website box and link on our name after comment is published will be of our blog. 
  • Go to any popular WordPress blog. I recommend you to go blogs like or
  • Open Any Post and scroll down
  • Their you will find a comment section
  • You have to fill all info and comment message + in website, you should fill your website URL.
  • Now, Submit your blog and after your blog will published, see, your name on the comment have linked with your blog's link. 

You got the backlink!

Final Words

So Friends, I hope you like my article and going to share us. If you overcome or troubleshoot yourself with any problem, then kindly leave a reply. If you felt that we helped you a little then kindly share us! Thank You!