Friday, April 03, 2015

Increase Your Alexa Rank Without Doing Any Thing For Alexa
Decrease Your Alexa Rank without doing anything for Alexa
Nowadays, Alexa is the most popular ranking system. Most advertisers look for Alexa of a blog first before advertising on it. Most people use Alexa metrics to measure site quality. So if you want to earn some money from your blog, you have to decrease your Alexa rank. There are many types of tricks available on the whole internet to decrease your Alexa rank. Some of these are- Putting an Alexa widget on your blog, installing Alexa toolbar on your browser and giving Alexa, a do-follow backlink. But Today, I am telling you some ways by which you can decrease your Alexa rank fast without putting these foolish things on your blog which reduce your blog space.

Most people reading this post know that today, Blogger Guider completed its one month, serving unique contents to newbie bloggers. In this one month, we learned some things and ranked our blog well. On starting, our Alexa rank is 4,000,000+, and now, we are below one million (874,774+). But How? We didn't put any Alexa widget on our blog. We didn't put any dofollow Alexa link in our any post and also, we did not write a single post about Alexa (Exclude This). So how?

The truth is this, we never care about Alexa Rank and only write unique articles and useful items that our visitors like. We used SEO tips (Not Tricks) to improve our rank in Google. I have only written two guest posts in my whole life on a popular blog.

Top Tips To Decrease Your Alexa Rank

Here are the tips from which I learned and ranked my blog well.
  1. Write Quality Articles- Write articles that are popular and all newbies are demanding like Best SEO for bloggers. Try to write articles on 'Top 10.' Newbies and other people love these titles, and you will get more page views in these type of articles.
  2. Write Useful Articles- Don't write posts that are not useful for anyone, which can not help anyone, from which anyone learn nothing. Remember that you are writing for your living visitors, not nonliving Google Bots!
  3. Write Unique Articles- Never Copied Anyone!- This is the most common mistake, every second blogger does. Copying articles are the worst habit ever. If you copy someone's article, Google will delete your blog.
  4. Publish them in Same Time- Try to post all your articles in same time. Like If you published your today's article on 12 P.M. then post your next article on 12 P.M. yesterday.
  5. Use Social Media- Using best social sited like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can help you better to rank your blog on the search engine.
  6. Write Guest Posts on Popular Blogs- Writing guest posts on another popular blog is a good habit. After writing the guest post, at last, Give your short bio and only one dofollow link with social links.
  7. Make Friendship with Bloggers- Yeah! Make good blogger friends and ask them to visit your Alexa page because 90% bloggers install Alexa toolbar on their blog.
  8. Use Blogger Help Forums- Use blogger help forum and carefully observe what peoples are asking for and write a detailed article about it and leave a link there.
  9. Post Daily- Posting daily increase your Alexa rank decreasing the rate and also, it will help you to rank your blogs in major search engines like Baidu and Google.
If you follow all these tips, you will surely rank your site well in search engines, and also, you can decrease your Alexa rank so fast.

Final Words from Author

I hope you found this post helpful and will come again to read future posts. If you think that I forgot to list something here, kindly mention it in comments, and I will add that. If you've liked my post, kindly share it with your friends on Social Media. Thank You!