Wednesday, April 01, 2015

How to Check If the Submitted Guest Post is Copied or Not?
Guest Post Check It First
Today, Their is a craze of Guest Posting for backlinks because some people say that backlinks are the key of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and some people say that a site without backlinks can rank well. I am talking about MBT and Other Blogger blog. When any newbie look a link 'Submit a Guest Post' in a popular blog with 3+ PR, he immediately click on that link and write a Guest Post and submit it because he/she wanted grow his/her blog. In another side, If you have a popular blog with 3+ PR and you have enabled Guest Posting and get 1-2 guest post for approval daily, and approve 1 post out of 2 and give a backlink to a blog. But how should you know that the post you approved is unique or not? Copied or Not? If a newbie copied a whole article from another blog and submitted to you and you approved that article and at last, you got Google Penalty.

Afraid By Enabling Guest Posting for Your Blog? Actually, You don't need to get afraid by these tensions because today, I will tell you how to check a guest post, copied or not. You might heard about 'CopyScape' Right? If you have not heard about 'CopyScape', So let me tell you what is CopyScape. CopyScape is same as DMCA that guaranty that your post will not be copied if you place their badge in your blogger blog or WordPress blog. The most interesting and useful thing of CopyScape is, this site let you check that if your guest post is copied or not. You just need to do some very easy steps to do this. This tool will let you know that how many posts have more than 50% words same of your Guest Post.

How to Check If the Submitted Guest Post is Copied or Not?

This is Quite easy trick. Just follow the steps.
  • Create a New Blog and Name it as Demo on Blogger.
  • Publish Your Guest Post on your New blog.
  • Copy the URL of that post.
  • Go to and paste the URL of that post on the box you can see on CopyScape's homepage.
CopyScape Homepage
  • Now, You will get all URL(s) in which 50% of your content words are same.
  • Check these URLs one by one. If you find that the Guest post is copied then simply disapprove it otherwise approve it and now post it on your main blog.

Why I said 'Create a New Blog'?

I said this because you need to publish it on the web for checking it. If your blog is popular, then If you published that guest post for just checking it and after it, you got to know that this Guest Post is copied, then it will difficult to delete that post.
Tip: You can also use this tool to check if your post is copied by someone or not and report it to Google.

Final Words From Author

I hope this website will help you in checking the Submitted Guest Post. Now, You can freely enable guest post service in your blog but check first before approving it that it is original content or copied. This is the most asked question in blog-o-sphere that's why I posted it here. If you think, We helped you a little, Please Share Us on Social Media. Thank You!