Saturday, April 11, 2015

How to Secure Your Template from Cloners?
Secure Your Template
Nowadays, Everyone is doing hard work in customizing and creating their own design for their blog. But It hurts when someone clone your blog design and set it on your blog. Cloning a blogger template is a very hard work. But some people clone blogger template and set it on their own blog. So, If you are thinking to create your own template and afraid from cloners, then you should follow these tricks to keep cloners away from your template.

What is 'Clone' of a Blogger Template?

Clone means copy of blogger template. Cloning is not a easy thing. A high knowledge of Blogger and HTML is required to clone a Blogger Template. But some peoples clone famous blogger templates and sold them to make money. If you search for keywords like 'MBT Template Clone' or 'Blogger Yard Template Clone' So you will find many templates that look same as the template of MBT and Blogger Yard. So simply, Cloning is the process of copying other's hard work and distribute them without any permissions and illegally. Some days ago, We also published a Blogger Yard clone template. But now, we are not providing it any more.

Ways to Secure your blogger template

1. Obfuscate JavaScript

Obfuscation is one of the popular trick to secure your template's JavaScript. This process make your JavaScript unable to understand. This process simply replace your JavaScript with meaningless words. Many peoples use this trick to obfuscate non removable credits that make them hard to identify and remove them from template. The de-obfuscation of obfuscated JavaScript is not so hard work but only some tools can do this work. So, obfuscation can secure your template's JavaScript. Let's know how to do that.

    [num]1[/num] Go to JavaScript Obfuscator tool
    [num]2[/num] Now, Paste the JavaScript in the box which you want to obfuscate.
[info] Paste the JavaScript. Don't paste the JS html tags (e.g., <script>, </script> [/info]
    [num]3[/num] Now, Press Obfuscate Button to obfuscate your JavaScript. In the next page, you can grab your obfuscated JavaScript and replace previous JavaScript with this obfuscated JavaScript.
    [num]4[/num] Save your templates.

Benefits of Using Obfuscated JavaScript
  • Decrease Your Blog's Load time
  • Secure Your Template from Being Copied
This Obfuscation Tool-
  • replaces symbol names with non-meaningfull ones (eg hello_moto will be converted to 1cd5dg4g1gf)
  • replaces numeric constants with expressions (eg 232 will be converted to 0x29b9+2011-0x2d25)
  • replaces charactes in strings with thier hex escapes (eg string "noob" will be converted to "\x60\x76\x63\x44"
  • removes comments completely (if selected, otherwise obfuscates comments)
  • removes spaces and tabs and blank lines in the code joins all the lines of code together
  • encodes the previous stages using advances algorithms

Upload JavaScript on an External Server

Uploading JavaScript(s) on a external server is also a good idea to hide your blogger template's JavaScript. A best and fast plus free Here's how to do it.

    [num]1[/num] Go to
    [num]2[/num] Now, make a .js file on Notepad by just copying the JavaScript you wanna upload and save it as anything.js.
    [num]3[/num] Choose that js file with file uploader present on
    [num]4[/num] Now enter your email in 'Your email' field.

You will shortly receive an email from yourJavascript with a line of html like this:
<script type='text/JavaScript' src=''></script>
Now simply, replace the JavaScript (that you copied and pasted on notepad in step 2) with the HTML that you received in your email and save your template!

[num]3[/num] Compress Your Blog's HTML

Compressing your blog html will secure your template and it is also beneficial for your blog because if you compress your blog's html, your template will become light weight. Cloners also feel difficulty when cloning your template because after compression, your template will become unable to understand. You can learn how to compress your blog's html here.

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked these ways and secure your template because everyone wants to secure their hard work. That's why I mentioned these ways to do this work. If you want any other help, kindly leave it on comments and I will help everyone. Take Care..