Sunday, April 26, 2015

How To Write a Post Like Professionals? - Part 1
Windows Live Writer
Nowadays, Everyone is trying to popular their blog by using some SEO tips and mostly, tricks. But do you know? SEO Tips and tricks can help your blog to index fastly in Google and it can little bit help in ranking but the main magic to get your blog popular is on blog posts. So I am here to tell you some tips to write blog posts like professionals.
Writing a blog post like professional is not a hard work. You only need to choose right words while writing a post without any mistakes. My means by ‘mistake’ is to give to proper alt and title attributes to all images of your post. Specially alt attributes because they help Google bots to crawl your blog post images better.
Do you know? Mostly Professional Bloggers use ‘Windows Live Writer’ to write their blog posts. So today, I am telling you how to install and use ‘Windows Live Writer’ to write professional blog posts in minutes.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Windows Live Writer is a tool that is created by Microsoft to write blog posts like professional.  Every blogger can use Windows Live Writer to write posts for their blog whether it is using Word Press or Blogger or even tumblr. This tool can easily connect with any blog publishing service. here are some features of this tool:
  • Word Counter- Word Counter helps you while writing a post. It automatically count the words you type.
  • Maps- Using Windows live Writer, You can insert maps in your blog posts.
  • Table- You can insert tables using Windows Live Writer very easily between your blog posts.
  • Video- You can insert any video in your blog posts. You can also insert videos from your computer. When Windows Live Writer publish the blog post, It will automatically upload that video to the blogger’s server.
  • Add Many Blogs at one place- You can add many blogs in Windows Live Writer to write. Using this, You can navigate from one to blog to another in seconds!
  • Image Editor- You can add many effects on your images like tilt effect, shadow effect, reflection effect and rotate it too.
  • Write Anywhere Anytime offline- You can write blog post offline anywhere anytime. You can also save them in your PC as local draft and when you come online, publish that draft…. Its easy!

How to Install Windows Live Writer?

For Installing Windows Live Writer, you have to download it. Yeah, Its common sense thing. So to download Windows Live Writer, follow these steps-
  • Firstly, Download Windows Live Writer’s Setup from Here
  • Now after downloading, open the setup and choose only live writer from the menu because if you choose all, the setup will install all windows products like photo gallery etc.
  • It will take maximum 10-15 minutes after that, you will have to setup Windows live writer for final use.
[update headline=UPDATE]Part 2nd has been released! We have described how to set up WLW. Visit It Here.[/update]

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked this post and we will surely reveal the second part of this post that let you know, how to setup Windows Live Writer for use. Kindly Share this post if you felt that here you have learned any thing. Thanks!