Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Write a Post Like Professionals? - Part 2
Windows Live Writer
Did you remember? Some days ago, I had written a post about How to Write a Post like Professional – Part 1. in which, I had written features of Windows Live Writer, How to Download and Install Windows Live Writer and much more and in that post, I said that I will post part 2 within some days. So here’s Part 2 on its way! Today, In this Part, I will tell you how to set up Windows Live Writer to use and publish your post on your blog. So without discussing any more, lets start setting up Windows Live Writer to post awesome posts on your blog.

Setting Up Windows Live Writer for Final Use

#1- Getting the Password

Here are some easy steps. Do one by one and lastly, you will get your live writer ready!
  • Firstly, Go to ‘Account Setting’ of your account by clicking on your profile picture (on top right corner) and then click on ‘Account’ link (as shown in Picture)
Account Setting Link
  • Now, Click on 2 Step Verification on Account Setting Page
Click on 2 Step Verification
  • In the next page, Google will ask you to re-enter your Google Account password. Enter it, and click Sign In button.
  • Now, you will navigate to 2-step Verification page. Click on ‘Turn on 2-steps Verification’ button that is present on the right of the page (as shown in picture).
Turn on 2 Step Verification
  • Now a pop-up will appear, So again click Turn on 2-steps verification button and then, it will get turned on. Click on ‘App-specific passwords’ tab and there, click on ‘Manage application-specific passwords’.
Click Manage Application
  • A pop-up will again appear. Click on ‘Do this later’ button.
 Do this Later
  • Now, its final step. You will see a ‘Select App’ link. Click on it, and choose ‘Other (Customized Name)’ from the Dropdown.
Click on Other

  • And then, a box will appear. Type ‘windows live writer’ in the box and click on Generate button.
Click on Generate
  • Now, a pop-up will appear and in yellowish box, a passwords will appear. Copy that password and save it on a notepad file.
Copy the Password
  • Now click on ‘Done’ button. If you wish, you can turn 2-steps verification off. It will never effect this password and the things you does.

#2- Setting Up Windows Live Writer

  • Firstly, Start Windows live Writer and Choose ‘Other blog service’ option.
Sign In
  • Now, fill the details and in password field, use the password that you have copied from 2-steps verification page.
  • Now, It will login on your account and you have to choose, which blog you wanna add in Windows Live Writer.
Select Blog
  • Choose one of your blog and click on Next button and after it, start posting on your blog.
[info headline=TIP] You can repeat this process multiple times to add multiple blogs on Windows Live Editor. Just go to Tools > Accounts > Add.[/info]

Final Words from Author

I hope you have liked this post. If you are encountering any problem during this process, kindly leave it on comments. We will try to solve it within some hours. Now, please share this post if you liked it. Thanks!