Tuesday, April 07, 2015

My Story of Blogging From Beginning
My Story of Blogging From Beginning
Do you know? There are millions or billions of bloggers in the world. But only few of them achieve success and got there blog popular. Many of them left blogging because they did not achieve success. This post is to courage them to again start blogging and try to achieve success again. Today, I am going to tell you my story of when, why and where I started blogging and which was my first blog.

Four years ago, I started blogging chapter in my life. At starting, I didn't know that we can earn from blogging. At that time, I only want to help other people but my first blog not got succeed because that time, I didn't know, what is search engine optimization. I only had some knowledge of HTML. My first blog was started on 2010 whose name was 'Windows Help & Support Center'. Foolish name? Yes. I started posting tricks about windows, how to create a virus and on that time, I am also learning the concept of blogger (how blogger works, how to create a template, what is it, who control blogger).

After one years, I had now achieved some basic and simple knowledge of blogger and also got some knowledge about SEO and Google bots. Then I thought that the name, 'Windows help & Support Center' is so common. So I renamed my first blog with the name 'Place For Comp Info'. Now, I started posting posts about blogging. After some time, I got to know about SEO Optimizer, SEO Analysis sites. So I checked my site by a free SEO Analysis tool and on results, I got that 'For' in 'Place For Comp Info' is a stopping word, So I again renamed my blog with 'PFCI Tech', the last and least name of my first blog.

This was 2014. I got much knowledge about blogger, word press, and many more bloggin resources. I also got knowledge about Blogger HTML (HTML 5). So I started customizing other templates. As time passed, customizing gave me a huge knowledge of html, and by that knowledge, I started cloning other blogger blog's templates. It took me 12 month to learn the concept and pattern of blogger template and then, I started creating blogger templates. I also cloned two blogger templates and created two blogger template. On that time, (2014) I am only getting 100-150 page views per day. Even I posted more than 200 posts on PFCI Tech! I got disappointed but I continued posting and learning new things.

Then 2015 came. New Year. In this New Year, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai launched the first largest blogger forum where bloggers help each other. On that forum, I created a post 'Why My Blog is not getting any Traffic?' and then, I got one precious reply from Mohammad. In this reply, Mohammad mentioned some points that lead my blog to fail to achieve success.

These are the main points that Mohammad told to me that time:
  1. First and foremost, you have a complicated Domain name which uses abbreviations as title. "Place for comp info" does not utilizes any major keyword. Comp may sound as computer but in its actual form it means “A command" in programming terms. I did the exact similar mistake when creating mbt, its first name was tnt-by-stc.blogspot.com which sounded both funny and stupid! But after I realized I changed it to keyword specific!
  2. Your blog is not specific, it does not fit into a single niche and instead branches into both computers and blogging which does not make sense at all. Computers come under Tech category while blogging comes under content marketing. Blogs which talk about every other stuff makes it difficult for robots to fit it into a specific category and thus robots often ignores it in SERPs
  3. Lastly you are not focusing on a unique Content. Most often you are sharing computer tools or news that are already published on millions of pages already then how come you beat up the competition? Your blogger tutorials may be unique but since your domain in not subject specific why would Google ever rank you over other blogger blogs which are Topic specific.
So, after reading these points, I understood that now PFCI Tech can never achieve success. So I deleted it and started a new blog which is Blogger Guiders. When I post any new content on Blogger Guiders, I repeat those three points on my mind and then I click on Publish button.

There are several words that stop me thinking about the subject of leaving blogging:
  1. If we don't do mistakes, we never try something new.
  2. No one will success without taking risk's

Final Words from Author

I don't think that now anything is left. I share every thing about my blogging chapter. Now, Its your time to share your story with us by leaving it on comments bellow. Those two sentences give me large amount of courage and I forgot about leaving blogging and now, I am working hard to achieve success. Thank You!