Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Set Up Vicomi Commenting System on Your Blogger Blog
Vicomi Commenting System
Nowadays, Getting comments in your blog is not so easy as it should be. You have to write an attractive content to get comments in your blog. So today, I come with a fabulous commenting system that will increase and enhance your blog's comment and will give a new way and style to comment to your readers. Vicomi Commenting System. Vicomi Commenting system is a new commenting system with many features and it is one of its kind. The main thing of this new commenting system is, it have a feature 'Feelbacks' that let your readers mark what they feel about your post. The interface of vicomi commenting system is user friendly as well as attractive. It also allows your readers to comment like a anonymous with multi features like he can add his name, email as a guest post. This feature is not available in blogger commenting system. And it is new, so it can attract your users as well and force them to comment on your blog and mark how was your post. So let's learn how to set it up on your blog!

Integrate Vicomi Commenting System on Your Blog

1- Getting JavaScript

Integrating this commenting system is much easier. Just follow the steps mentioned:

    1. Firstly, Go to Vicomi's Comment Integration Page
    2. Now, Fill all the information and click on 'Proceed to Step 2' button.

Click on Proceed

    3. Now its time to do some fun! Just choose any design and click on 'Done' button.
    4. Its last step. They will give you six line code. Copy it because you have to place it on your blog's template's html.

2- Placing it on your Blog

You can place this code anywhere you want. Here's the tutorial, how to add it below your post.

    1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
    2. Now, click anywhere on HTML Editor and press 'Ctrl + F' button from your keyboard.
    3. Search for <data:post.body/> and you will find this code multiple times but you have to stop in second one.
    4. Now below it, Paste the code that you copied from Vicomi's last step page.
    5. Save your template and take a round of your blog and you will see new commenting system on your blog.

Hiding Blogger Commenting System from Your Blog

We hope you liked this commenting system. But its time to remove Blogger Commenting System from your blog because your readers will get confuse when they will see multiple commenting system. Relax. Actually, We are not removing it from your blog but we only hide blogger commenting system from your blog. You can undo it later if you want.

    1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Post and comments
    2. Now, Look for 'Comments' Section.
    3. You will see 'Comment Location'. Just click 'Embedded' and select 'Hide' from the drop down list. Don't forget to click Save Setting button at top right corner.

Look Up Comment Section
Now again take a round of your blog and you will see that now blogger commenting system is not appearing.

Final Words from Author

I hope that you liked this tutorial. Vicomi Commenting system is still new but it has been trusted by more than 1,016,241 Users. Now, If you got any bug or need any help will this commenting system, kindly leave it on comments and we'll get it solve within 24 hours. Take care of you and your family. Thank You!