Friday, March 10, 2017

Create Twitter Buttons Using Shortcodes On Blogspot Blog
Twitter is today a great source of traffic, but not more significant as Facebook or Google. If you have a good number of followers in your twitter account (real followers), then your Twitter account can help you too much to touch new heights. To make it easier to get traffic from Twitter, today, we created some new shortcodes that work for the blogger. The first shortcode is the ‘Tweet’ button shortcode. Do you know what is ‘Tweet’ button? Tweet button is a button provided and developed by Twitter developers, that enables fast sharing of a blog content to Twitter accounts. You can also define what text will be shared when a user shares your blog’s content. And the second shortcode is Twitter’s famous follow button shortcode. Follow button is also provided and developed by Twitter Developer and provide a reliable way to get followed by your blog’s visitor. You can just link the follow button with your account’s link, and it will automatically show your follower’s count. There are many types of ‘Tweet’ button and follow button like with counter, without the counter, with the screen name, without screenname, large buttons, small button, etc. And now, the great news is this, that you can create this buttons on comments, sidebar, between words in your posts and everywhere that your mind can think with the help of shortcodes plugin. So let’s learn how to add them to your blogger blog.

How To Add This Shortcode On Your Blogger Blog?

Are you thinking the same question? Here’s the tutorial on how to add this shortcode on blogger.
Steps are following:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  • Now, press Ctrl + F on your keyboard.
  • A new box at the corner will open up. Type ‘</body>’ on it.
  • Paste the following code above ‘</body>.'
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  • Now, save your template and your half work is done now.

How To Use This Shortcode On Your Blogger Blog?

Now let’s learn how to use this shortcode to create a tweet and follow buttons on comments, on the sidebar and on posts.

Tweet Button Shortcode

Tweet buttons are used to share a blog’s content in minutes to a Twitter account with a text. So let’s learn how to create a tweet button using shortcodes:
  • Think, if you want to create a tweet button to share Blogger Guiders’ homepage, with counter and want to share some text with the link, then you can use below like shortcode:
[ttweet url='' counttype='horizontal' text='Blogger Guiders is a Blog' via='Blogger Guiders'/]
  • And save it, you will see this code will convert into a nice tweet button. Click on that button, and you will see ‘Blogger Guiders is a Blog and Blogger Guiders link’ in a box. Here are some suitable attributes for tweet button that you can use.

Suitable Attributes for Tweet Button Shortcode

Attribute Definition
url Points to the URL of the page for which, you are creating the tweet button.
counttype Sets to show counter on tweet button or not. Use ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’ or if you don’t want to show counter, then use ‘none.'
text The text you to be added with your blog’s link while visitor shares your blog on Twitter
size Sets to show large Tweet button or not. Use ‘large’ or if you want a small button, leave the size part.
via Your Twitter account username without @.

Follow Button Shortcode

Follow button let your visitors follow you with one click. Let’s learn how to add follow button on Blogger Blog:
  • Think, if you want to create a follow button for Blogger Guider Twitter account whose username is ‘BloggerGuider’ with the counter, large button and with screen name (username on the button), then you can use the following piece of code:
[tfollow username='bloggerguiders' size='large' count='true' screenname='true'/]
  • And save this. You will see that this code will be converted into a follow button. Now let’s learn some suitable attributes of this shortcode.

Suitable Attributes for Follow Button Shortcode

Attribute Definition
username Points to the username of the twitter account for which, you are creating the follow button.
size Sets the size of the widget. If you want large button then use 'large' if you want small, then don’t add size attribute in the shortcode.
count Sets to counter in the follow button or not. Use ‘true’ or ‘false’ only.
screenname Sets to show username on the button or not. Use only ‘false’ and ‘true’.

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked this shortcode. This shortcode will surely help you in adding tweet and follow buttons anywhere on your blog. If you have any problem then just comment below, and we will give our hundred percent to solve it. Thank You!