Monday, May 11, 2015

GetSiteControl - A Better Sharing Plugin than AddThis For Blogger
Get Site Control - A Better Sharing Plugin than AddThis For Blogger
For many years, blogger and WordPress users both, are using Add This as their default sharing tools provider. Why not! Its Good & free too. But today, I brought you a better sharing plugin for both of the most popular blog publishing networks, Blogger & WordPress. The name of that tool is 'GetSiteControl' and it is totally free (in all ways). When we talk about its tools, its tools are also totally different that AddThis tools.

They have a variety of different widgets like Survey Widgets, Contact Widgets, Promo Widgets, Subscribe Widgets, Follow Widgets, Sharing Widgets & of course, Chat Widgets. They designed these tools in a way that make them very attractive and eye-catching. You can use these tools on your blogs, e-commerce, websites, start-ups and agency blogs too. And you what? these all are free to use! There tools bring special attention on the visitor's eyes on what's going on your blog.

So today, I will tell you how to implement this new tool to your blog and make your blog more attractive than now! We'll talk about almost every available tool at Get Site Control in Part 2. So don't forget us because you are invited to come within two days!

Features of GetSiteControl widgets-

Let's talk some about the features of GetSiteControl widgets:-
  1. They are all Responsive- Yes. Do you know? The widget, available at GetSiteControl (let's take it as GSC) are all Responsive? This means, that you can grab your visitors attention using GSC tools on your blog on Mobile Devices & Tablets too!
  2. Stylish Layout- Widget available at GetSiteControl are very stylish. They stylized their widget by adding some hover effects with perfection of choosing right colors.
  3. Always FREE- Each tool available at GSC are free. Means, you don't have to give any coin to them in order to use their tools!

How to Implement GetSiteControl tools on Your Blog?

Now after learning some good features of GSC tools, you got impressed. Right? So now, I am telling you the way by which you can implement GSC tools on your blog. Simply, follow the following steps:-
  • Firstly, go to the sign up page of GSC.
  • Now fill the the black fields with your own information like Email, Password like your blog's URL too.
  • Click on 'Sign up for free' button.
  • Now you'll see a red colored line at the top of the page. Click on the black 'Install' button present there.
At the next page, they will give you a code that you have to place on your blogger template. Copy it, because we'll need that code after some steps.
Follow the following steps to place that code on your blog:-
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  2. There, search for </body> and above it, paste the code that is given on GetSiteControl's webiste.
  3. Finally save your template! 
Now, the updates or widget you create on GSC will automatically get installed on your blog & after few minutes, you will be able to see them live.
Now, are you thinking that how to create widgets on GSC? Don't worry. We'll Post the Part-2nd of this post soon (may be within 2 days) in which, we'll tell you how to create widgets on Get Site Control. So don't forget to come again!

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked our post and going to check Get Site Control. We are damn sure that you'll like GetSiteControl widget but in order to get familiar with it, you have to wait for two day because we'll post about how to create widgets on Get Site Control and make it live on your blog. So kindly share us and visit again! Thank You!