Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to Get Count of Link Clicks From Any Website in Seconds?
Did you thought how many clicks you got from your yesterday’s posted guest post? Did you ever thought how many clicks you got from your yesterday’s shared link on twitter or Google+? Did you ever though that the link you given to your friend, he clicked on it or not? Yes? Every one think these types of question after sharing a link. So let’s ask one more question- Is it possible to get the counts of that link clicks? And the answer is half ‘Yes’ and half ‘No’ because we can not get it directly from any JavaScript or HTML or CSS code. So the question is- Why I said ‘Yes’? because it is possible to get link counts from any place like Facebook, Google+, twitter, Pinterest, guest post (on any website). How?

As I already said, we can not get the link count directly from any JavaScript, HTML or CSS. So, today, I am not releasing any other type of code to get it. Actually, today I am telling you a simple trick to get link counts. Which is- Using Shortlinks. Do you know what is shortlinks? Shortlinks are 10-15 characters URL which redirect to a long URL. So now are you thinking how can I get link cliks count from Shortlinks? So here’s the answer- If you short any long URL using shortlink services, they will give you information about how many times the shortlink you created clicked. So, you can easily create a shortlink of the URL you want to share and then, you can share it anywhere, as in facebook, Google+, twitter and the best thing is, when facebook or Google+ will load the preview, the preview will be of the Long URL on which the shortlink you created redirects

So let’s talk how to create shortlinks and also, how to get the link count on Google’s URL Shortener.

Steps are following:
  • Go to
  • Now, paste the URL which you want to give to your friend or post or share it on anywhere.
  • Click on the blue ‘Shorten URL’ button.
Shorten URL
  • Now, it will give you a ten-to-fifteen characters URL. Copy it.
  • Now you can give the Shortlink to your friend, share it on Facebook, on Google+, or on Twitter or on any other place. When, someone will click on the URL you posted, he/she will get redirected to the long URL and ‘1’ will get written on ‘Clicks’ column of Google URL Shortener.


Tip- If you are interested to know that the person who clicked on the shortlink you given or shared, is of which country, from which operating system he clicked on the link, then simply click on ‘Details’ link that you will see on Google URL Shortener (at right side of the shortlink). After clicking on details link, Just in one look, you will get all information you need.


Final Words from Author

I hope you liked this post. Yeah! this is common trick. In fact, I think, many of you know about this trick before reading this post but not tried it ever and this is the time to try it out! And, if you really liked this post, then kindly share us across the web on facebook, twitter and Google+. Thanks!