Friday, May 15, 2015

How To Create Survey & Sharing Widgets On GetSiteControl For Blogger?
How to Create Widgets on GetSiteControl
If you are returning visitor, you might know that some days ago, we had published a detailed post on GetSiteControl plugin for blog and on that post, we had described How GetSiteControl is better than the famous plugin, AddThis. At last on that post, we had mentioned part second of this post. So, this the part 2. Today, we'll tell you how to create awesome survey and sharing widgets using GetSiteControl plugin and see it live on your blog. So without talking anymore, let's do the work! [alert headline=Attention]Firstly, you have to implement GetSiteControl on your blog. Here's the Tutorial.[/alert]

How to Create Widgets on GetSiteControl?

Their are numbers of widgets available in GetSiteControl's dashboard but today, we'll tell you how to create two of them. Let's create them one-by-one.

#1- Create a Survey Widget For Blogger!

The survey widget by GetSiteControl is very useful for knowing what your visitors feel about your blog. GetSiteControl has made this more easier to take votes from your lovable visitors. To create this widget, just follow the following steps:
  • Sign In to your GetSiteControl Dashboard. 
[image alt='How to Create Widgets on GetSiteControl' src='' width='640' height='auto'/]
  • Click on that [button color=green]Create Widget[/button] button and then, choose 'Survey' from the list.
  • After this, you will be navigated to Survey Widget creator. This is the time, in which, you have to place your settings on widget. Just look at the Widget Creator. At top, you will find tabs named 'Appearance', 'Content', 'Behavior' etc. Firstly let's know what we can do in these tabs.
[image alt='How to Create Widgets on GetSiteControl' src='' width='640' height='auto'/]
        [num]1[/num] Appearance:- You can edit the appearance of the widget by editing the settings on the Widget Creator. You can change the type of Animation, Color of the Widget and Fonts according to your needs.
        [num]2[/num] Content:- In the content tab, you can change the text that you want to display on the survey widget and also, you can edit the answers that will show up when visitor move his/her mouse to choose an answer.
You can try other options too! But those are for advanced users only. 
  • Select your settings and yeah, don't forget to edit the 'Content' tab that is present on the top of widget creator. You can display the text in bold, italic, underline and more. You can edit this later also. So let's see what's next.
  • Click on OK button (present at the bottom of widget creator). 
  • And on the next page, click on 'Activate Now!' and then,
  • You'll be able to see the widget live on your blog.

#2- Create Floating Share Widget for Blogger Blog

[image src='' alt='How to Create Floating Share Widget on GetSiteControl?' width='640' height='auto'/]

Yeah! Sharing widget is also available in GetSiteControl dashboard. And, it is very easy to set it up and get it live on your blog. Just follow the following steps!
  • Go to the same location, GetSiteControl's Dashboard and click on that Create Widget.
  • Choose 'Share' from the list and then, you will be navigated to Sharing Widget's Creator.
  • Change the Settings according to your needs on Appearance tab and move on 'Content' tab.
  • Here, you can change the Social buttons you wanna display on the widget.
  • Click on OK and then, in next page, click on 'Activate Now!' button.
[image src='' alt='Click on Activate Now' width='auto' height='auto'/]
  • Look at your blog to see the changes! 
[info headline=Info] If you are not able to see any changes in your blog, then kindly follow our Guide firstly.[/info]

Final Words from Author

I hope you had liked this post that told you how to create two out of seven widgets on GetSiteControl. If you liked it, kindly share this post with your family and friends. If you got any problem while setting GetSiteControl, leave your problem in the comments. We'll solve it within some minutes, :) . Thanks!