Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Get Your Blog on the First Page of Google?
How to get your blog on first page of google?
Nowadays, Google is the major source of traffic. Actually, Google is the biggest source traffic. Yes. Major than facebook. Because, today, Google is the mostly used and most famous search engine across the world. So, every new newbie wish that one day, his blog will be at first page of Google. But only few of them find their blog on Google in future. This is because Google is rolling out 1-2 updates every year that give failure to millions of blogs every year. The blogs that not come in effect of these update become successful. Let’s take this year. This year, Google rolled out to major updates which are today known as ‘Mobilegeddon’ & ‘Phantom’. Mobilegeddon affected non-mobile friendly sites and Phantom affected spammy blogs and sites. So, for newbie, getting his blog in Google’s first page is difficult. That’s why today, we came with some techniques to get your blogger blog in first page of Google.

Use Common Words in Post’s Title

Just wait and think that if a normal person search about the post you are going to create, on that time, he will use which words? If you got your answer, then, their must be only common words on your answer. In crowd of SEO tricks, we sometime forget that Google give out the search results according to the words typed on search box. Whenever, a normal person sits on a chair and start searching something with the help of Google, he always use common words and then press enter to search. So, always use common words in your post titles. Don’t ever use sophisticated ones. Use words that are commonly used to speak in English. And yes; you can use sophisticated words in the post content; but not too much. If you will use many sophisticated and hard words in post content, your visitor will leave your site soon because easy words are easy to understand and easy to read as in other side, hard words are difficult to understand and difficult to read too.

Always Use ‘Also Read’ Between Paragraphs

Have you seen ‘Also Read’, ‘Read Must’, ‘Must Read’ or ‘Read-’ in any blog? Yeah. Why not… this is a famous technique to force visitor to stay on your blog for more time. You should also use this technique for keep your visitors in your blog for more time. And the main thing is, this is so simple. Just collect two of your blog post URLs related to the post in which you are going to add them, then just write ‘Also Read’ and then, just write to URL of the post and hyperlink it. To attract your visitors more to that ‘Also Read’ URLs, you can use our URL Shortcode that works for Blogger!
We suggested this technique because nowadays, every second professional blogger is using it like Ankit Singla, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai and more. So are you thinking that in what way, this technique will help you in getting your blog in Google’s first page? If yes then here’s the answer- Do you know Interlinking post URLs help in SEO? This ‘Also Read’ technique do the same. Using the URLs placed in ‘Also Read’, Google index your posts faster. So, if Google index your post faster, then it will also help you in getting your blog on Google’s first page! And don’t forget to make that ‘Also Read’ link always Dofollow.

Write Every Post More Than 500 Words

Yeah. I know. This is old one. Every blogger recommends to write more that 500 words. You know why? That’s because Google places long post first (if they match with the words that person searched for). For the proof, go to Google and type anything that is on your ming. OK. Type ‘Mobilegeddon’ you will find many URLs their. Just open the first one that open Word Counter. Just select all the post content from the URL you opened from the Google Search and put it on Word Counter. You will find 500+ words in that post content.

Always Choose a Responsive Template or Make Your Template Responsive

Did you remember? Some days ago, Google’s new update ‘Mobilegeddon’ throw many non-mobile-friendly sites and decreased their traffic 20-40 percent. Do you want that this would happen with you? No. Right? Then if you are using a non-responsive template on your blogger blog then immediately switch it to some other templates like flat mag by templatism, Salahuddin Ayubi by MBT, Sevida, Knotify or some other but make sure that they are responsive or not.
You can also make your existing template responsive and mobile friendly easily using CSS Media Queries. CSS Media Queries let you define which object will change its width,height or hide it on which screen size.

Don’t Copy Other’s Work

This is really a bad thing which every newbie do. They simply copy other’s work and got their blog deleted by Google very simply. You have to create your own content to get your blog on Google’s first page. Google’s algorithms identify copied content and simply delete blogs which are copied from others. So, remember to create your own content every time. Actually, not only your own but also interesting and unique too! Search for the post title you are going to create. If it is already published, throw your idea of that post from your mind or if you can, think a different title by doing some changes in the post content.

Final Words

Its End Up Now… Their are more ways too to get your blog on the first page of Google but these are the main techniques that can help you in getting your blog on the first page. If you liked our post, please spread us with your friends, family and on social sites. Thanks for giving your time in reading this post.