Monday, June 01, 2015

How to Improve Your Writing Skills within One Month?
5 Tips to Improve Your Wrting Skills
Really. This is the most common thing every newbie hear from any pro blogger. I know because some years ago, my writing skills was very dumb. One day, I asked a professional blogger to give a short review of my blog, and the first thing he pointed is ‘Improve Your Writing Skills.' At right that time, I became very disappointed but within some days, I used some techniques to improve my writing skills. And you know what? Today, I am going to tell you that same techniques that I had used at starting. And at last! They worked for me, and I got the point ‘Your Writing Skills are Very Good’ from some professional bloggers and then, I had got invitations to contribute several blogs by several blog owners, but I refused because of lack of time. :(
These techniques will surely help you to improve your writing skills from 0 to 5 (out of 10) within one month. But make sure that you won’t put your training off until one-month completion. Otherwise, it will not work correctly (it's not a machine but yes, it's a mental process).
Here, I have pointed 5 points that can and will help you to improve your writing skills.

#1- Read Other Blogs By Pro Bloggers

You might have read this heading many times before. Right? If yes, then trust me, this works.
You can read other pro bloggers blogs to develop your writing skills. But remember! You don’t have to read them in a manner of LKG student. You have to read it with the highest concentration to keep the new words in your mind. And use them in your blog’s next post.

#2- Try to Give Number of Examples

Do you know? Examples attract the eyes and concentration of the visitors toward your post. Have you ever seen a 9th or 10th teacher? They always try to give some examples of their words. So that they could attract their students' attention towards them.

#3- Try to Write Funny But Interesting too

Yeah. Try to write funny. I am not saying that include some jokes from the newspaper or from a jokes website between posts but include words that bring a small smile to reader’s face. You can write this type of funny posts by writing some of your funny experiences between your compelling content by which a reader attracts.

#4- Include Meaningful Pictures Between Posts

Have you ever viewed and read a blog post by a professional blogger? You can take us as an example. Did you have noticed that we always include at least one featured image at the top of our every post? It's because pictures have more capacity to attract visitors eyes than text. And always try to include images that relate to your content. Don’t add any non-meaningful image between your post that make your readers’ mood off or take away their attention towards your post.

#5- Try to Write About Yourself Between Sentences

Yeah! Again, Did you ever read any blog post by pro blogger? They always include at least one thing from their life between words in sentences. Like they like this or not (personally).
So, try to include some things about yourself between words in sentences while writing a post.

Quick Tip: You can use Grammarly too. One of my fellow has written a detailed blog post about Grammarly, read it here: Grammarly Review. :)

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked these five points and going to learn something from them! Using these five things, you can improve your writing skills within one month. So it's time to make a request which is, Kindly Share Us! Thank You!