Friday, May 29, 2015

Now Google Pagespeed Will Give You Optimized Content For Your Blog
New Update
Some days ago, Google has silently launched a new feature for Pagespeed. This feature lets you download Optimized Content for your blog. Google’s this feature will automatically optimize your blog’s content by downloading it in their server and optimizing it in different ways. After it, you can download the optimized content for free from your blog’s Pagespeed results. Google Pagespeed’s this feature, optimize your blog’s CSS, JavaScript and Images. In CSS, they remove extra comments, extra spaces between lines, In JavaScript, they do the same thing and in images, they compress and resize some of your blog’s images.
As, Google silently launched this features, not much knows about it yet. A newbie blogger might feel uncomfort in adding these optimize contents in their blog but trust me, if you want to increase your points in Google Pagespeed then placing that optimized JavaScript, images and CSS (Cascade Style sheet Script) by Google, is a wise decision. But not all optimized content you should use or we advise you to use all the optimized content from Google because sometimes Google Pagespeed mistakenly optimize plug-in JavaScript, sharing widget JavaScript that may not work if you use them.

How to Get Optimized Content Of Your Blog Using Google Pagespeed?

If you also want to get optimized content of your blog using Google Pagespeed then here’s the tutorial of how to get the optimized content of your blog using Google Pagespeed.
Steps are following:
  • Go to Google’s Pagespeed Homepage and their, put your blog’s URL and press enter.
  • Now, scroll down and reach at the end of the page.
  • Their, you will find ‘Download optimized image, JavaScript, and CSS resources for this page.’
Google's Pagespeed New Feature
  • Click on it and you will get a file in your download folder named ‘optimized_contents’.
  • Open it, you will find three folders and one file in it (it will be a .zip file).
Four Files
  • Extract that three folders’ content.
  • You will get some images of your blog, some CSS with removed comments and spaces and some JavaScript files.
  • See those files and if you think, this optimized file is better than the one you have on your blog, just upload it (tip: Use Google Drive for uploading) and use it on your blogger blog. But firstly, back-up your template.
Important:- This new Google Pagespeed’s feature is only able to give out you maximum ten mega bytes (10 MB) of optimized content of your blog. If, your blog’s non-optimized content is more than ten mega bytes, Google Pagespeed will not include it in the .zip file. If you want to check which of your blog’s non-optimized file is not in the zip, then simply open the ‘MANIFEST’ named file on the zip’s root by Notepad and see how to many file URLs are with 'NOT INCLUDED' tag. Those files are your blog’s non-optimized files but not included in the optimized contents provided by Google Pagespeed.

MANIFEST Named File on zip

Final Words by Author

I hope you liked this post because this Google’s update was so silent and not much people know about it. Google has launched this tool to help newbie bloggers, developers to optimize their content for mobile devices and for desktop devices. The optimized contents make your blogger blog load speed fast so it is good for your blog’s SEO. Thanks!