Monday, May 25, 2015

URL Shortcode for Blogger – Show URLs in Standard Form
URL Shortcode Yesterday, we had published our first shortcode that was about Google+ Badge. Using our yesterday’s shortcode, you can show Google+ Badge anywhere anytime and on anyplace with only one line code. Actually, not code. These are just text which get changed into code with the help of JavaScript that is created by MBT. So today, we are publishing our second shortcode which will help bloggers to show any URLs in a beautiful, responsive form. The thing you have to do is just type some words then the URL you want and then, the shortcode will automatically find the title, description and featured image of the URL you entered. We hope this URL shortcode will change the way of showing URLs in Blogger. This shortcode is attached and able to run because of the great service of which provide a great way to enter URLs in Blogger, WordPress and on normal HTML pages too. This shortcode provide different attributes to set the URL Card too. Like you can set you want big image or small image or you want dark theme or light theme.

[update headline=Update] The JavaScript Mentioned Below Has Been Updated. Now you can enjoy the URL Shortcode![/update]

Features of in Shortcode:

  1. You can add any URL you want.
  2. Cards are Responsive.
  3. Clean Card Layout.
  4. Shows Author Name.
  5. It will transform according to URL.
  6. More!

How to add URL Shortcode on Blogger?

So here’s the tutorial how to add this awesome Shortcode in blogger. These are the some very easy steps by which, you can add it-

Steps are following:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  • Search for ‘</body>’ in your template.
  • Now, just place the following piece of code above ‘</body>’:
<script src=''></script>
<script async='async' src="//" charset="UTF-8"></script>
  • Save your template and your half work is done!

How to add URL Using Shortcode on Blogger?

Now, after adding the shortcode scripts, let’s know how this shortcode works and how you can use it whenever you wish to add a URL in your sidebar, in the comment box and in between posts too!
  • If you want to add the shortcode for Blogger Guiders’ first shortcode, then, you use bellow like shortcode:-
Shortcode Example
  • You can do changes like changing the url, changing the theme (light or dark only), changing the title (Place the Blog’s or Page’s title in title attribute).

[image src='' width='642' height='auto' alt='Shortcode Output' title='Shortcode Output'/]

Supported Attributes that You Can Use on URL Shortcode:

Here are some supported attributes that you can use while setting up the shortcode on your blogger blog:

Attribute Definition
Points to the URL of the page you want to embed on the card.
the name of the page you are going to add on the card.
Sets the theme of the card. Use ‘dark’ or ‘light’ only. Dark for dark backgrounds and light for light backgrounds.
Set it to show large or small embed card. Add 'article-full' to show large card and 'article' to show small card.

Final Words from Author

I hope you have liked this shortcode. I think, this shortcode will change the way of adding URLs on Blogger. If you want to request any shortcode for blogger to us, just leave that in comments below. We’ll surely try to create it. And, if you think that the shortcode have any problem, then please mention the problem in comments. Peace!