Monday, June 01, 2015

What are Short Urls? How to Create Them and Earn from them?
Short Urls Did you ever seen short urls? If not, then here’s the definition. Short URLs are the short form of URLs that redirects to a long URL. For Example, visit this's Short URL. It will automatically gets redirect to our second blog, Windows Guider. So, what you think? Short URL are easy to remember or Long URL? Of course, short URL. Their are number of services available on internet that allows anyone to short there URLs for free. Some of the services are,, But now, is banned in India. In these three services, the best one is (or because it allows anyone to create custom URLs ( but when we talk about any other service, say (Google’s Service), they create short URLs like and thus, short URLs that are created by, does not give a professional sound.

How to Create Short URLs?

Here’s a simple & short tutorial that will let you learn how to create short URLs from Let’s talk about what is bitly. is a service that allows you to create custom URLs for free but there is a limit also. You can create up to 10,000 short URLs and after it, you have to give them some coins. 10,000 is not a little number. So don’t be tense. :)
Now, let’s know how to create short URLs using
Sign Up to Bitly!
  • Now, Bitly will send you a verification email in your email account. Verify it and move to the next step.
  • Have you able to see the box at the top-left corner? Just type any long URL there and press enter key from your keyboard.
  • Now, a window will appear in front of the page telling you that you have saved the short URL one minute ago (as shown in picture)
Short URL Created[info headline=TIP] You can type your custom short URL on the box below CUSTOM BITLINK [/info]
  • Congratulations!  You have created your short URL.

Advantages of Short URLs

let’s talk about advantages of Short URLs.
  1. Useful When Posting a Tweet on twitter:- Every person that uses twitter know that twitter have words limit of 140 words while tweeting a tweet. So, if you are going to post a tweet about your new post, then you’ll surely include that post link. Right? and that link will take upto 40-50 words. So, you can use short URLs and write more on tweets.
  2. Extremely Easy to Remember:- Bitly short URLs are really easy to remember. Because we can short them in just one minute and we all know our brain can learn short things faster than long things (let’s take an example of Social Studies Questions).
  3. We Can Make Them For Free:- Yeah! You all know that we can make short URLs for free. have a limit of shorting 10000 URLs per account but if we talk about any other services, e.g.,, they don’t have any limit!

Can We Also Earn from Short URLs?

Sounds Interesting? Why Not. The answer is yes! We can earn a good amount of money through some short URL services. Like Short.est, and many more. You can read how to make money from Short.est by shorting URLs here.

Some More Famous and Useful Short URL Services

Here’s a list of famous and useful Short URL services:-
  5. short.est
You can find out more… Thanks to Google!

Final Words

I hope you liked this post and going to use bitly as your short URL service. This is my post after about seven days. Forgive me for that because I was busy in studies. But now, I am not busy anymore. Summer Vacation are coming. So let’s learn more and enjoy more! Thanks!