Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why You Don't Need to Post Daily Content on Your New Blog?
Really. When I ask some blogging newbie that what they are doing to populate and get some valuable and quality traffic for their blog, they say I create unique, attractive, quality, good blah blah… content on my blog to attract visitors. But 90% of them not get success. Why? Because there is no visitor, who is eagerly waiting for your new content. It's like you are making noise in an empty room and waiting for someone to hear you. Isn’t it? Really, Yes! Almost every professional blogger say and include Daily Content Posting in excellent ways of getting their blog successful. But it's not the real story. Without promotion, you can’t do anything with your empty room (blog). Firstly, you have to force some peoples to enter your room. That’s what called ‘Promotion.' Not just this but after that force, you will have to make that empty room (your new blog), a bright party room, where, the peoples can enjoy your content.

Can Facebook, Google+, Twitter Pages Help You?

The way of forcing the people is not as simple as you are thinking. Do you say that you just make a Facebook page, Google+ Page, Twitter Account and then invite some peoples to visit, follow or like it? No. This is not the correct way. Firstly tell me, if you start a party in a crowdie room or if you initiate a party in an empty room, from which room you can hear more sound? Of course! From the first party room. That’s because the first room have some peoples to give you attention if you do something good. So if you make a  new Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter account, they will be not like the empty room?

My Short Story with an extensive Learning

Firstly, tell me, have you read my story of blogging from beginning? If yes or no. I don’t care, but I care if you don’t read my this short story. In the beginning, I had started a blog ‘PFCI Tech’ and posted 200+ articles on that blog. After two years, when I saw the report card of my blog (the blogger stat dashboard) I got that I am only getting 100-200 pageviews in my blog. This is because my blog was an empty room where I do the party every day. I quit that blog and started Blogger Guider (where you are!), and I started writing content. This time, I was not posting content daily. On PFCI Tech (my first blog), I got 27 comments on the journey of 2 years. And on Blogger Guider, within three months, I got 80 comments. How? The way is simple. This time, I given my 80% attention in promoting my blog and only 20% focus is generating content on my blog. But on that 20% attention, I only made 27 unique, useful, quality posts. Now on that 80% attention to promotion, I not only created that dumb and weak Facebook pages, Google+ pages and twitter accounts, but I promoted my blog on big crowded rooms (in high traffic places, blogs). I tried to write Guest Posts on high traffic blogs; I entered on public Blogger Help Forums and observed what topic are trending and in which issue, people need guidance and I given them that through my blog, Blogger Guiders. I collected some subscribers for my blog in little time by putting little subscribe boxes bellow posts and in sidebars. I shared my new Facebook, Google+ pages on my Facebook timeline, Google+ profile that also given me some subscribers that started waiting eagerly for my new post.
Always Remember to promote your new blogs on high traffic places. It's not important to post daily content on new blogs. Just post at least 2-4 posts per week. But give your more attention to promotion than on content posting.

Final Words from Author

I think you are now out of parties from empty rooms, and now you are giving more attention to the promotion, attracting subscribers than post creation. If you liked this post, kindly share this with your friends. Maybe, it would help your friends in making their blog popular. If you have some other doubts or confusions, kindly post your excellent comment using that comment form. Thanks!