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8+ Amazing Tips for Newbie Bloggers to Get Success!
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Hello Dear Loyal Readers and Visitors, you are welcome. This is the first Guest Post on Blogger Guiders that is written by Syed Mushahid Hussain. You can also write a guest post for Blogger Guiders using this link:

Today in my this guest post I am going to tell you about some facts which many bloggers use to get high traffic towards there blog. You can also get high traffic on your blog after reading this post (or after reading these tips). I hope you will enjoy this post; so lets come back to the topic and start the lesson.

Here are some tricks which you should do to get high traffic towards your blog.

#1. Become commentator

One of the best way to get high traffic on your blog is comments. Now come out from your own blog for at least one hour and visit other blogs which is related to your blog and comment on those blog posts and leave link of your blog posts in those comments. Try to only leave links in blogs which have commentluv enabled. When the visitors  see your comment then 5 out of 10 will visit your blog. You can get high traffic from here believe me its really working trick.

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#2. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest post is another a successful working trick to get high traffic towards your blog. Just like me, you should also write guest posts on other blogs which have already high traffic and don't forget to sure that the blog is giving a dofollow backlink towards your blog of not in the guest post and also introduce yourself well in guest post to get high traffic. Your post should be on a good topic and always use easy wording and images in your own blog post and also in guest posts so visitors can understand you easily and when they like and understand your post then no one can stop them from visiting your blog again.

#3. Socialize Your Blog

Social media is also a good place to get high traffic towards your blog. You should make Fan Page of your blog on Facebook, Google+ Page on Google+, Your blog's twitter account on Twitter and also make some promotion ways on other social medias and attract your audience by manual sharing on Facebook Pages, Google+ Pages and on other social medias. Not only share them, but write one-to-two lines to attract visitors more. Join Facebook groups and Google+ community related to your blog and share your blog posts in those groups also.Video sharing sites are also a big source of high traffic. Make videos about any post you are going to write (steps) and share it on video sharing sites like YouTube and dailymotion etc. And don't forget to add your blog logo and url in video.

#4. Join Communities 

There are a large number of communities already on internet to get high traffic towards your blog. Join communities like Yahoo Answers, Google+ Communities, Blogger Help Forums...etc and ask questions there and give answer of others asked questions and also add links of your blog in your questions and answers.

#5. Submit Your Blog To Search Engines 

Search engines are a big source on traffic. Actually search engines are the biggest source of traffic for bloggers if their blog get popular. According to Google, more than 5 million key words are searched by their search engines daily so this was the only report of Google. There are many other search engines in internet world which are mostly use by peoples like Yahoo and bing (by microsoft), Baidu...etc. So, you can also get a large number of visitors and chance the change them into loyal readers from Search Engines. So submit your blog on search engines and also improve your SEO for betterment of robots crawling.

#6. Improve your content

Yeah! As many bloggers always say: Content is the power of blog to get high traffic. You should make your content great and easy to understand by adding images and videos in your blog posts; so visitors will be able to understand what you want to tell them easily. Don't write for robots but write for your dear loyal reader. Always focus on quality not quantity their are many blogs who have less post but enjoying good traffic just due to their post quality.

#7. Write Ebooks

Ebooks make strong backlinks if you have skill in any field then show your skill by writing ebooks and publishing them on your blog about that topic I have also written a number of ebooks and I fell that I got high traffic from these ebooks because ebooks attract visitors. When you write an ebook, then also introduce yourself and your blog or website in ebook at last and also include your blog/website url in ebook. Now the question is, how can we get visitors by ebooks? Answer is- submit your ebook on websites like Amazon which allows anyone to submit their ebooks on their website. When you submit your ebook, then thousands of peoples will see your ebook and they will also download your ebook if they like or felt it attractive.

#8. Get traffic from is Google partner and Google send their spiders to to get new blogs/websites for indexing. The is very helpful for all bloggers to get high traffic towards their blog. Only few blogs are accepted by but who are accepted by them, surely are very lucky bloggers or webmasters. So what are you waiting for? If you think that your blog is able to get approved by then go and submit your blog on to get high traffic on your blog. Just check you luck!

#9. Make backlinks

Backlinks are very important for traffic and rank of your blog. You can make backlinks for your blog by comments, ebooks, videos, social media, Guest Post. All these are already described above. So I will not say much about this topic. My little advise is that- never use softwares to make backlinks for your blog because you will get traffic in start but at the end it is not recommend and will surely badly effect your blog's SEO means- it is not good for your blog's SEO.

About Guest Author

This informative post was written by Syed Mushahid Hussain. He is a Blogger and loves to write articles about blogging. Not only this, he also loves to help other bloggers in Blog-o-sphere. He is running his own blog where you can get more articles like this which is- Crashing Tricks. You can contact him here.