Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Are You Wasting Your Time and Efforts on Blogger?

Post Covering Topics:- 

  • At what stage, Blogger is Best and at what stage, WordPress is Best.
  • Removing the confusion of which is best- WordPress or Blogger
  • Are you wasting your efforts on Blogger?
  • Are you wasting your time on Blogger?

Shocked? Because we are also using Blogger as our blogging platform. You know why? No... I will not tell you the answer now but later, I will tell you in detail. Firstly, let me come to the topic, which is, are you wasting your time and efforts on Blogger? It looks weird. Right? Oh! Why not...thousands or say millions of bloggers (peoples) are using Blogger by Google today. So, why? Just because of its facility? Oh nah! Because Blogger is free. WordPress also gives the same facility to their users. Not only same, but better facility than Blogger. So why not we choose WordPress? Because its not free and it is costly also. But not much costly; its just 6.253+ Rs.  

Today, I am going to tell you, at what stage you should leave Blogger for earning much more in less effort and time. I am seeing, till now, thousands of blogs have posted about 'Which is best? WordPress or Blogger?' So, I am also going to clear this statement- that both are good (Blogger & WordPress) but they are good if you use them in right stage of your blog and how to know the right state, I will tell you it today. So, no worry!

Are you wasting your efforts on Blogger? 

Firstly, let's come on Are you wasting your efforts on Blogger? Actually, if you are running a blog in which you have posted more than 100 posts, which is older than 6 months and getting less traffic (200-400 Pageviews per day), then I will suggest you to close that blog and recreate a blog after polishing your writing skills, ways of off-page optimization and on-page optimization (you can read Blogger Guiders posts for that). 

Now, how you are wasting your efforts on Blogger? This time, if your blog have 100 posts, is older than 6 months, getting much traffic (400-1000 pageviews/per day) and have a custom domain, then, you don't need to post more articles on your blog by using blogger. You just need to move your blog to WordPress (PAID). After moving, install good plugins like SEO Yoast. You know why? Because Plugin Yoast provides an easy way for making a post best search engine optimized. So, by using WordPress plugins, you can easily boost your blog's traffic more fastly than Blogger. Because in Blogger, are are needed to do lots of coding for making your template SEO optimized. 

Are you wasting your time on Blogger?

If, your created blog is older than 6 months, is receiving good traffic, have custom domain, then you are just wasting your time on Blogger because you can earn 2x faster if you use WordPress because of its SEO options. But always remember than SEO is not all behind a blog's success. One part is SEO, second part is of promotion and the third part is most important which is Content. Because, Content is King.
[info headline='Quick INFORMATION']A Blog can also grow using Blogger if his owner's writing skills and way of blogging is awesome but slowly.[/info]

Final Words from Author

I hope you liked this post. I know, the post is lengthy to read but believe me, its informative for you and for your blog's bright future. So, at last, if you have really loved this post, kindly share it on your Social Networks profile. So that, other bloggers like you will be able to know- at what stage Blogger is best and at what WordPress in best. Thanks!