Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mexider - A Wonder of Mixture | Releasing Our First Template!
Note:Customization, Upload Instructions has been published here.

Hello my visitors, firstly, I would like to wish you ‘Eid Mubarak’. Hmm…I think, only ‘Eid Mubarak’ is not enough on this special day. So, today, I have not brought anything of others in front of you but today, I am going to publish a new template and I named it ‘Mexider’. Nice name? Yeah. Its a rhyme word of ‘Guider’ which is own main moto of creating Blogger Guiders.


From the start of Blogger Guiders, I have only shared Blogger Yard’s cloned template which was cloned by me and 5 top templates which were created by other Bloggers but today, I have brought you a new template that is created by me after a lots of work. Actually, the main reason I named it ‘Mexider’ is, this template is a mixture of best blogger templates, best widgets and best CSS codings. I have installed cool widgets in this template.

This template is not only cool but light weighted and mobile friendly. I know you will get shocked but do you know? The template I am going to release is made by me whose Pagespeed score is 81! and loading speed is only 2.29 seconds! Yes. Its not fake. I will give you the proofs in the next post.

If you want to see the demo of the template now, you can see it surely!

Some Pictures of this Beautiful Creation:-

Best Read More Script! with Best Style!

This Picture is of the read more script style with picture. Are you able to see that dashes in the picture? They are not in picture but its a CSS effect which will get added to every featured image which you will put at first in your post.

Sharing Tools over Text

I have also added best sharing widgets. When you will select any text, a sharing widget will appearing forcing your user to share it! (same when hover on pictures). Go on Demo for viewing it!

Why I made Mexider and Published it Today?

Hey, do you think there is something to ask about it? Okay, I have published this template in the occasion of Eid-ul-fitr and I created this template because: I know, their are thousand or even millions of template available in Internet but what about their design? And if, design is good then what is the guarantee of loading speed? If, design is good then of-course, loading speed will be worse! But not in Mexider. Its loading speed is very fast and design? It is professional and inbuilt with world’s best blogger widgets.

What are the features of Mexider?

Oh…their are lots of features of Mexider. Here, I am going to list some of them:
  1. Great Design
  2. Greatly SEO Optimized
  3. Responsive Design
  4. Installed Best Meta Tags
  5. Best Pagespeed Settings
  6. Fast Loading Speed
  7. Added Great sharing tools for text & Images
  8. Compressed CSS
  9. Compressed JavaScript Codes
  10. Great Comments Stylesheet Installed
  11. Best Animated Smilies Installed
  12. Beautiful Related Posts Widget Inbuilt
  13. Beautiful Footer (by MBT)
  14. Beautiful Header
  15. Notification bar without any watermark
  16. Sharing Box below posts
  17. Customized Accordion Widget
  18. Font Awesome Icons Support Enabled
  19. Featured Posts Inbuilt for Homepage
  20. Great Read More Script Design
  21. Hover Effects for Images
I will define all features of this template on the next post.

How Can I Download This Template?

After seeing the great features of this template, do you want to download it? If yes, then its really a pleasure for me. Here’s the instructions for downloading this template:-
  1. You will have to subscribe us (use the subscribe box at sidebar or below post).
  2. Comment your email below.
  3. That's it!
As soon as you will complete the above steps, you will get the template.

Now! No need to subscribe us. Just press the below button and get the amazing template:

[update headline='UPDATE']We have sent template MEXIDER to our subscribers already.[/update]

Greatest Update!

  1. Added Menu Bar (Responive). Appear only when you see the website/blog through mobile.
Greated Update!

NOTE:- This is MBT's created menu bar but I have customized it and now made it stick at the top when user scroll!

Licensed Under Creative Commons

This template is licensed under creative commons. You can surely share this template to anyone in the world but with proper credits. You can also costomize/change it according to your needs but credits should be placed at footer.

Creative Commons License

Need Customization Help?

If you have got the template but not able to customize it, then wait buddy! My next article will be about the features of this template and how to customize it. So, no worry! And, please share this post to your social profile only if you have liked this template. :> Thanks!