Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Make Your Template Ready For Upcoming Shortcodes
Use Shortcodes With One script!
Hi, Friends! It has been a long time since we have created and published a shortcode with the help of Mohammad's created Shortcode Plugin for blogger. These days, I am busy at customising my new template which you can see on Blogger Guiders now. So now, I am free with the template.
Information About The New Template
We have updated the template. So, there are some bugs and disturbance too like [tooltip] shortcode is not working. So, if you find any other bug instead of that two, please report me using Hangouts or Facebook or directly from Google+ page.

So, now I am in the mood of creating some more shortcode of you guys because I think I should create some shortcodes to make you work super easy with Blogger. Most bloggers believe that WordPress is better, but we will show them that Blogger is better and is being bettered by the Developers.

Now today, I am not going to share any shortcode with you, but today, I am going to tell you why and how can you set-up your template for coming shortcodes for Blogger by Blogger Guiders.

Its simple. We will just give you a link, install and see the magic. Do you remember? When we publish any shortcode, we always give different-different links for new shortcodes which sometimes irritate bloggers. I am not saying that it is not irritating because it is! I know. To use any new shortcode, remove previous script and replace that script with the new one --- So BORING and IRRITATING! That's why today I am here with a script which will change automatically when new shortcodes will come. The thing you will need to learn the way it is used and that tutorials will be published in Blogger Guiders when we will create any new shortcode.

Well, don't you think that checking daily blogger guiders for new shortcode is boring? Their is an easy way too! You can get notifications about our new posts directly in your Email by just subscribing us by clicking the below button:

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How To Make Your Blogger Template Ready For Upcoming Shortcodes?

Its a easy as ABC work. You are just needed to put a line above '</body>' tag in your template. How to do this...let's know:

Steps are following:-
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  • Now, press Ctrl+F from your keyboard. 
  • Now, type the following tag in the box which came at the corner:

  • Now, paste the following tag above the code you find after pressing the enter key after pasting or typing it into the search box:
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
  • Now save your template and you are done!

Do I Need To Keep The Old Script As It Is?

Absolutely no! The script I shared above already contains the JavaScript of following shortcodes:
New shortcodes will get added automatically.

Final Words By Shivansh Verma

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