Monday, August 24, 2015

Blogger Guiders Come Back With Amazing New Design!
Blogger Guiders Re-Opened Again
Hi visitors! How are you? Did you missed us after close? If yes, then its a pleasure for us. But now, no more wait!

Do you know? I think, you guys are awesome. My dashboard told me that you were continuously visiting Blogger Guiders after it got closed. Thanks for this!

Now, today is the day when I am going to re-open Blogger Guiders to post juicy articles about Blogger tips and tricks. Now, I have a number of unheard posts and a number of things to tell you about this new design.

Why We Owned Our Personal Design?

As you know, the previous template which was customized by me was a template created by TemplateClue and its name was Indigo. Actually template clue is a new Blogger blog which provide blogger templates. Ya...I can say that the templates they create, looks awesome but you know what was the problem with that template?...'the credits!'.

The owner of TemplateClue had added unremovable credits which were very easy to remove. Just open jsbeautifier, then beautify and hush! But my blog's respect on my dear visitors (like you) eyes interrupted me to do this and then I thought that actually I am doing a bad thing. Its not good to remove a person's hard work's credits.

So, to remove them, I decided to create a template myself for us. And, now the template is live! 

On today's morning, I made the template live in blog and shared some screenshots on several social media sites. Actually I was creating this template since last month and at last... it got finished. In this template, I'ave added many jQuery and CSS features keeping blog's loading speed in mind.

So, their are many features of this template. Some of them are:
  • Personal Shortcodes - Button, Caption Sliding
[stylishimg img="" alt='Shivansh' cap='This is a Demo Image' /]
  • Responsive Design - Can be viewed on all devices without any widget, misplacement.
  • Silver Stylized Title With Awesome Hover Effect
  • Scrolling Brings a New Stylish Sliding Bar With Certain Options
  • A Separate Place For Ads
  • Unique Searching Widget (click on search button present on secondary navigation)
  • Separate CSS Style For FontAwesome Icons For Footer/Sidebar
  • Unique Read More Style
  • Unique Floating Sharing Widget
  • Very Fast Loading (-1s)
  • Built-In - Can Show Hyperlinks In An Attractive Way!
[embed href='' title='Google'/]
  • Fully SEO Optimized
    • Best Meta Tags For Twitter Cards And Facebook
    • Proper Rich Snippets For Blogger
    • Very Few Above-The-Fold Content
And More...

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So, Publishing Posts Started?

Yeah! We are now on! We'll now post new tips and tricks for Blogger thrice+ a week (its enough?). From tomorrow, we will post articles. Don't forget to visit!

As I said, we will post articles thrice a week, don't you think it will get boring to check the blog daily? So, there's an easy way also! Just subscribe us using below links:

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Thanks! Don't forget to visit us tomorrow and also, don't forget to comment. :)