Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Blogger Guiders Is Now Blogger Guider - Blogspot For Unheard Blogger Tips Tricks
Blogger Guider Transformation
We are serving our service since at least 6 months to you and we hope you enjoyed this time-period. Today, we are going to be more serious on Blogging and we are transforming from the name "Blogger Guiders" to "Blogger Guider". I know their is only a s's difference between "Blogger Guiders" and "Blogger Guider" but their is a lot of difference in their meaning. And, we found "Blogger Guider" the perfect word according to it's meaning. Because we are guiding peoples are do amazing in blogging line!

We are not only transforming our name from "Blogger Guiders" to "Blogger Guider" but also taken decision to remove that ugly .blogspot.com/in/.co.uk/etc. from our domain. We have brought a custom domain because we think, .blogspot.com adds a non-quality point-of-view in a person's or specially in a pro-blogger's site.

Why We Are Now Serious In Blogging?

Actually, as you know, blogging is a key of money. And as you know too that we are not guiding you just for money but also because we like to guide you or expand our little knowledge with some other peoples.

We are now serious in Blogging because we want to be successful and want to challenge big blogs like MBT, MBL and Blogger Yard. I am damn sure that it is not a too big thing if you lovely reader, which means you are regularly connect with us and subscribed with us. 

How We Are Serious? 

Now we have all things which a professional blog should have. Like:
  1. Custom Domain
  2. Proper SEO, White Hat SEO (On Page & Off-Page)
  3. Personal Template
  4. Interesting Posts
  5. Attractive Widgets
  6. Advanced Styles
We can achieve success only if our (our and your's) hand are joined together.

Is The Domain Name Changed?

Yeah. Our free domain has been converted into custom domain. But you will feel some disturbance during 24 hours because DNS takes 48 hours to be get successfully installed and work in one's blog.

What You Can Do?

The one thing you can do is to subscribe your email with our Subscription link. Just click on the button below, then add your email their and we will get you into our link and will send you some awesome content headlines and summaries! It will help us to help you more and more and publish more good articles.
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Final Words

I hope you liked Blogger Guiders' new name which is Blogger Guider and the domain name too! From now, we will be more attentive in your question when you will ask them using comments. Kindly share you views about our this step in the comment box. Thanks!