Saturday, October 10, 2015

Can A Person Stay Dependent On Blogging For His Livelihood?
Can A Person Earn Using Blog?
So, here our first posts goes on series about "How To Be A Pro-Blogger". In this post, I will tell you that can a person stay dependent on blogging for his livelihood?

These days, as I and you know that blogging is getting popular and popular. Every month, millions of blogs are being created. But, as you know, only five-six of the bloggers of that millions get 1000+ pageviews within a day after doing hard work. As we know, we can earn unlimited using our blogs. Already, millions of bloggers are earning 10-15 millions and even more with just showing some advertisements on their blog. So, can we say that a blogger can stay dependent on Blogger for his livelihood? Our today's post is about this and we will also discuss how a person can stay dependent on blogging for his livelihood.

So, Can He/She Stay Dependent On Blogging?

If you ask me, then my answer is always yes! But only if you have a popular blog. Self hosted or non-self hosted. Then you can place Adsense advertisements or do practice of affiliate marketing. And, their are also many other ways by which you can earn maximum amount of money from limited visitors without disturbing them. Their are some things about which you should care to be stay dependent on Blogging.
  1. Don't publish sexual content. This may lead to deletion of your blogger blog. Many hosting providers too not support that type of blogs.
  2. Don't publish copied content. In order to earn, you should have a good and popular blog. And to have it, you should write your own content to make your blog nicer than ever!
  3. Do basic SEO. Not Advance SEO. SEO means, search engine optimization. It is a way by which you can prove that your blog is better than other blogs.

    Note: We shall publish about basic SEO and what is SEO for you in this series. To get them fast, you can subscribe us.
  4. Buy a custom domain and a personal template/theme. Custom domains surely provide some respect in everyone's eyes who are seeing your blog's URL. Custom domains directly show that the blog's owner is serious about his blog and that is why he purchased a custom domain. So, to get your blogger blog popular, you should buy a custom domain. And the idea of personal template or theme is not bad. You should buy a personal template too in order to get a unique structure of your blog.

How A Person Can Depend On Blogging For His Livelihood?

It seems that you have already ask about it with your mind two or three times. And if you have asked, then in this case, let me make it clear to you. 

There are many ways by which you can stay dependent on blogging. Here are some of them:
  1. Make your blog popular [Read Above 1-4 Points]
  2. Apply for an Adsense account.
  3. Don't do any illegal thing e.g., invalid clicks or anything else with your Adsense account. Just make money and take money.
  4. Apply for other ad providers too. But remember- Give your blog's visitors more importance than ads.

Final Words

There are unlimited ways by which you can make your blog more popular and can earn more cash with it and using Google Adsense. Now, at last, I again want to make you remember that give your visitors more importance than ads. It is the one 'n' only way to earn maximum income. And, Good Luck!