Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How To Make A Template? Is Having A Personal Template Important?
How To Make A Template?
Template. Simply, it is a thing that gives a look to our blog. But is it limited to look only? These days, template are not owned for look only. They are owned only for it's features, it's widget, and it's performance. These days, there is a fashion of templates that are full of features with high-quality graphics and icon and these all this should be on a personal template. Simply, nowadays, there is a fashion of personal templates. But do you know what a personal template is?

We have already told you that what are the benefits of blogging and how to make a blog. Now, we are going to tell you how to make that blog awesome. So firstly, let me say that what is a "Template".

 What Is A Template?

Template is, simply, a bunch of codes which can define a blog's look. We can add JavaScript, CSS, HTML (oh, of course) and jQuery in blogger templates. You can not add any other languages like Asp.net, PHP, Phantom or C++. Now, in blogger, we can create our template by just learning some codes that are supported by Blogger. We will talk about it on the next section that is about How to build a template.

So, let us recall "What is a Template" in a simple way:
Template is a bunch of codes that can be of languages like CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and HTML. It defines the look of a blog.
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How To Create A Template

Now, how to create a template. We all now know that what a template is. Now, to create a new blogger template, we need the following bunch of codes.
Note: You can create template in template editor of Blogger. Just go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
<b:section id='post'>
Now, there are some NAQs:

#1- Where To Preview Or Save My Template?

Just go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML and then, paste all the code that I gave above. Save it and now start coding your template.

#2- Where To Add My CSS?

Simply, make your CSS ready and to apply it, copy your CSS and paste it between //<![CDATA[(paste here)//]]> (replace "(paste here)" with your CSS.

#3- How To Format My Template?

This format is not about cleaning your computer. This format is about beautifying your template's messed up coding by adding some spaces. Blogger has this feature built in and you can use it for free by just pressing the "Format Template" button that is above the Template Editor.

#4- How To Show Simple Things In Blogger Template Editor?

Blogger have some of it's own codes to show some special things link Post Content, Post Title etc. Here, I have written some points for you:

  1. <data:post.body/> : Shows the content of your posts.
  2. <data:post.title/> : Shows the title of your post.
  3. <data:blog.title/> : Shows blog's title.
  4. <data:post.url/> : Shows the post's URL.

#5- How To Use (4) Data Tag To Add Automatically, the post's Hyperlink?

In the above four data tags, are your thinking how to show hyperlink with the link of the page visitor is present in? Or just, how to use (4) data tag?

To use it, just use this code [Only For Template Editor]:
<a expr:href='data:post.url'>Blogger Guider</a>
Now, it will automatically hyperlink the text with the post in which the visitor is present.

Any More?

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask on comments.

No Knowledge Of CSS, JavaScript Or HTML?

If, in case you have no knowledge of SEO, then you can buy a template from any website designer. He will create for you for only some money. Like, 21$, for instance. It is not necessary to have a personal template. Means, you can download any free template from the internet and use it if you want. But please take care of the features and drawbacks of the template. I have written some points for you that will help you to choose a correct template for your blog. These features should be on the template you are going to download:
  1. It must be SEO Friendly;
  2. It must be fast loading;
  3. It must be designed cleanly;
  4. It should be responsive;
  5. It should be fast loading;
  6. It should match your blog's theme.
Now, if you have found that like template, then feel free to own it!

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The Places from Where You Can Buy Templates:

Now, do you want to buy a template? No worry! We are going to suggest you some places from where you can buy templates at very cheap price:

Theme Forest: - Theme forest. It is a website that provide the best template at a cheap price. You can even get the best template in just 21$. No more than it and no discount. Just fixed rate.
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My Blogger Tricks: - This is a blogger blog that also provide templates in orders. You can order MBT's blog's owner Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai to create a template for you. Just navigate to his service page here:
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Final Words

I hope this tutorial has helped you a lot in many your blogger blog awesome! We will be publishing more posts on this series which will help you to make your blog a fantastic place and to make it popular and to make some money from your blogger blog! For now, you can do only one work. Just share it. :) Thanks!