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How to Make An Awesome Blog For FREE? [Video]
Create A Blog
As in the previous tutorial, we have already told you that why Blogging is beneficial to you and how can you depend on Blogging for your livelihood. Now, today we are going to tell you how to create a blog on Blogger.

If you are a new comer and have heard the name "Blogger" first time, then let me explain it to you in simple words:
Blogger, also known as Google Blogger is a website or we can say, blogs creator which create blogs for free with many features that no-other blogs builder gives for free. The blogs you create in Blogger get stored in the servers of Google. The blogger team, can delete your blogger blog if you will add any sexually explicit content in your blogger blog without letting them know.
Let us talk about the features of Blogger:
  1. Create 100 blogs per account for free.
  2. Allow its users to post unlimited posts.
  3. Allow to use template editor which is really unique thing is Blogger interface because no other blog builder provide template editor for free.
  4. You can create templates and add widget you want except widget build with PHP and
  5. You can even customize the link you want of your new posts.
  6. You can get unlimited blogger template and you can customize it too but with developer's credits.
  7. You can ask for any help related to blogging in Google Blogger Forum [Official].
  8. You can make a whole team to work on your blog. But the team should be small (smaller than 100 users per blog).
  9. Easy interface and SEO options are inbuilt.
  10. More...
 let us recall:
  1. Blogger is free.
  2. It creates blogs for free.
  3. You can earn unlimited from a blog.
So? Blog is free and you can earn unlimited with it. Many bloggers are earning from their blog. Let's take example of a popular wordpress blog, ShoutMeLoud. It's blog's owner's name is Harsh Agrawal and he is a pro blogger. He normally earns 10-12 lakhs per month.

You can earn with you job- 10-50 thousands but with blogger, you can earn unlimited money. Hard work is required to earn maximum money.

How To Create A Blogger Blog For Free?

Well, now we know that what are the features of blogger, how it is useful to us without spending a penny. Let us now know that how we can create a blog using Blogger.
  • Firstly, go to
  • Click that "New Blog" grey button which is on the middle-left corner of the page (as shown in the picture).
New Post Button
  • Now type your blog's name and your blog's URL (the url which you want to be of your blog) and choose "Dynamic" template and then click on "Create Blog" button.
  • Now, you will get redirected to your blog's dashboard. From their, you can create new posts which will get published it you blog.

NAQs (normally asked questions)

How To Create A New Post?

Just look at the middle-left corner of your blog's dashboard. You will see a new post button. Click on it and a new blogger post editor will appear with various editing options. You can write your post, edit the title and at last, publish it! Don't forget to share it with others (family members, social friends) to get some views in your blogger blog.

Why My Blog's Pageviews Are Zero?

Your blog's pageviews are zero or not increasing because no one knows that your blog is on the earth till now. Just write some informative posts about anything which is not published yet in the net and then share it on the following places:
  1. Google+
  2. Facebook Profile
  3. Twitter Account
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. With Your Friends!
And then if you friends or the peoples who will explore your blog using the link you will provide on social media, found your blog posts useful and interesting, they will again come to your blog to see what is new their. So, don't forget to write daily!

How Can I Apply New Design?

You can create a new template by HTML, CSS and JavaScript by yourself or hire any designer (we also!) or download any free template from the net and then you will get a .xml file. To upload it on blogger, you should:
  1. Go to Blogger > Template > Backup / Restore
  2. Now, you can press the "Choose file" button and then locate the .xml file and then click on Upload button to upload it!
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Final Words

The steps to create a blogger blog are not so tough. You can simply follow the steps given in the posts. But, in the next stage, their are some complex things like SEO, and writing skills and some more things. As we had promised, we will help you the learn these things in an easy way! You can subscribe us and then wait for the next post in the series! Thanks!