Thursday, October 01, 2015

How To Unfollow 500+ People Within 10 Minutes Without Spending A Rupee In Twitter?
4 Twitter Tools To Unfollow Peoples For FREE
twitter. Its in the top of the social network if you talk about what looks good to me. We just need 145 characters with some interesting and trending hashtags and @s to get our tweet trending in the twitter timeline. Their is no one to disturb us. &, we make relationship with others not to show off but to make relationship only.

But nowadays, many make twitter account to show off their followers and, they use automated following tools to gain thousands of followers and at last, they see the "followers" section of their twitter profile and say "How no! How to unfollow them now with one click?". They often search for the same term on Google. You can do- Go to Google and search for the sentence I typed above. You will get millions of results.

Nowadays, every people is doing such a bad thing and at last they look for tools to unfollow all of their dusty-followers that has came from the automatic following site. These days, because of this problem, many peoples have created tools for the following work. The tools simply unfollow the peoples who are not following you. But you know...nothing is now free in this world. Even a fruit which is god gifted. The peoples who have created such tools, doesn't allow you to use it for free. Means, they are premium tools. Some tools may allow you to use them for free but you can only unfollow 100 of the peoples you have followed.

So today, I am going to share a way with you by using which. you would be able to unfollow 500 peoples per day without spending a penny. Just for free. In this trick, we will use multiple tools to unfollow 500 peoples. Let's check out the first one.

Crowdfire - Unfollow 100 Peoples For FREE!

Twitter Tool
Crowdfire is a reliable and both, free and paid tool that help you to use them for free. It allows you to unfollow upto 100 peoples a day. Once, you unfollow 100 peoples, it will deny their unfollow features and that features will be again available after 24 hours. You unfollowed 100 peoples.
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Manage Flitter - Unfollow 100 Peoples For FREE!

Twitter Tool
Manage flitter and a useful and reliable tool for unfollowing useless users or say manage flitter and clean it from your twitter account. This app is used by me and is fully secured and this app allows you to remove 100 flitter per day from your twitter account for FREE! You unfollowed 200 peoples! [Crowdfire + Manage Flitter]
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Tweepi - Unfollow 200 Peoples For FREE!

Twitter Tool
I found this tools most reliable tool in four tools I shared in this post. This tool have all features and you can unfollow 200 peoples for FREE in a day. This tool is also very secured and authorizing your twitter account with this tool will not harm you in any way. You unfollowed 500 Peoples!
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Last Words

I hope you enjoyed the post. Now, you can unfollow 500 followers in a day for free with security, without any hassle and without spending just a penny or rupee from your account! If you need more help or have other good tools, then do share below. I will add them too asap! Thanks!