Friday, October 23, 2015

How Twitter's New "Polls" Could Be Beneficial For You?
Twitter Polls To Increase Traffic
Today, I have some pieces of news for you. One good and one bad. The good news is, now, Twitter has launched a new feature and a new way of tweeting! And the bad news is, this new way of tweeting, which is by polls is only available to Business account. Not for all accounts. {:(}

Today, I am here to tell you some tips using which, you will be able to use this Twitter's new feature, polls, beneficially for your blogger blog. Below, I have listed some ways for attracting your followers towards your blog and for forcing this to visit it very frequently!
[info headline='Where Poll Feature Is Located?']If you have a business account, you can see it by clicking on "Tweet" button and on the right side of the camera icon.[/info]

1. Ask For The Post That Your Followers Want

Well, if you have followers then it is sure that you are a good writer, and you publish interesting posts. That's why they are your followers. But do you know? Only some of them check your tweets daily because they are not being attracted towards your tweets because they don't know what you are going to publish in front of them today. If you will let them know or ask them, that what post they want from the following options, then, undoubtedly, your followers will notice all your tweets and posts to know that "they have published my voted post or not?".

The question can be like this:

Question: - What Post From The Following You Want On Monday?

  1. How To Do The Stuff (Example Title)?
  2. Why Should I Do This? (Example Title)
The above twos were only examples. You can make it more interesting by asking more interesting questions.

2. Ask For, What They Think About Your Blog

As you know, Human nature loves judging the persons and things around it and you can take benefit of this human nature. You can ask something about your blog and for answering that questions, your followers will get forced to visit your blog because everyone loves judging!

The question could be like this:

Question: - Do You Think Our Today's Post, [Shortened Post URL], Was:

Options: - 
  1. Interesting?
  2. Worst Post You Have Ever Read?
Every loves to answer these types of question. And to respond this one, the person who is seeing the question will open your today's post link and read it and then vote according to the article and options. 

Good luck for votes! ;)

3. Ask For Update's Goodness

Many of us, are coders. We always add new things to our blog. For example, I have changed some things in Blogger Guider's template like changed the hover effect of read more button, registered my short URL, that is Do you know? Informing about these updates can increase your blog's traffic in a good amount. What you have to do is, setup poll like this:

Question: - Blog's Read More Style Is Updated! Have You Liked It?

Options: - 
  1. Yeah! It's better than previous!
  2. No. Previously, it was better!
So, peoples will visit your blog to see the change that can bring you a lots of traffic!

Final Words

I hope these three tips are enough for you to increase your blog's traffic in a significant amount. If, after following these tips, your traffic increase, please do share the stats or information about your blog's traffic. At last, do share the post with your relatives, awesome followers and friends on social medias like facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Thanks!