Friday, October 02, 2015

3 Reasons: Why Blogger's New HTTPS Strategy Is Not Much Useful For You?
Why Bloggers New HTTPS Strategy Is Not Much Useful For You
Blogger have introduced all Bloggers with free HTTPS certificates on 30th of September. Actually Google is continuously adding HTTPS certificates or let's call it SSL certificates. Google is continuously apply this certificate in its most of the most famous services are Gmail, Google Drive and yeah, our Blogger. But before the 30 September, only Blogger's main site ( had SSL certificate installed not its all blog made on it ( had SSL certificate. But on 30th of September, Blogger has decided that it will provide free SSL certificate to the blog made on it.

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This were a wise and clever step from Blogger because as we know, most of the bloggers are moving from Blogger to WordPress because of the Plugins. But this SSL certificate thing may bring some of them back to Blogger because actually, these certificates are costly. But they benefit you also because:

  1. Google Shows Secured (SSL Certificated) Sites First (it's not a myth);
  2. It allows your visitors to surf and read being fearless;
  3. It gives a good impression to the persons who are seeing it.
Now, every coin have 2 faces. Heads, and tails. I have told you the benefits, which were "Heads" but now, it's time for 3 tails. Means, now I am going to tell you three reason about why this new setting is not beneficial for you.

Reason #1- HTTPS & HTTP, Both Are Available

As we already know, when we buy a SSL certificate, our site's url automatically gets changed when any visitor tries to visit our site. It gets converted from to but this is not in Blogger. 

Actually in Blogger, when, user will try to visit, the url will not get converted. User can only visit your SSL certificated blog if he has putted https at the starting of your blog's domain while typing it which is not a time-taking work but no user will try to visit the SSL certificated site because for that, they will have to type 5 more words and for visiting non-SSL certificated site, they will have to just type- and opened! but with non-SSL certificated domain.

Reason #2- Only For Sub-Domains Of Blogger (Blogspot)

The second reason why it is not good or say beneficial for you is- this is available for free for only blogs which have sub-domain, means free domain from blogger and does not have any custom domain like

Well, the Blogger Team has said that they would soon introduce these certificates for free to blogger blogs which have custom domains too! But for now, it is a reason because of which, this setting is non-beneficial for you!

Reason #3- It Will Show Protected Only If You Have No External Scripts love to add different-different widgets from other sites to your sites. Of course. Everyone loves this but, this will affect this new feature by Blogger. 

Actually, this blogger feature will only give SSL certificate to your blog's domain. This does not guarantee any other external scripts. So, if you have installed any external script, the green color (the symbol of encryption) will turn to grey color and will show message that any external script can be harmful. So, users will not feel fearless. Well, this is same with premium SSL certificate which Blogger doesn't support. But yet, it is a reason.

Update: You can use external scripts if the host where the script is located have SSL certificate. It will get affected only if you install script from non-SSL certificated host.

Final Words

At last, I would like to say that thanks Blogger Team that you introduced us with this awesome feature on blogger but kindly take care of our (yours, Blogger's) needs. And I would also like to thanks Blogger Team for providing it for free to everyone having sub domain of Blogger. Thanks!