Sunday, October 04, 2015

Related Posts Issue With Blogger Shortcodes [Solved]
Related Posts Issue With Blogger Shortcodes
I think many of you are using shortcode which were released by MBT on 29 March this year. But, many of you have also installed Related Post widget on your blogger blog. They two's are very popular widget these days. But related  post widget is the most popular widget I have seen after subscribe box widget. So, their is a issue with shortcodes by MBT.

Actually whenever a user try to install shortcode plugin on his/her blog which already have a related post widget installed (except related post widget from any their party service), his blog gets redirected to a empty page with only related post widget and its big images. Nothing else.

Blogger Guiders is the first to solve this issue. We have tested it too on one of our client's blog and got the issue solved. This issue has been asked many times in Un-official Blogger Help Forum which is the second most helpful and most popular forum after official help forum. Their, many users reported that this thing is happening with their blog and how to solve it. That time, we were unable to solve it but now we are able to give you the solution of this problem.

What Is Shortcode?

If you are new here, let me introduce you with shortcodes. Actually we can easily understand what is shortcode by splitting it in two words- "Short" & "Codes". It is a plugin with is developed by many Bloggers but MBT has revealed it. It helps users to add big things with some words. Like, if you want to add a facebook like box, you can use this syntax:
[facebook src='FACEBOOK_USERNAME'/]
and it will get converted into a facebook like box. We have too created a number of Shortcodes which were originally developed by us. You can grab them and use then for free using these links:

  1. Releasing Google+ Badge Shortcode For Blogger!
  2. URL Shortcode For Blogger – Show URLs In Standard Form
  3. Facebook Like, Send, Share & Follow Button Shortcode For Blogger!
  4. Introducing Twitter's Tweet & Follow Button Shortcode For Blogger
  5. Releasing Google+ Buttons Shortcode For Blogger!
  6. HTML, CSS & JS Blockquote Shortcode For Blogger!

What Is The Issue? [Elaborated]

Actually, once, one user had posted about this issue. He wrote:
Please I need help the short codes are not working in my blog. When I use any short code in my blog it stops working. e.g. I have implemented CSS3 Notification Boxes in my post and now this post did not open.
With this message, he left his blog's link. When I opened that link only related posts' title and big images were appearing. I tried to investigate was is the problem but I was not able to investigate this issue that time but now, I have found a solution for this issue.

How To Solve This Issue?

Solving this issue is extremely easy. Just 2-4 steps are issue solved. If you have not installed shortcodes or related post widget but thinking to install related post in a blog where shortcodes are already installed or in a blog where related posts are already installed and you are thinking to install shortcodes, you should also follow these steps for future issues prevention.

You just have to move related posts from .post section to outside post section. And for tutorial how to do this, here it is:

Steps are following:
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
  • Now, search for your related post widget's JavaScript (which you had placed below <data:post.body/> while adding it to your blog). It may be like this:
How To Move Related Post
  • Now, select the whole related post script from that place and move it below the closing </b:includable> of <b:includable id='post' var='post'> as shown in this picture:
Place It Below it
  • Now save your template and you are done. You will not see that related post issue further again!

Final Words

I hope this article has helped you alot. Many peoples were asking about this issue and I hope they have no problem now. If you think that this short tutorial has helped you, then do a [tweet url="" text="I have solved the issue with related post which was appearing after installing shortcodes!" via="BloggerGuiders"/] in your twitter profile. And thanks for your time, take care! Thanks!