Saturday, November 21, 2015

3 Cases That Should Be Avoided By Bloggers To Gain RESPECT!
3 Cases Gain Respect
[quote via="Blogger Guider"]Man is like a soldier in the fourth stage of life. Anything, for respect. - William Shakespeare[/quote] As we read above, the Shakespeare has well explained that the fourth phase of life is like that of a soldier. He can do anything for respect. Even stand in the front of canon for getting bubble reputation. So, today I am going to tell you some ways (cases) and some habits that should be avoided to be a well-respected person on Blogosphere by your fellows.

It doesn't matter that the Blogosphere you know is very big or tiny, but earning reputation on even very small Blogosphere is terrible these days. Newbie (especially) do some things that snatch-up the chances of gaining respect. I too had done such things and that things created a big trouble for me when I started taking blogging as not only my hobby but also my profession.

One more thing. These days, I am not able to publish any materials these days because these days, I am struggling for good marks in my exams. That's why I am unable to publish these days. But, today I have completed my study and earned some minutes for writing a blog post!

Case #1. Content Copied.

Ummm. This one is a habit of every second newbie blogger. (was of mine also). Well, I would not curse newbie for it. They do so only because of the following reasons:
  1. No knowledge of Google Algorithms
  2. No anxiousnesses for Respect in Blogosphere
  3. Don't want to work but want to earn.
Now, this habit should be avoided to gain respect. This practice shows that the blog's owner is not working hard to serve the best content. He is just copying others. So, you should avoid this type manner.

Here are some reasons because of which you should avoid Case #1:
  1. Because of Google Algorithm: You won't get a good number of page views and ranking in SERPs and Google will delete your blog if your blog gets reported by the blog's owner of which you 're copying content.
  2. Because of Google Adsense: Now, if you have copied content, you won't get approval for even an account.
I think these two reasons are enough for you. :)

Case #2. Comments With Promotion.

It's also a bad thing that I  have seen in most of the blogger. Not only in newbie bloggers but also in Bloggers, who are experienced enough. 

The reasons because of which blogger leave their blog's URL along with comment:
  1. To get more and more page views his blog or post.
  2. To get more attention and make his blog known to every blogger.
Now, these two reasons. Yeah, just these two reasons help dirt your image on the blogosphere. Comment with links are nowdays considered as spammy comments, and they show that your blog is spammy, or you are a spammer.

The benefits of leaving blog's link with comments:
  1. Get a nofollow backlink
  2. Nothing else -_-
Yes. These days, readers are smart. They hardly open blog URLs that users leave in comments. And, the second thing is- if in the blog, in which you have left a spammy comment, have moderation enable, then please be sure for a disapproval of your comment.

You should avoid adding links in comments to get your or prevent your name from entering in "Spammers" criteria.

Case #3. Promotion Using Emails Of Non-Subscribed Users.

[quote via="BloggerGuider"]People never care about things that are given them for free.[/quote]
Newbie, very often email those users who haven't yet registered for his blog's updates. He just adds all emails he remember or have noted anywhere and then write it on Compose's CC or BCC column and then writes his message (similar to one below) and then clicks "Send"!
Hi! I have posted a new awesome post in my blogger blog! It's very good. Consider reading it: {URL}
Now, if the user hasn't ever opened your blog, and haven't subscribed for the updates, he will not open the email. And if, by chance, he opened the email and opened your blog and don't liked it and got any update from you again, he will just mark your email as "Spam".

This will too snatch your chances of getting respect. So, please consider avoiding this mistake too.
[info headline="The Thing You Can Do"]You can surely ask the email owner to subscribe to your blog by sending him an email. But don't do it more than a time. If you will do, it will irritate him.[/info]

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this post. These were the only cases that were coming in my mind. If you have any more cases in your brilliant mind, consider adding it to your comment. I will write about it too. Now, please share this post if you liked it. Take care of yourself. Thanks!