Wednesday, November 25, 2015

5 Techniques That Can Help You To Know The Delicious Content Without Reading It
Delicious Content Find Without Reading
Of course, there are millions of pages available on the internet. You can take the example of this page too. It's also on the internet whether you have got it from the search engine or social media or any email or internal links. It's on the internet. Now, as we considered that there are millions of pages on the internet, then there should be thousands of pages that are about same subject or contain info about the same topic but in their own language. Don't you think that nowadays, there would have been a big problem to find valuable content if search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing had not come into existence?

Now, I know that the search engine, Google gives the search results according to the value of the site. But, the thing is the tool that decides that the site is valuable or has relevant content or not, is just "robots" or machines. They decided this, on the basis of the following things:
  • Content is copied or not;
  • Content is unique or grammatically correct on not;
  • Site's design is fast loading on not;
  • Site's design is responsive or not;
  • and upon some other things too.
Now, robots can also make mistakes. I mean, they can't provide you the right content every time. So, would you read every site or blog to ensure that the site you have opened have all the correct and relevant information about the subject you are searching for until you get it? I don't think so. That's why today, I will help you to know which content is delicious without reading it. 

Today, I am going to tell you some ways by which you can ensure that the site or blog you are going to open or opened contain all the information about the thing you are searching or researching for. So, you will not waste much of your precious time.
Firstly, let's know what is delicious content.

What Do I Mean By "Delicious" Content?

Simply, the content with:
  1. The right information,
  2. Easy to read content,
  3. Trustworthy content,
  4. All information about any topic,
can be considered as delicious content.

Way #1. See Proper Formatting

Bloggers, or the admin of a website when writes a post, he always tries to make it the most favorited post on his blog. And in this approach, he makes his post's formatting easy to understand.

If, the content you are going to read isn't well formatted, then there can be some reasons like:
  • The author has copied whole content from any other blog;
  • He is not very excited to make his blog post most favourited because that blog post doesn't have much helpful content.
This way, you can examine that which content is copied or not, or the author of it is willing to make it easy to understand or not.

Way #2. See The Length Of Content

Usually, the lengthy post contains all information that you need. That's why it's lengthy. The content that you are going to read should be at least of 500 words. 

Do you know? I don't like sites like TechCrunch and tech radar because they never give sufficient information about anything. They just post, post and publish but never include enough information about a single subject or topic in a single post. 

So, you can get an idea that the page you have opened has sufficient information about a single topic or not, using this simple way.

Way #3. See The Writing Skills

In the definition of delicious content, I have written that the content should be easy to read. Now, to ensure that the content you are going to read doesn't have any grammatical mistakes or the writing skills are good, then consider reading the first paragraph of that post and get an idea of the writing skills. If, you can understand the first paragraph clearly, then the chances for good writing skills are strong.

Way #4. See The Description

Authors of good blogs or popular blogs always add a description to their posts. Those descriptions can be very useful for you if you want to get the idea of what the content is about and what-what you can get here. 

To see the description of a particular post: Right click on the page > Select "View-source" (a new tab or window will open up) > Press Ctrl + F from your keyboard and then on the opened box, type "name='description'" and then you will find a code like this:
<meta content='A blogger web portal which guides newbie bloggers about how to get their blog popular on the crowd of other popular blogs.' name='description'/>
You can then see the description of that page inside the content attribute. The bold code above is always different on every page and gives the description of the page in which you had right-clicked.

Way #5. See The Comments Section

To get an idea of the content that it is trustworthy or not, you can see comments section. If you found comments of the user that are disappointed by the content their, in a good amount, then be sure that the content present on that page is not good enough to make the visitors happy and is not trustworthy and working too.

Why Is This On Blogger Guider?

Undoubtedly, this post doesn't help you to make your blog improved. Right:? No! It helps. You can get a quick idea of what the shape of your content and description and comment section should be to make your blog's visitors happy and consider your post as trustworthy.

Final Words

I hope these five tips will help you in the time when you are forced or want to get any information on Internet fastly and correct and also helped you to make your blog more improved. Don't forget to share this content if you think that this post is valuable. Thanks!