Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solve The Issues With Blogger Widget After Enabling HTTPS Protocol
mixed-content get the widgets working
This one is our last post on the series about Blogger's HTTPS feature. We have already told you that how to redirect your blogger blog from HTTP to https even if JavaScript is disabled. We have also reported you some fixes by blogger team, and now, this is time for making your widgets working again that were got stopped after enabling HTTPS.

Friends, as we all know that when we add any widget from any blogger blog or other than from official blogger widgets, most of that widgets contain a <script src='.........'/> like line. This is called an external script. It fetches the script from the URL that is placed after src.

Do you know? The JavaScript or the CSSs that are hosted on another server can decrease the loading speed of your blogger blog or WordPress blog or of even a website. Another con of adding an external script is- if the host where the script is hosted doesn't have SSL certificate (you can verify it by seeing HTTPS in the starting of host's URL) then it won't get loaded if you will enable SSL certificate in your blogger blog. That's the reason because of which, many widgets had got stuck after enabling SSL certificate from your blogger blog dashboard.

How To Get Them Working?

Firstly, open notepad (or press Windows key + R and then type notepad.exe and then press enter) and then, go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML > Ctrl + F and then type <script src and then, if you find any code related to it, cut it (Ctrl + X) and paste it into notepad (all). Similarly, search for external CSS codes, search for <link href= and then move all the related codes to the notepad file. Now, follow the steps:
  • Let us suppose that you have got a code (by the method I gave your above) in notepad:
  • <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
  • Now, try to open the URL between src='.....' (means this one). So, you can see that if you open:
  • Then the URL shows a script. Now, if you open the following URL that is with https in its start, then also the same code gets displayed:
  • So, replace such URL's HTTP to HTTPS, which are showing the same content when browsed over HTTPS and HTTP. This will fix almost 90% of the issues.
[warning headline="Carefully Check That The Same Things Are Appearing Over Both The Protocols"]You should carefully check that if you open that URL over HTTP and HTTPS, both URLs are showing same content. If there is a slight difference, then you might find some issues with some of the element of your template.[/warning]

What To Do If They Aren't Available Over Both Protocols?

In short, consider removing those widgets whom scripts or CSSs are not available over HTTPS protocol. You can quickly find that scripts by going to console (Ctrl + Shift + J on Chrome) (after opening your blog's any page) and then look for "mixed content" line. Their, there should be a URL that is creating issues or not loaded due to mixed content (mixing of HTTP and HTTPS) (the URL will only be their if you have any external script that is hosted on a host that is inaccessible over HTTPS protocol):
As you can see in the picture, the script - is creating the problem and not loaded. 

Now, you can see that the URL (in the picture) gives nothing when we browse it over HTTPS but shows the code when we browse it through HTTP. Simply, if you want to use HTTPS feature of blogger, then you will have to remove widget that runs using such external scripts.

You Can Host Some Of Them Internally Also!

As we know, is a free hosting service that provides you a fast hosting. But, it is not available when browsed over HTTPS protocol. In this case, with such hosts, you can open the URL and copy all the script and then, on your template, before </body>, you can add that script between <script> and </script>. But, remember that you can't do this with all the URLs (like URLs of AddThis, GetSiteControl). Simply, you can't do this if that script can be edited with any other person from another place.

Final Words

I hope you have got enough information about the topic. Well, I know that the tutorial I gave above was little bit techy, and therefore, you can ask for any help related to the topic in the comment section below. At last, if you liked the post, do share it and Thanks!
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

4 Stunning Skins For Blogger's New Featured Post Widget!
Skins of Featured Post Widget
So. Blogger team is awake yet. They have made another wonderful widget which they call "Featured Post" widget. Okay, it's great to feature a post on the sidebar to attract your visitors towards it. But, don't you think that blogger team should make it stylish? They have used CSS at only one place, e.g., on the image. To make its widget 100% (fit to the container). So, in this case, we, the bloggers immediately need some skins to make the featured widget nicer than ever and attractive than ever.

Firstly, let us know that what is Featured Post Widget. Okay?

What Is "Featured Post" Widget?

It's a new addition by Blogger Team in the "Add a Gadget" window. It's a widget for all types of blogs. It makes you able to show off the summary of a particular post with its image (featured image) and its title. It's a quite interesting thing that blogger team has made this addition because it has been a long time since blogger team have introduced us with a new widget for Google Bloggers.

There is also a featured widget on Blogger Guider. See the sidebar (right sidebar's second widget).

Pros & Cons Of Featured Post Widget

Now, we all know that everything on the universe has its pros and of course, cons. Even science has it, therefore, this new widget also has some. It has few pros but very few but significant cons. Let me introduce them to you, now.

Pros Of Featured Post Widget

The advantages and good things about featured post widget is:
  1. It's fast loading and needs no JS or external coding;
  2. It's an awesome way to show off a particular post and right on the front a person (your visitor);
  3. You can use as much CSS you want on it.

Cons Of Featured Post Widget

The disadvantages and bad things about featured post widget is:
  1. It's default style is so simple and so, it can make a bad impression on the eyes of your visitors;
  2. We can't change the length of summary;
  3. We can't choose or upload a custom image to show their (on the widget).
Now we can know that the cons have more weight than pros. It's really bad. :(

Why Was Their A Need Of These Skins?

Now, I have created some awesome skins for you to make the featured post widget awesome. As I already told you that the widget's default style is not very good, that's why I created the skins. I have made 4 custom skins that you can apply and get for free!

I have wrapped up all the skins inside a PDF file that is available below. You can download it, print it or just use the code in it.
[button icon='book' href='']View The PDF File[/button]
Note: - If are going to use any of the skins given in the above file, then it is must that you add the following three lines of code below <head> in your template:
<link href='|Lobster:400' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Final Words

I hope you liked the skins that I have shared in that PDF file. We shall try to make some more skins of feature post widget and inform our subscribers about it. If, in case, you are not already the subscriber, you can subscribe to our newsletter here to get information about new stuff! Thanks!
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 8 Writing Tips That Have Been Used By Professionals
writing tips used by professionals
Huh! We all write. We, Bloggers. But, I am sure that you always look the writing skills of a pro-blogger before reading his/her content. No? Okay, no problem; but I see. Looking into the writing skills of pro-bloggers, I always admire that they never do the things I have written just below. They just write things straightforward with some funny crisp that can entertain visitors. They write content with funny but informative and striking and colorful images and with an extended content, but they never give space to comical crisps and jokes between that content.

Today, I am going to reveal, what I have admired in the writing skills of professional bloggers or famous bloggers. Here, I have written eight things that professional bloggers always use and these things make their blog posts go viral. I advise you that while writing your next post, keep the tips I have mentioned below, in mind. This would help you to create great content!

Writing Tip 1. Don't Try To Write Long Content

Well, now you would say that every blogger says that "try to write long content!" but you are not. Why?

You should re-read the sentence above. I have written- Don't try to write long content. From this sentence, I mean, that you should make your mind write a content of good content. You should:
  1. Attempt to research about that topic;
  2. Try to write everything you know about it.
But you should not:
  1. Try to write the content long.
As I and you, both knows that long content always makes your reader lazy, before starting reading the content. Here is, let me tell you a thing:
[quote via='BloggerGuider' url='nothing']If you wrote content after research, your content would be automatically long.[/quote]
Now, I think it is clear to you. That- if you try to write long content, you are creating boring posts but if you are attempting to write just post after proper research, you content will be automatically long.

And if, it is not long, just publish it as it is because you are writing content to be read by peoples, not robots and it's not the truth that if you write little content, you are writing worst content. Sites, without any word but pictures, are at the top of the search engines. For example, take

Writing Tip 2. Utilise Ordered & Unordered Lists

You know? I am a greedy person. Greedy about how much things I can use in a post. That's why, I always use ordered and unordered lists in every of my posts. Actually, not only because of this I use them, but I use them because they increase the readability of content. They are useful, and if you customize them using CSS well, then they look attractive too!

Use ordered lists and unordered list when you think:
  1. I have to write several things line-by-line;
  2. I wish to write various things starting from same words;
  3. I want to write a list.
And you can think more of them from your common sense.

Writing Tip 3. Proper Use Of Lowercase & Uppercase Letters

I think, surely, you have not thought about the capitals if you are not in front of your teacher ever. But in blogging, they are helpful too. I have seen many peoples, using uppercase letters poorly in their words. These types of grammatical mistakes do your impression poor and down the readability of the content, you are going to write. Such mistakes can often irritate the readers of your blog. So, kindly avoid such errors.

How to avoid such mistakes?

Here, I am going to tell you simple things that your nursery grade teacher might have said.

When you are writing a sentence:
  • Keep the first word's first letter uppercased and other words' all letters lowercase;
  • If a name is coming between a sentence, then only use the uppercase letter.
  • Use full stop (.) and don't use an exclamation mark (!) very frequently. It is strongly not recommended.
Let's move out to writing tip. 3

Writing Tip 4. Utilize Bold, Italics & Underline

As we know, in all versions of HTML, there is some options or say features:
  1. Bold;
  2. Italics;
  3. Underline.
But these days, bloggers are not or stopped utilizing these excellent features. Do you know? These three magic sticks can work for you for attracting reader's eyes at different levels. Let us now know that which of them do what work:
  1. Bold: It is a simple feature of HTML language that make text bolder than the usual. This feature is useful if you wish to attract your reader's eyes on particular words even if his eyes are on any part of the page.
  2. Italics: It is another simple feature of HTML language, but this one doesn't make the text bolder but instead, it transform is text like it is going to sleep or going to lie on the road as if the word has drunk. =D
    It is useful if you want the eyes of your reader to gaze on a word for more than a second.
  3. Underline: It is another but powerful feature of HTML. It just draws a line below the letters of a word. It is useful if you want your reader's attention in a particular word in a para.

Writing Tip 5. Describe Post In The First Paragraph

I think anyone would like to know what he is going to read first before reading all your content. So,  keeping or writing the description of the content you are going to write in the first paragraph or in starting, could be a wise thing and trick to draw your reader's attention towards your content.

Writing Tip 6. Add Images With Some Text On It

Images are an auspicious gift of scientists for Bloggers to draw the attention of readers towards the post. But, these days, only pro-bloggers are utilizing it.

Let me tell you, how you can use images too for drawing your reader's attention towards your content.

Images can:
  • Force your reader to gaze as it for as long as he likes to;
  • Force your reader read the content below the picture;
Now, it's would be very clear to you that how helpful are images. Now, let me tell you how to utilize images and how to make perfect pictures and put the power to force the reader to gaze on it.
  1. Create an image with any picture on background or with the background of your blog's theme color;
  2. Put some information about the content you are going to write (write 4-10 words' clue);
  3. Upload it, use it above the related text.
Now, you would see the effect of this very fastly. You can yourself analyze your mind about what you do when you see a lovely image related to the text below.

Writing Tip 7. Don't Use A Word More Than Three Times/a Post

It's a natural thing, and most famous grammar issue checker suggests that use of a word more that 3% of a content is not advisable, and it reduces the readability of the content. Using a word more than three times is a content is not search engine friendly too. So, try to use different-different words, I mean synonyms instead of using same words.

Like, if you have used pretty-pretty-pretty already in a post, you can, fourth time use "decent" or "perfect" or even "good".

Writing Tip 8. Instead Of Numerical, Use Spellings

As we know, or, at least, I know, or probably you too, that readability is the most important thing if you want your reader to read and understand what you have written in a flow

I have already written Tip #7 that is about increasing this readability and tip #8 is about the same! 

Here, this one is a little tip for you to improve the readability of your post. The tip is- Use spelling instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6...

I mean, write "Hi! I am number 2464" as- "Hi! I am number two thousand four hundred sixty-four". I know it takes a bit long time but read the two sentences yourself. Which one is easy to read and understand?

Final Words

I hope you have learned some of the best writing tips for writing your post. Keep these writing tips in your mind while writing a post to write awesome content, more awesome than usual! Don't forget to share this post if you liked it and at last, take care, stay subscribed and thanks!
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Friday, December 04, 2015

Stop Any Blogspot Blog From Tracking Your Page Views
Blogger Game Stop
Oh c'mon, I am surely not going to tell you how to stop the blogger from tracking your page views and show it on the dashboard. Well, that too doesn't work when we set up our blog to a custom domain. So, I shall tell you how to stop your blogger blog from tracking your page views also.

Friends, we all have a "Stats" tab in our blog's dashboard and that "Stats" tab's "Overview" option's "Don't track my pageviews" never works well if you have a custom domain installed on your blog. However, by using the trick I am going to share today, you will be able to block Blogger from tracking your page views and showing it on the Dashboard.

Here's an additional profit if you use this trick, e.g., if you use the method I have written below, you would be able to block any blogger blog from tracking your page views. I just mean that, if you want to open but don't wish to give information to Blogger that you visited it (because if Blogger gets the info that you visited the blog, then it may show your pageview count in the admin's dashboard) and you are not the admin of that, then you can use below trick.

By the above paragraph, it is clear that- the trick I am going to share will not only make you able to stop the Blogger from tracking your visits on your blog but will also make you able to stop any Blogger blog from tracking your page views and show it on the blog's owner's dashboard.

How It Blocks Blogger From Tracking My Page Views?

It is a stupid thing for a developer, but it may be a bit complex thing for newbies. That is the only reason I am not going to elaborate the whole of it. I would, of course, elaborate it very briefly to help anyone to recognise what I want to say or want to let you understand. 

A cookie file will do all the trick of stopping Blogger to track your page views. The URL I have given below will store a cookie file in browser's cookies, and that will prevent Blogger from tracking your page view.

How To Stop Blogger From Tracking My Page Views, Finally?

This was probably the most awaited solution because after Blogger team had enabled the option for the custom domain, blogger were unable to do certain things, and one of that certain things is "Don't track my pageviews" option. Below, I am sharing some steps. Follow it and you will end-up stopping Blogger's tracking.

Steps are following:
  • Go to the URL I have given above (before it, replace blog-URL with the blog URL you want to block for tracking your views):
  • Now, you will get the following message:
// API callback
  • Now, be relaxed because now, the blog URL will no more get the info when you visit it.
Well, let us tell you an example according to above steps. When we change blog-URL in above post, in our case, the URL will be (if I want to block blogger to track info about my page views of Blogger Guider):-

How To Unblock Blogger From Tracking Your Page Views To A Particular Blog?

Hmm... it's again a problem. However, we have the solution of this problem too, and it is quite easy to understand. This time, we will not store any cookie file in our browser, but instead, we will remove the cookie file from our blog's cookie folder.

To remove the file, we have three ways.
  1. Use Blogger's utility.
  2. Clear your browser's all cookies.
  3. Clear cookies of a particular blog.
The first option I have written above it better than the second one and of course, the third one. But, I am going to tell you all the three methods.

Using Blogger's Utility

As, Blogger provides the URL (I shared above) for injecting the blocking cookie file in our browser; it hence provide a URL to remove it too! The URL is:
Are you able to see the word I have highlighted above? In the previous URL, we had used SET but in this one, we have used UNSET. I think, it's clear now. If you wish to remove the cookies file that blocks Blogger from tracking your page views, you may open the URL that I gave you above after replacing blog-URL.

By Clearing Your Browser's Cookies

The second option for removing that blocking cookie file is- By eliminating all the cookie data. Now, to do this on Google Chrome, you can go to History (Ctrl + H) > Clear browsing data... > tick Cookies and other site and plugin data > Clear browsing data.

For finding other browser's cookies clearing steps, you can take help from Google. I always.

By Clearing Cookies Of A Particular Blog

It is quite easy. You just have a click few options and viola! You will end up with cleared cookie files that belong to a particular blog. In Google Chrome, click the lock icon (or paper icon on blogger or non-SSL certified blogs) that exists on the left side of blog's URL. Now, click on the option "Show cookies and site data" and then select the block of which you want to clear cookies and click on remove button.
Clearing Cookies

clearing cookies

Final Word

Hopefully, I think you enjoyed the posts. There were few new features of Google Chrome that I introduced with you through this post. Moreover, of course, I think that you liked it because probably, it was the most awaited thing for which, bloggers were waiting. Do you know? The first URL I gave above was already on the internet on other blogs but here only, you can learn the advanced use of it. At last, Happy blogging!
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