Sunday, December 20, 2015

4 Stunning Skins For Blogger's New Featured Post Widget!
Skins of Featured Post Widget
So. Blogger team is awake yet. They have made another wonderful widget which they call "Featured Post" widget. Okay, it's great to feature a post on the sidebar to attract your visitors towards it. But, don't you think that blogger team should make it stylish? They have used CSS at only one place, e.g., on the image. To make its widget 100% (fit to the container). So, in this case, we, the bloggers immediately need some skins to make the featured widget nicer than ever and attractive than ever.

Firstly, let us know that what is Featured Post Widget. Okay?

What Is "Featured Post" Widget?

It's a new addition by Blogger Team in the "Add a Gadget" window. It's a widget for all types of blogs. It makes you able to show off the summary of a particular post with its image (featured image) and its title. It's a quite interesting thing that blogger team has made this addition because it has been a long time since blogger team have introduced us with a new widget for Google Bloggers.

There is also a featured widget on Blogger Guider. See the sidebar (right sidebar's second widget).

Pros & Cons Of Featured Post Widget

Now, we all know that everything on the universe has its pros and of course, cons. Even science has it, therefore, this new widget also has some. It has few pros but very few but significant cons. Let me introduce them to you, now.

Pros Of Featured Post Widget

The advantages and good things about featured post widget is:
  1. It's fast loading and needs no JS or external coding;
  2. It's an awesome way to show off a particular post and right on the front a person (your visitor);
  3. You can use as much CSS you want on it.

Cons Of Featured Post Widget

The disadvantages and bad things about featured post widget is:
  1. It's default style is so simple and so, it can make a bad impression on the eyes of your visitors;
  2. We can't change the length of summary;
  3. We can't choose or upload a custom image to show their (on the widget).
Now we can know that the cons have more weight than pros. It's really bad. :(

Why Was Their A Need Of These Skins?

Now, I have created some awesome skins for you to make the featured post widget awesome. As I already told you that the widget's default style is not very good, that's why I created the skins. I have made 4 custom skins that you can apply and get for free!

I have wrapped up all the skins inside a PDF file that is available below. You can download it, print it or just use the code in it.
[button icon='book' href='']View The PDF File[/button]
Note: - If are going to use any of the skins given in the above file, then it is must that you add the following three lines of code below <head> in your template:
<link href='|Lobster:400' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Final Words

I hope you liked the skins that I have shared in that PDF file. We shall try to make some more skins of feature post widget and inform our subscribers about it. If, in case, you are not already the subscriber, you can subscribe to our newsletter here to get information about new stuff! Thanks!