Sunday, January 31, 2016

How To Install "Spot.IM" Commenting System On Blogger Blog?
Spot.IM Commenting System For Blogger
Every new day, nowadays, I see new tools coming from well-known people. I just got to know about one more tool, e.g., a commenting system for Bloggers, which is very crisp, responsive and of course, light weight. Today, we are going to introduce with this new commenting system, and we shall also tell you that how to add this commenting system on your Blogger blog.

Note: - This commenting system is not very new, but it is not quite popular also.

Well, before telling you much about this kind of cool commenting system, let me say that - the support is not very good by the support team. You may not get any support on time by the Spot.IM team. It is my personal experience. Adding this commenting system is not simple as it is for Disqus or Blogger or Google+ commenting systems. You would have to integrate or provide the post ID of every post to help your spot remember that which set of comments have been posted on which post.

I was actually at starting, confused that how to print the post ID of any post or provide the post ID in Blogger; therefore, I asked about it from the support team. They saw the message but ignored. But then, I tried some codes and guessed and, at last, got a way to print or display the post ID.
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Why Choose Spot.IM?

This new commenting system is very light-weighted and very responsive. No glitches, even on small screen devices. That's why I would like to recommend you this commenting system. You can see the image below to get info about what Spot.IM provides that is more than Disqus or any other commenting systems:
Advantages of Spot.IM

When You Should Not Use Spot.IM?

Now, there is an unfortunate side of this commenting system too. Generally, the users or visitors or the commentators use <a href tag to hyperlink any text in their comment. But, this commenting doesn't accept any HTML tags which is quite a bad thing.

But, the blogs or websites that are about Food, Games or are not about or related to codes in any angle, can use this new commenting system. TechCrunch (a tech blog) has said that "(Spot.IM) Making it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code."

How To Get Started With Spot.IM?

Firstly, you would have to sign up for Spot.IM account. To make all points clear, I was urged to write them in points:
  • Sign Up for a Spot.IM account.
  • After all the verification things, you would reach the page like below:
  • Sign Up For Spot.IM
  • Here, you will have to create a spot for your blogger blog.
  • Fill out the details and in Platform part, select Universal Code option.
  • At last, after filling out each and every detail, click on the green "Done" button.
  • Now, on the next page, there will be two sets of codes like the following picture:
  • Two Codes On Spot.IM
  • Copy the first one and place it before </head> in your Blogger blog's template.
After doing all the work mentioned above, search for <data:post.body/>. Now, the funny thing is, you will find this code more than two times. So, don't forget to check which one is the code we are talking about in the following points:
  • Below <data:post.body/> (try doing the things with all the codes you have found), place the following code:
<div class="spot-im-frame-inpage" expr:data-post-id=""></div>
  • Now save your template and you're done with it!
  • Check out your blogger blog after doing all the things. If no changes appear, try placing the code given above below the next <data:post.body/> because they would be probably three in your template.

How To Display Comments Count?

As we know, Blogger team has provided a friendly method for display comments count. But, Spot.IM developers were kind enough to provide a more subtle way for displaying comments count. How? Let me show you:

Whenever you wish to display the comments count, use the code which is:
<span class="spot-im-replies-count" expr:data-post-id=""></span>
This code will automatically fetch the comments count of the blog post which is opened and will display it quickly.

What's More?

What is more? You have given a powerful moderation dashboard. There are many settings and customization options provided by the Spot.IM developers to you. Just dig into the dashboard's Preferences > Design section and don't forget to moderate your comments and make strict rules about the use of words!

Final Words

I hope you liked this new commenting system a lot. It is I think a unique commenting system. But, I admit that there are some lags in the Spot.IM commenting system which sometimes appear but this's not that big deal when they are providing these features!