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Most Helpful Posts Of 2015 Of Blogger Guider | Must Reads
besties of 2015
So, we all know that 2015 has been passed before some days. When I think of the most helpful posts that we have published so far in 2015, I get to know that I am thinking helpful posts of "all time" because Blogger Guider was started or was created and being modified and controlled and have its existence on Blogspot since 2015.

Now, Blogger Guider's birthday is coming (don't forget to put it on your calendar!), that's why I thought, why not we notify our dear visitors about the most helpful posts of 2015, so that, they would also be able to browse them out and learn what they had missed of us.

Here, I am going to list ten best and most popular posts of Blogger Guider that you can browse to learn some more! Let's move on >>

1. Boost Your Blog's Loading Speed

Let's move from the first to latest posts. This one is the oldest post in my helpful posts list. In this post, we had told about how to increase your blog's loading speed because nowadays, Google is updating its algorithms that take care of loading speed while ranking sites especially while the user is browsing or searching using a non-desktop device. That's why one of that time's most active commentator, Tariq Aziz asked to make this post and so, I tried putting my all efforts to make this post useful for him and for all people who was waiting for it.

In this post, I have shared what I know about reducing your blog's page load time. Would not you give it a look?
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2. Google+ Badge Shortcode For Blogger

It was my or our first created shortcode that was set up because of the base which was created by MBT's Mohammad Mustafa Ahmadzai. We had got some much appreciation because this shortcode. Using this shortcode, you can create a Google+ Badge anywhere, inside post, comment and even on sidebar and footer and where you can put text on your blog.
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3. Embed Shortcode For Blogger

This was my second shortcode which was created and if you ask me, it was, and it is the most useful shortcode created ever. Irrespectively, by whom it was created. Using this shortcode, instead of simple hyperlinking and simple buttons, you can create cards. Examples are this post! I hope you would identify them. ;)

Don't forget to give it a chance. :)
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4. Author Box For Blogger

Of course, already there were thousands of author boxes available on the net for Blogger but our this author box was used on a large scale and ranked on Google very nicely. It was the most favorited post for more than a month by the viewers of Blogger Guider. If you ask about the intro of this author box, then I would say then this one is best for your blog that comes inbuilt with social icons and stylish effect and with elegant look.

Now, aren't you going to give it a try?
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5. A Brief Introduction To SEO 

When, we were posting posts of "How To Be A Blogger" series, we had made a post about SEO in which we had told about SEO and told about the black hat and white hat and some primary and principal points of SEO to help newbies come up from the fake articles that are being post on blogosphere and to help them increase their knowledge. But, this post went very up is Google and many people learned from this post about SEO.

So, aren't you going to read it and increase your knowledge?
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6. Who Is PRO & How To Be One?

Are not you already familiar with the term "Pro Blogger"? Don't worry. This is why we had created this post in which I had told my fellows about what is Pro Blogger and how to become a professional blogger. I had also added some more things from my research like their habits and some more things.

Are not you going to read about "Pro"s?
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7. Click-To-Tweet Card Shortcode For Blogger

This is also again a shortcode which is very useful and appriciated shortcode. This shortcode turn a simple headline into a card that is tweetable. You can see a preview of this shortcode here also:
[quote]Most Helpful Posts Of 2015 | Must Reads[/quote]
Is not this one great? Wouldn't you like to install it in your blogger blog?
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8. Create Your Own Personal Shortener

This was actually a trick that I had got after some hours. I have just used business service and's free domain service to help our visitors create their own personal shortener with their own shortened URL. Like-

We searched about it because we think that it is very cool to have a personal shortener.

Are not you going to grab your own personal shortener using this link?
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Additional Posts:

These are some more posts which are very helpful. So, if you like to, you can see or browse them:
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Final Words

It is end friends. Just to inform you, we were really lazy these days in publishing posts. That's not because laziness but because of lack of time. But now, we would try to post more frequently. Do, don't forget to subscribe and visit Blogger Guider to learn more awesome tricks this new year!