Thursday, February 25, 2016

6 Must Have Bookmarks For Bloggers Like You!
Bookmarks For Bloggers
We all love bookmarking our favourite websites and pages and videos using the most suitable option, Bookmarks Manager. These days, people use bookmarks as the memo app or evernote app in Android. They use it to save the URLs they would like to visit often or later (in Bookmark manager). Bookmarking is now a common thing with Bloggers. Especially, Bloggers; because we (I'm also a Blogger) just browse, browse and browse and we always like to save the websites and web pages which are worthy or can give an excellent and creative idea to us while we write something related to that web page.

So today, I am going to write and inform you about some very must-have bookmarks which are actually required and needy and useful for Bloggers like you and me (I hope you are a Blogger. If not, then there's something for you too here!). Let's move to the first bookmarklet!

1. Live Editing - Minimal Tool

At one time, this bookmark what one of the most famous thing about computer and JavaScript. But, as time passed, people put it down and lost their interest in it; but this day also, many people (almost 70-80%) do not know about this fantastic tool which actually works as a bookmark and is made up of simple JavaScript!

Have you ever felt the need of editing a Paragraph in a page only? I mean, editing a page or the text in it, live. While browsing it. It could be very useful if you are re-writing a page in your own words, you can write below a particular paragraph to reduce tab-changes! [I mean, when you re-write, you look at a page, then change the tab and write (only if you are writing online) and then again change the tab and then see or read one line and then write].

Here is, what you may do with this bookmark:

So, let me introduce with the features (which are few but nice) of this bookmark.
  • Allows you to live edit a website;
  • You can use common editing features like Bold, Italics, Underline (supported by browser, there's nothing the matter of JavaScript)

Let's add it now!

Are you able to see this button (below)? Just drag it to your bookmark bar and whenever you think that you need to do editing, then do click on the bookmark. It would start working in no time (try on this page!)
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' href="javascript:document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0"]Edit This Website[/button]

Revert the effect

After editing, if you think that you need to revert the effect, then you can use the button (below). Just drag it on your bookmarks bar and when you think you are ready to make the page uneditable, just do click on the button.
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' href='javascript:document.body.contentEditable%20=%20'false';%20document.designMode='off';%20void%200']Done Editing[/button]

2. Prevent Gmail From Hiding You Signatures!

I think, only Bloggers are the persons (or web developer, web designers) who use Gmail or any other Email platform very frequently. As we know that most of the people use Gmail as their primary Email service and most of the professionals, use "Signature" option in Gmail. This option automatically adds some words (with customization option available) at the end of every email we send. But, it's a very unusual thing that sometimes, the signature becomes hidden because of misunderstanding by the Gmail automatic programs. So, let us prevent Gmail from hiding it.

This Bookmark merely adds a text in grey color which prevents the signatures from being hidden. It signifies not to hide the signature. This tool was made by one of the most popular Blogger of India, Amit Agrawal (labnol).

Now, the thing you have to do is, just drag the following button into your bookmarks bar and do click it whenever you are going to send an email (this won't work if you are on HTML Gmail (Aka. Basic Gmail).
It's simple!

3. Image To Data URI Converter

Image to data URI converter can reduce some HTTP requests. It changes images into URI which no more requires internet to load or display. This is helpful only if you are converting small images. If you would try it on big and heavy images, the size of image would increase which would increase the load time of your page. You can know more about Image to data URI converting using Google (search for "Image to Data URI").

This bookmark is not a JavaScript tool at all. This is simply, a webpage's URL and the web page is of an image to data URI converter. Using the tool on this web page, you can quickly convert it into Data URI. But, be sure to convert only small and light images; otherwise, it could hurt your blog's, or webpage's load speed which I don't think you would like.

Just drag the following button into your bookmarks bar:
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' rel='nofollow' href='']Image To URI Converter[/button]

4. HTML Email Sender

It is again a tool by Labnol which helps me a lot. This is my favourite tool for sending emails because using this tool, I can send customized emails (using CSS) for totally free and there is no limit of how much you can use it.

The best thing about this tool is, we can use CSS & HTML, we can stylify our emails and create tables and make the email more readable or in a word, we can professionalize any email. It is also very secure. But, there are some limitations. For example, you can't forward an email to another person, you can't send an email to more than one person (e.g., no option of CC & BCC). That's the worst thing in this tool, but after all, it is handy and fast loading and have more cons and pros, so, you can put it into your bookmarks bar to send emails fastly with professionalism.

Drag this button to your bookmarks bar to add it to it:
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' rel='nofollow' href='']Send HTML Email[/button]

5. Adsense Direct Sign In

Well, you may be very familiar with Adsense. It is an advertisement publishing platform which was created and is owned by a well-known company and search engine of US, Google. Almost all Bloggers use Adsense.

Google has made the way to sign in, complex. Actually, it is not that complex but to sign in into an Adsense account, you are firstly needed to go to Adsense homepage, let the GIFs load, let the heavy JavaScript and CSS files load and then, you will see a small and little sign in option in the right corner of your browser window.

So, to save time, you can instead save the sign in web page URL of Adsense. By this, you can directly sign in into your account without going into the homepage and wait and waste your time.

Drag this button to your bookmarks bar and click on it whenever you think that you need to sign into your Adsense account:
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' rel='nofollow' href='']Sign Into Adsense[/button]

6. WordCounter

There are millions of word counters available in net. But, the options they provide are limited. As you know, being a Blogger, writing posts more than 500 words is necessary and is considered as good practice for SEO (search engine optimization). Blogger's default post editor does not appear to have a built-in word counter that's why Bloggers, who have blogs hosted on Blogger, are required to use third-party word counters.

We have found a WordCounter, which you can call, All-In-One WordCounter. It is very popular in the blogosphere, and you can give it space your bookmarks bar to permit it to save your time.

By the bookmark, you can find the following things in your post:
  • Words
  • Unique Words
  • Characters
  • Characters (no spaces)
  • Sentences 
  • Avg. Sentence (words) 
  • Avg. Sentence (chars) 
  • Avg. Word Length 
  • Paragraphs 
  • Pages 
  • Syllables 
  • Lines 
  • Words (Publisher) 
  • Reading Level College Student
  • Reading Time
  • Speaking Time
  • Keywords Density
So, aren't you going to bookmark this useful WordCounter?
[button icon='arrow-circle-o-up' rel='nofollow' href='']WordCounter[/button]

Last Lines

I hope you have found this post valuable and interesting. You can share this post with your favourite friends to let them know about these handy bookmarks and tools. If you know any other useful tool which can be a bookmark and a time saver, then be kind and share with us in comments. Thanks!