Wednesday, March 02, 2016

World's First Materialized Design For Blogger Platform On Blogger Guider!
Material Design For Blogger
The material design was my love since Google released it. Hm...let I think. It was June 25, 2014, when Google had officially announced the material design. At very first, the company had decided to bring it to Chrome OS, Android only but later, it also materialized webpages (of their own).

Today, your blog, Blogger Guider have got a design change (did you noticed, I think, of course!). I am being pleased to say that, it's currently the one & only materialized template on Blogger Platform. This template is fully materialized as per the guidelines by Google's official specs introduction page [here].

I was a fan of material design since its release (as I already told) and that's why I was learning to code this type of design. I got to know everything I had to know from Google's Material Design Introduction page [here] and MaterializeCSS. These were and are the two best places if you are looking to learn Material Design. Then, after learning about Material Design, I tried a make a materialized template for Blogger Guider, and I made it! =D

Let me introduce you to this new template and its features to make you able to use it efficiently and to its full potential. :)

Was There A Need Of Template Change?

Certainly not. But, as you know, upgrading with time is worth. We upgraded, from an average template to a highly developed materialized template to give you a better UI with better options and with flawless learning and browsing. 

Well, now if I think deeper, then I think there was a need for template change. That's because, when I saw our previous template carefully, I admired that, that template was little confused and congested. And, as we know, Material Design is famous with the term- "Clean," so there was not any better option to make the template convenient for you.

Is This Template A Result Of Framework?

This template is not a result of a framework. We didn't use a single framework to make this template. But yes, I would say that- there are some plugins (example- ripple effect) which are not the courtesy of Blogger Guider, but these plugins are free to use. That's why we used it to save our time and to make the template as fast as we could.

Introduction With The Features Of This Template

I have tried to make this template full of features while keeping in mind that page loading speed should also be fast. Let me tell you that this template is much lighter than the previous one and contain more features than our previous template. Now let us make you meet some of the best features of this template:
  1. Fully Materialized: As I told you earlier, that this template is fully materialized. From header to footer. 
  2. AddThis Implementation: In the previous template, we were using tools of GetSiteControl, but now, we have moved to AddThis because of its better design.
  3. AddThis Tools
  4. Unique Author Box: Below post, there is an author box. When you click on that like button, it will show the author's social profiles with his/her description.
  5. Author Box
  6. Expanding Card: In the sidebar, there is a round button. It's for notification purpose.
  7. Expanding Card
  8. Full-Screen Menu: Have you tried it? Click on the menu button which is on the left side of floating header and see what happens.
  9. Menu
  10. Fast-Loading Template: This template is extremely light-weighed. So, no worry if you have a slow internet connection.
  11. Description Before Post: First time on Blogger History. There is a description of the post you are going to read before every post in blockquote. 
  12. Description Before Post

Is This Template Completed?

No. This template has been moved from Alpha version to Beta version. It means, this template is not completed but still in development. There are some works not done in this template. Some of them are:
  • Responsiveness: This template is not responsive at all. We are using Blogger's default dynamic template for mobile, but we will make this template responsive as soon as we can.
  • Final Touch: Everything on the world needs it. This template also.

Special Thanks

There are some people and websites to which, I am willing to thanks for providing such a great help.

Special thanks to...
  • Google for providing the specs and measurements of material design components;
  • for the inspiration [not framework];
  • for publishing such great widgets;
  • MBT for the pager navigation;
  • Matthias Vogt for making world's best ripple effect for browsers;
  • Marlenesco for creating material design cards for author intro;
  • Daniel Eden for animations.

What About The Previous Template?

Our previous template was also one of best templates on Blogger platform. But, as you know, we have moved, so, that template is of no work for us now. So, if you are interested in buying it, kindly contact us.

Also, we need help from you. If you ever find any bug in the template, kindly mail us or contact us with a screenshot. If would assist us in troubleshooting the problem and fix it immediately.

Last Words

Finally, I hope you have liked the new template and the new UI. Kindly comment on what you think about this new design and tell us, what we can do to make it better for you and for other people (who are on the way :p). And also, it would be an extremely great help to you if you could share and show your love.