Friday, April 01, 2016

Contactie - A One Page Responsive Contact Template For Blogger
Hello, our dear and priceless visitors. Today, we have prepared a gift for you. By the way, apologies for not regularly posting these days as I was so busy in managing my offline world that was unmanaged. As I got some time, I made my mind to make something nice for mine visitors and you. You maybe have noticed that these days, I am too excited about in what-what ways, I can change the way the people contact with a blog's admin and the way the publishers present Blogger's official contact form before his/her blog's visitors.

Contactie One page Blogger Responsive Template

An Update Between Post: We have changed our contact page URL from to and replaced what we were displaying theirs since ages. :p

Now, let's talk about what we have new today. Today we are going to release a one-page template for Blogger to support your blog go to the next level (the level of professionalism). I think you would like to see the demo of the template, so, here is it:

What Do You Mean By "One Page" Template?

One page template just means a single page template, which has been readied for only a single page. Yes, a one-page template is a single-page template. As it is a contact page template, then you only need a frame for the homepage ( only and not for other pages (like post pages because you are not going to post anything there, I guess).

What This Template Is Made Up Of?

This template is made up of JavaScript language, CSS language, and HTML, of course, and a professional background image which we have got from JotForm. In this template, the contact form is powered by Blogger which means, it is official contact form which you may get by just going into the "Add a Gadget" option. But, this contact form is fully customized and further, support many customizations by the user (maybe, you). You can change the messages and field names and whatever you like. All the customization instructions will be published in a separate post.

What Are The Features Of This Template?

  • Best One-page Template For Contact Page For Blogger yet;
  • This template is fully responsive (appears excellent on all size of devices);
  • Doesn't contain a single credit link (means, it's a premium template!);
  • Fully customized Blogger's official contact form.
  • This template is completely free.

How Can You Use It?

Using it is very simple. You just have to copy the code which we shall give you in a .xml file, and you will have to paste that whole code into your blog's template. Please note that you can use this template anywhere but not as a page or post on your blog. You should have a separate blog with Blogspot subdomain or any domain (like where you may host the template. We shall talk further about it in the customization of template related post which we shall publish soon.

How To Get The Template?

I hope you want this template. But, to get this template, you are required to do us a little favor. You should be a subscriber to get this impressive template.The process to subscribe to our blog is so simple. Just scroll the page till you reach the footer and on the left side widget, you shall find a subscribe box. Just put your email into it, press the subscribe button, then verify it or you can just click here and enter your email and then verify it and then comment your email ID (if you think that any crap may reach your email if you publish it on comment openly, then you can send us an email instead).

It's a process which will not take more than 1 minute and within some hours, we shall send you the template and then you will be able to make your blog's contact page a unique one!

Kindly Do Share, But With Proper Credits

Though we have not added any credit link in the template; you are supposed to share this template with mentioning our link and with proper credits. You are welcome if you want to share but during sharing, if we got to know that you are sharing the template without our credits, then it could be harmful to your blog. I have worked hard to make this template responsive and to even just "make" this template but doing such things may disappoint us. So, please.

Final Words

I hope you shall like the template when you shall get it, and I think you have liked the template's demo. This template is surely a fantastic start towards changing the way, people contact with a blog's administrator. I hope your visitors shall find our template comfortable and shall be able to communicate with you much nicely than using the previous annoying simple "contact form".