Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Customize Contactie Template & Use It?
Template Customization

It's almost after ages that I am posting something new here. It's because workload these days. I hardly get time these days to write a blog post. But, now my summer vacations of almost 50 days has been started, so I shall try to explore new things and inform you about them through Blogger Guider. =)

Today, I am going to publish the customization instructions of the one-page template, I had launched some days ago. If you remember, the template's name was Contactie and I had made it for your blog's contact page. That was a single-page template.

Note: If you wish to get this template, you may send me an email (using our support page) or just comment on that post after subscribing to Blogger Guider's newsletters which is nothing but a notification email which will inform you everytime we post something.

How To Get Started?

To get started, just make a blog on your main domain's subdomain and then upload the template I emailed you their. Then, you will have to do the customizations I have listed here to get it working.
The above paragraph was really in short. |~....~|

Let me tell you that, it is not required that you make a blog and then set the template their, or in short, make your "contact blog" on your main domain's subdomain. You can either choose your any blogspot subdomain or just host it on your subdomain. Here are the steps-in-points eleborating the steps to get started with this template:
  • Create a Blogger blog;
  • Add a subdomain in it (like or leave this step and move further with default blogspot domain (;
  • Now, upload the template (Template > Backup/Restore > Upload);
  • Now click on "Edit HTML" button and do further customizations.

Further Customization

Now, there are many customization you would have to do in case you want to use the template. You should follow them one-by-one as most of them are required.

Put Your Blog's ID

Hey fellow. Open your contact blog's dashboard and see your address bar. You will see something like Got it? Now, just copy that 18 (could be less or more) characters and follow these steps:
  • Open the template I had sent (Contactie By Blogger Guider.xml) in Notepad and search out the following word:
  • And now replace the above word with the 18 words you had copied.

 Change Default Description

  • Find the following code in the template:
  • <meta content='It&quot;s a contact page one-page template which is developed by Blogger Guider' name='description'/>
  • Now replace the bolded words with the description you want (may be... This is where you can come to contact the team of and get your questions answered quickly or anything else you wish).

Change Background Image [Optional]

  • Find the following URL in the template:
  • Now replace it with the image URL you want to display in background of the blog (ensure that the image is large enough to not get blurred).

 Change Default Messages

These are the messages and info about them. You can find them in the template and change them as you wish.

Wait, we are sending it... - While the message is being sent
Thank you for your message. We got it. - Message Sent
Message could not be sent. Please check your connection. :( - If message didn't sent because of slow connection or no connection
Kindly fill all the required fields. - Will appear if the sender has not filled all required fields
A Valid Email Is Required. - Will appear if the sender has not filled email in proper format or not filled it at all
What People Call You? - Above name field
Where May We Reply You? - Above email field
What You Want To Say, Dear? - Above message field

Final Words

I hope you have liked this template. If you want to help in doing more customization like changing colors and hover effects, you can comment here and I'll be right their for you. Just to tell you, more templates are on the way! This time, I would try to create a material template. :) Thanks!