Saturday, April 02, 2016

Google Going To Boost Mobilegeddon's Affect After May 2016!

A Short Description Of Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon was an update which Google had implemented in it's database. It was actually an update to improve the search results which Google come up with after the searcher clicks the "Search" button. This algorithm had affected wibsites including hubspot, eHow and wikiHow in a large scale. In simple words, it had affected more than 50% of the non-mobilefriendly websites out there. This update had affected websites on web more than the panda & pengiun updates.
Now, you may have got a slight idea about what "Mobilegeddon"  really is and how much is it important to make your blogger blog or website mobile friendly.

Mobilegeddon Getting Boost In May

Google has been implementing new changes continuously to provide mobile users, ease to search what they want. Firstly, Google announced about the "Mobile-Friendly" tag and then implemented it. And then, on April 21, 2015, it made a very significant update that changed the traffic of many blogs. This update was a jaw-dropping update by Google and affected almost 50% of the non-mobile friendly websites.

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Now, Google is again going to drop some more jaws; Jaws of blog and website owners who have not yet made their blogs or websites mobile friendly. Google is going to give a boost to this algorithm now and to its effect. Now, mobile-friendly sites will get more benefits and rank increase than they were being provided by Google, earlier. There are some more things to tell you which we will be telling across this post.

Where Do The "Mobile-Friendly" Sites Will Get A Rank Boost?

In three words, "only on mobiles". Yes, this effect will be only on mobile. If you are receiving a decent amount of traffic from Desktop users and not getting any traffic from mobile devices, then you can relax. Google will not be providing any rank boost to the sites which are mobile-friendly until the searcher is not searching from a mobile device (Android, iPhone). Even if the searcher is on a tablet, your site is not going to lose any opportunity to be on top if your blog or website is not mobile-friendly.

So, No Chances To Come On Top If I Have A Non-Friendly Site?

Oh, you have! Google has clearly said that:
And remember, the intent of the search query is still a very strong signal — so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank well if it has great, relevant content.
So, you should not think that you will lose your first position in any keyword if your site is not mobile-friendly. If you have a robust content and sufficient information in it, then congrats man, you still have chances to rank better!

How To Check If Your Blog Is Mobile-Friendly Or Not?

Well, Google was kind enough to provide webmasters, a tool by which they can realize that they need to work on their site's design's responsiveness or not. You maybe know that tool and if you don't, just go straight here. You can also take the help of Pagespeed insights to know whether your blog's responsiveness is nice or not because you can fool robots by just slightly making your blog's design responsive but remember, some "humans" are going to visit your blog!

What Coming More In "Mobilegeddon"? 

We are not sure if the rumour is correct or not, but it is being talked that page speed can also become a ranking factor in future. It means that you would have to make your responsive and then optimize it's loading speed also. You can do that by using many methods, or you can Google it. You would probably find thousands of articles related to it.

How To Make A Blogger Blog Responsive?

Well, if you are a Blogger and have a blog on Blogger and your template isn't responsive yet, then congrats buddy, you have lots of options to protect your blog from this update. You can either follow this guide by MBT to learn about how to make your blogger blog responsive or just go to Template section from your Blogger Dashboard and turn the mobile dynamic template ON and keep it on until you do not make your blog's template responsive.

Most Important Points About Mobilegeddon

  1. Effects page not the entire site: Suppose if you have thousands of pages on your site and two pages of them are not mobile friendly, then don't worry buddy, your whole site is safe except those two pages.
  2. Effects can be reversed in the next crawl: If you have got affected by this update, then don't worry. Just make your blog responsive and then resubmit your sitemap or use fetch option of Google Webmasters which would fasten the process of re-crawling.
  3. If you have robust content, you still have a great chance to rank higher: If you have confidence that you publish great content with sufficient information in it, then you still have the opportunity you rank higher and come on top of the search results.

Final Words

I hope you have liked the article and more than this, you are going to make your blog's template responsive and fast loading because mobiles are now everywhere in the world, and you can attract desktop visitors as well as mobile visitors if you have a responsive template. Now, at last, kindly keep sharing and keep reading. Thanks!